RACE:                                                Federation

STARSHIP CLASS:                          Akira Class Cruiser

Construction Data:

        Model Number-                         I

        Date Entering Service-             3/0308.30

        Number Constructed-               279

Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-              153

        Damage Chart-                           C


                Length-                               464.43 m

                Width-                                316.67 m

                Height-                               87.43 m

                Weight-                              3,055,000 mt


                Cargo units-                       115 SCU

                Cargo Capacity-                 5750 mt

                Landing Capability-           No

Equipment Data:

        Control Computer Type-          M-8C-AICS

        Long-range Sensors-                15 light-years


                standard 6 person-             4

                emergency 22 person-      4

                cargo, large                        3

                cargo, small                       2

Other Data:

        Crew-                                          500

        Passengers-                                100  (4,500 Evac. limit)

        Shuttlecraft-                               14

        Bay Size-                                    100

Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-   258

        Movement Point Ratio-           8/1

        Warp Engine Type-                   FVWA4

               Number-                              2

               Power Units Available-      105

               Stress Charts-                     E/G

               Maximum Safe Cruising-   Warp 6.0-9.0

               Emergency Speed-             Warp 9.4 (12 hours)

        Impulse Engine Type-

                Power Units Available-     48

                Speed                                  .75 c/.92 c

Weapons and Firing Data:

        Beam Weapon Type-                 FH-15 Collimator

                Number-                             1

                Firing Arcs-                       f/p/s

                Firing Chart-                      Z

                Maximum Power-             30

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                               (1-11)

                        +2                               (12-20)

                        +1                               (21-30)

        Missile Weapon Type-             FTP-4

                Number-                             1 Tri-Fire Bay

                Firing Arcs-                       3f

                Firing Chart-                      S

                Power to Arm-                   1

                Damage-                             20

        Missile Weapon Type-             FTP-5

                Number-                             1 Tri-Fire Bay

                Firing Arcs-                       3 f/p/s

                Firing Chart-                      R

                Power to Arm-                   1

                Damage-                             16

Shield Data:

        Deflector Shield Type-             FSQ

                Shield Point Ratio-           1/8

                Maximum Shield Power- 54

Structural Integrity Field

               SIF Point Ratio-                 1/2

Maximum Strength             51

     Combat Efficiency:

                D-                                        195.8

                WDF-                                 120.6

                CE                                       236.13


The Akira-class Heavy Cruiser is perhaps the most heavily armed vessel ever created by Starfleet. Boasting a heavy collimator phaser bank and six photon torpedo launchers, it can project an impressive amount of force.

The Akira began development in 2/85 under the aegis of the Perimeter Defense Directive. The PDD saw a need for a cruiser with heavier armaments than existing Starfleet vessels, and began designing ships to fill that gap. Events during the Akira’s development process, such as the Cardassian war, Tzenkethi war, and renewed contact with the Romulans, only reinforced the need for the Akira and other PDD ships in the minds of Starfleet Command.

The Akira entered service in 3/03. In addition to its role as a defense and threat-response vessel, at which it excels, it acts as a carrier for up to 50 Starfleet attack fighters or other small vessels. The central axis of its saucer includes two enormous shuttlebays connected by an extensive repair and maintenance area. The carried ships depart the Akira through three shuttlebay doors on the forward side of the saucer, and return to roost through two smaller shuttlebay doors on the aft side of the saucer.

Physically, the Akira is one of Starfleet’s most unusual designs. While it has the typical forward saucer (one nearly as wide as the saucer on a Sovereign-class vessel), its Engineering hull consists of two large “spars” connected at their aft ends by two upward-slanted nacelle pylons. Where the spars attach to the saucer, they create a “valley” in which the ship’s bridge is located. This provides the bridge with an extra degree of protection against most attacks. When detached from the saucer section, the Engineering hull resembles a gigantic letter pi with the two warp nacelles.

Where the two pylons meet between the spars there’s a large “control tower” which oversees the return of the fighters (and protects them with its torpedo launchers). The control tower contains the ship’s warp engine and battle bridge.