RACE:                                                               Federation

STARSHIP CLASS:                                         Danube Class Runabout


Construction Data:

        Model Number-                                        I                             II

        Date Entering Service-                            3/02                      3/03

        Number Constructed-                              1045                     1045

Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-                             6                            6

        Damage Chart-                                          B                           B


                Length-                                              34m                      34m

                Width-                                               14m                      14m




                Cargo units-

                Cargo Capacity-

                Landing Capability-                          yes                        yes

Equipment Data:

        Control Computer Type-

        Long-range Sensors:                                5 light-years        


                standard 2 person-                            1                            1

                emergency 22 person-

                cargo, large

                cargo, small

Other Data:

        Crew-                                                         2                            2



Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-                  24                          24

        Movement Point Ratio-                           2/1                        2/1

        Warp Engine Type-

                Number-                                            2                            2

                Power Units Available-                    10                          10

                Stress Charts-

                Maximum Safe Cruising Speed-     Warp 4.7-5.0       Warp 4.7-5.0

                Emergency Speed-                           Warp 6                  Warp 6.0 (2.5 hours)

        Impulse Engine Type-

                Power Units Available-                    4                            4

                Speed                                                 .5 c/.75 c              .5 c/.75 c

Weapons and Firing Data:

        Beam Weapon Type-                                NA                        FH-4

                Number-                                                                          2

                Firing Arcs-                                                                    2f/p/s

                Firing Chart-                                                                   Q

                Maximum Power-                                                          3

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +2                                              (1- 8)                    (1- 8)

                        +1                                              (9-14)                   (9-14)

        Missile Weapon Type-                                                          FP-2

                Number-                                            NA                        1

                Firing Arcs-                                                                    1 f/p/s

                Firing Chart-                                                                   H

                Power to Arm-                                                                1

                Damage-                                                                          6

Shield Data:

        Deflector Shield Type-                            FSB                       FSB

                Shield Point Ratio-                          1/2                        1/2

                Maximum Shield Power-                 6                            6

Structural Integrity Field

               SIF Point Ratio-                                1/2                        1/2

Maximum Strength                            2                            2

Combat Efficiency:

                D-                                                       54.2                      54.2

                WDF-                                                0.0                         7.2

                CE                                                      0.0                         3.9


The Danube-class vessel, the first of the “runabout” designation, is intended to perform scientific surveys, covert tactical operations, and many other missions normally beyond the purview of a warp shuttle.  To provide the ship with a high degree of adaptability, it was built with a “modularity” feature.  Up to four mission-specific modules can be installed in the vehicle to customize it for specific missions.  For example, a Special Duty Module Research Lab could be installed for a botanical survey mission; it would be replaced with a Sensor Station for a military reconnaissance mission, or a Torpedo Module if the ship were going into combat.  One, two, or four modules can be installed depending on their size.

In game terms, the modules can be used to temporarily alter or upgrade a runabout.  Each one holds 1 SCU worth of equipment; with these you can buy various systems for the ship.  Swapping out a module requires a space station (or similar facility) and the appropriate heavy equipment.  Some examples include:

Laboratory Module: Add one laboratory

Passenger Module: Add one Basic or Expanded quarters

The Danube class does not have escape pods or a separation system, as those systems are commonly understood.  However, its cockpit is able to detach from the main body of the ship to either continue moving (impulse power only) or act as an escape pod of sorts. 

While not intended for combat, the Danube –class is reasonably well armed.  It has six phaser arrays, a micro-torpedo launcher, and two tractor beam emitters.  If necessary, it can be outfitted with up to four Torpedo Modules.  Each typically comes equipped with up to four torpedoes.  Because there is no launching tube, these torpedoes are “fire and forget” weapons with a limited range and reduced accuracy compared to torpedoes launched from tubes.

The Danube-class ship’s warp engine has an unusual horizontal feature and sits atop the ship, along its dorsal spine.  While theoretically this makes it more vulnerable to attack, in practice it has proved only slightly more vulnerable than traditional ship-center-based warp engines.  The proximity of the warp engines to the shield generators makes it easier to strengthen the shields by running them directly from warp power (reduce the time needed to 1-3 rounds and subtract 25 from the roll against Starship Shields).