RACE:                                                                  Cardassian                          

STARSHIP CLASS:                                            Galor Destroyer               

Construction Data:

        Model Number-                                            IX                                                                                            

        Date Entering Service-                                 2/79

        Number Constructed-                                   1849                                            

Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-                                  132          

        Damage Chart-                                            C                  


                Length-                                                371m                

                Width-                                                 192m

                Height-                                                59m 

                Weight-                                               1,678,000mt                


                Cargo units-                                         500           

                Cargo Capacity-                                   25000mt        

                Landing Capability-                               No   

Equipment Data:


                standard 6 person-                                2     

                emergency 22 person-                          4   

                cargo, large-                                         4           

Other Data:

                     Crew-                                             300                          

                     Passengers-                                    485

                     Evacuation-                                     5600                                 

                     Shuttlecraft-                                    8       

                     Bay Size-                                        40         

Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-                        189         

        Movement Point Ratio-                                 8/1         

        Warp Engine Number-                                  2                 

                Power Units Available-                         78   

                Stress Charts-                                      E/F        

                Maximum Safe Cruising-                      Warp 5.6  

                Emergency Speed-                               Warp 9.6

        Impulse Engine Power Units Available-         33   

Weapons and Firing Data:

        Beam Weapon Type-                                   Type IV Spiral-Wave Disruptors              

                Number-                                              16               

                Firing Arcs-                                         3f, 1f/p, 1f/s, 1a/p, 1a/s, 3p, 3s, 3a           

                Firing Chart-                                        Y

                Maximum Power-                                12         

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                                               (1-10)

                        +2                                               (11-17)

                        +1                                               (18-30)

      Missile Weapon Type-                                    Type II Photon Torpedo   

                Number-                                              2                

                Firing Arcs-                                         1f, 1a           

                Firing Chart-                                        R          

                Power to Arm-                                     1          

                Damage-                                             16                

Shield Data:

                     Deflector Shield Point Ratio-            1/6  

                Maximum Shield Power-                       60

Structural Integrity Field

 SIF Point Ratio-                                      1/2

 Maximum Strength                                  44



Fleet Data: The Galor-class Destroyer first encountered by the Federation during its conflicts with the Cardassians in the mid 24th century, is the primary fighting vessel of the Cardassian Union. While not as large or as powerful as a Galaxy-class ship, it does boast an impressive array of spiral-wave disruptors, and can put up more of a fight than its size might initially suggest. (Its relative lack of torpedo launchers remains one of its weaknesses, however.) Starfleet does not possess precise data on many aspects of the specifications and internal configuration of these ships, though it has learned much more during the Dominion War and its aftermath than it had previously.

The Galor-class Destroyer consists of two roughly half-circle-shaped sections, a small one (the command hull) containing the bridge and a much larger one where most of the ship’s primary systems are located, with a long “tail” behind them. The design reminds most humans of a fish or insect of some kind, but to the Cardassians it represents the galor, a mythical hooded warrior-figure.