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Professional Wrestling Simulator
Hall of Fame
Established 2012

Jason J. Patterson (okiecrabjp at yahoo dot com)

Current News
  The voting is over, and the Pro Wrestling Sim Hall of Fame awards have been presented! Congratulations to all the winners, runners up and other finalists and competitors! The cateogies are:

Individual Contribution: sim authors, groups or sites, and what they've given to the sim community

Simulator Excellence: the sims themselves - user-friedliness, fun, stability, popularity

  • Platinum Lion - most popular, most votes, ultimate victor
  • Golden Eagle
  • Silver Wolf
  • Titanium Bear
  • Bronze Stallion
  • Copper Bison
  • Chrome Dolphin
  • Brass Crocodile
  • Steel Rhino

Editor's Choice Awards: awarded in various categories by PWS HoF Staff, for people, sites or sims that stand out

  • Diamond Dedication - Lifetime Achievement
  • Ruby Relentlessness - persistence in modern times
  • Pearl Pioneer - visionary, original trail-blazing ideas
  • Sapphire Success - general success in sims
  • Emeral Effort - consistent years of hard work
  • Opal Homage - original authors and their influence
  • Topaz Thunder - loud, boisterous hype
  • Jade Joker - humor, practical jokes
  • Amber Awkwardness - funny and disturbing
  • Quartz Quagmire - feuds, quarrels, hackers, drama

2012 Pro Wrestling Sim Hall of Fame Awards


20 Vaporware/Abandoned/Unrealeased
87 Lost To Time and The Ether
67 Available
174 Sims Total (as of Feb. 6, 2015)

Professional Wrestling Simulator Hall of Fame
Simography Archive and Downloads
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Professional Wrestling Simulator Hall of Fame - 2012 Jason J. Patterson