RACE:                                                Federation

STARSHIP CLASS:                          Excelsior Class

Construction Data:

        Model Number-                         MK IV

        Date Entering Service-             2/1910.12

        Number Constructed-               1102

Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-              123

        Damage Chart-                           C


                Length-                               467 m

                Width-                                187 m

                Height-                               78 m

                Weight-                              2,404,130 mt


                Cargo units-                       92 SCU

                Cargo Capacity-                 4,400 mt

                Landing Capability-           None

Equipment Data:

        Control Computer Type-          M-8A AIC

        Long-range Sensors-                 15 light-years


                standard 6 person-             6

                emergency 22 person-      6

                cargo, large                        3

Other Data:

        Crew-                                          802

        Passengers-                                40

        Shuttlecraft-                               10

        Bay Size-                                    25

Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-  384

        Movement Point Ratio-           12/1

        Warp Engine Type-                   FIWAI

                Number-                             2

                Power Units Available-     144

                Stress Charts-                    D/F

                Maximum Safe Cruising- Warp 5.0-9.1

                Emergency Speed-            Warp 9.3 (6 hours)

        Impulse Engine Type-               FIG-2

                Power Units Available-     96

Weapons and Firing Data:

        Beam Weapon Type-               FH-11

                Number-                             4 in 2 banks of 2

                Firing Arcs-                       2p/a, 2s/a

                Firing Chart-                      Y

                Maximum Power-             10

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                               ( 1-10)

                        +2                               (11-17)

                        +1                               (18-24)

        Beam Weapon Type-                 FH-13

                Number-                             1 bank of 2, 2 singles

                Firing Arcs-                       2f, 1f/p, 1f/s

                Firing Chart-                      Z

                Maximum Power-             12

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                               (1-10)

                        +2                               (11-17)

                        +1                               (18-30)

        Missile Weapon Type-            FQ-1

                Number-                             6

                Firing Arcs-                       1f, 2f/p, 2f/s, 1a

                Firing Chart-                      W

                Power to Arm-                   2

                Damage-                             20+2D10 Quantum

 Shield Data:

        Deflector Shield Type-             FSS

                Shield Point Ratio-           1/8

                Maximum Shield Power- 60

        Structural Integrity Field

                SIF Point Ratio-                1/2

 Maximum Strength            41


The Excelsior-class Exploratory Cruiser is one of Starfleet’s longest-lived, most successful designs. It was originally launched in 2/19 as a testbed for Starfleet’s unsuccessful transwarp drive development project. Although that project failed, the design of the Excelsior-class itself was not to blame, and once outfitted with a standard warp drive it proved to be a versatile, powerful ship.

The original Excelsior design was improved a few years later in 2/28, with the launch of the USS Enterprise-B, NCC 1701-B. It incorporated a lengthened Engineering section, improved warp nacelles, uprated sensor packages, and modifications to the bridge section, impulse engines, and saucer shuttlebay. The refitted Excelsior was faster and stronger than the original, though also more expensive and difficult to produce.

The Exelsior’s design includes the traditional saucer and Engineering hull-pylons-nacelles configuration descended from the Constitution class; the two parts are attached by a “connecting interhull” section.

The Starshp data above represents the refitted Excelsior-class as of 3/10. It includes upgrades to many systems, including its weapons. Earlier versions of the Excelsior are slightly smaller and have fewer arrays; additionally, its warp drive, shields, navigational computer, and sensors are weaker or less effective.