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April 2012 - Jason J. Patterson (okiecrabjp at yahoo dot com)
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About Sims URL NA Jed Fazakarley
About VGI URL NA Jed Fazakarley
Origin of Wrestling Sims URL N/A Grey Dog Forum: Phil Parent
Phil Files #1 URL N/A Big Blue Cup
A Sim Someone Wanted URL N/A Mombu Forums
I'm Back! URL N/A Adventure Game Studio Forums: Phil Roberts
Brainkandy vs Godsend URL N/A Ebaum's World

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PWSE Imitator URLN/A Angelfire
PWSE 12/01 URLN/A PWSE.NET 12/01

ST (Sim Type): (A)gent, (B)ooker, (C)areer, (E)-Fed, (M)atch, (P)romoter, (O)nline, (X) Other
SP (Sim Pack): 1 (1990-2000), 2 (2001-2005), 3 (2006-2010), 4 (MDickie), 5 (2011-2015)
Lost Sims ST SP Author/Publisher Year
Absolute Hatred 1.2PNA?9?
All Stars of Sim Promoter?NA??
Assault TriviaXNA??
Attempted Wrestling Sim #8364?NA??
Automatic E-Fed ONAGeeksoft/Outlaw9?
Booking MmpireBNAMDickie9?
Canadian Wrestling Simulator MNAahappycamper/Zeussoft9?
Career of Wrestling CNA?9?
Career Wrestling SimMNAStuart Smith9?
CompufedONADelphinium Games9?
Champion of the GalaxyENA??
Chaotic Wrestling SimMNA??
CybersimONAJacob Bohnert/Jake Pitt Software9?
DangerZone [v2]MNARichard McQuiston9?
EHA Match Wars Return [V1.0]MNADidgames0?
ELeKtric Wrestling Sim 1.5MNA?9?
eWin ENA?9?
EWS 1.08MNAKenny R00
Extreme Wrestling SimulatorMNARichard McQuiston9?
Federation GloryPNA?00
Federation OnlineONAMatt Dickie9?
Fed HeadONAJamie Tate, Zeussoft9?
Front Office Federation?NAZeussoft9?
Get In The Ring 2000ONADavid and Johannes Berg, WCFC Wrestling00
G-Fed 2.0ONAGeeksoft00
Hardcore Wrestling SimulatorMNACarl Aldrich9?
Hercules Wrestling SimulatorMNADouglas Windham, Supersoft9?
Hexxis Wrestling Sim, CodeMNAHexxisoft9?
I-Fed Fighter 1.5ONAZeussoft9?
Insane Wrestling Sim Duet 2.1, 3.01MNAThe Scar9?
In The Ring BetaCNAJamie Tate, Barbed Wire Productions9?
Internet Wrestling 2 MNA??
JedFaz Ladder MatchMNAJed Fazakarley?
Killer Wrestling Simulator MNAF Crabtree 00
Ladder Match SimMNA??
Lariat Wrestling SimulatorBNALariatsoft?
Master of the Squared CircleONACDCent09
Matty's WrestlingMNA??
Microleague WWF WrestlingMNA??
No MercyMNAP2K?
On Match RefRNA??
p.W.o. 1 MNAPWOSoft?
PWS: The Anti-Social Wrestling SimMNAPhil Nelson?
Quickmatch 1MNADave Fenew?
Rampage Wrestling 1MNA??
Ravensloft vs WWF/WCWMNA??
Real Career SimCNAGlen Sharrock?
Real Wrestling Sim 2MNA??
Simple Match GeneratorMNA??
Sim XBNA??
Quest For GloryMNA??
Quantum WrestlingMNAAaron J. Archambault??
Smash Wrestling SimulatorMNA??
Squared Circle Wrestling Sim 3ANAF. Crabtree0?
Super Mighty Immortal Titan of EarthCNAChris Weis?
Table Match SimMNA??
The Hustler's SimBNA??
The MixMNANoncompany?
Three-Way DanceMNASteve Eros, Zeussoft?
Turnbuckle Wrestling Simulator 1PNAEric Royal?
Ultimate Extreme Wrestling (Mac)MNABruce Bolos?
Virus: WWEBNA??
Wicked Wrestling Sim 2MNAInsane Clown?
Win Warzone, ChairshotMNA??
WinWrestle SNAAaron J. Archambault?
With Authority (Official WWF)O/MNAWWF?
WOW 2C2??
Wrassle.Net O/CNAWrassle.Net?
Wres11M 1BNAMichael Venini?
Wrestler's EdgeMNA??
Wrestler To Legend CNA??
Wrestling 2000CNAStephen Glauser?
Wrestling 2000 1 CNANick Child?
Wrestling League Simulator BNAHowson?
Wrestling Promotion 1PNA??
Wrestling Wars CNA??
WWF Promoter 1PNADave Fenew?
WWF USA's Wrestling SimulatorBNA??
X Professional Wrestling SimMNA??
XPW PromoterPNA??
X-Treme ChaosMNA??

PLEASE: If you have any of these, contact me at: okiecrabjp (-at-) and submit them to us, so we can make them available to everyone again! Thanks! -JP

Vaporware ST SP Author/Publisher Year
Binogeddon Wrestling SimulatorMVWNew Bino Order99
Bodyslam Wrestling SimulatorMVW?99
Break The Walls Down?VWAdam Ryland?
Fed Prez?VWMark Peterson9?
Hellfire Wrestling SimulatorMVW?9?
Impact Career SimCVWImpact Productions9?
Insane Wrestling Simulator 2MVWSstinger99
Millstream Wrestling Simulator?VWAvatar405
No Holds Barred?VWRageSoft?
Presidential Wrestling?VW??
Pyro Wrestling Simulator?VW??
Slam: The Hardcore Wrestling Sim?VWOrts Productions?
The One SimulatorCVWCJ Rebele00
Total Booker SimBVWRichard Batt?
Total Destruction Wrestling Sim?VW??
Ultimate Wrestling Manager 2000PVWDean Moore00
WhoopAss 2000MVW?
World Federation of Champion WrestlersMVWChris Matthews?
World Wrestling Simulator 1?VWMista Spako?

PWSE Simography ST SP Author/Publisher Year
1on1M1Douglas Windham99
3 Count EpicM2Sean Givan01
5GWS 1.0.9 P3Jamie Goehring09
All Wrestling Simulator [v1.1]M1Alon Isocianu98
Alter World Wrestling C2Jason Jones01
Attitude the Sim M1Joe Howery99
Basic Match Wrestling 1, 2M1Stuart Smith01
Big BumpzM2Matt Dickie03
Blaster's World WrestlingC1Michael Allen95
Bodyslam Wrestling CD RipM1Merit-soft gold96
CFW Career SimC2Dave Fenew01
CWMR 2 M1?97
DWS 3, 4, 2000M1Douglas Windham, Supersoft00
e-Wrestler Pro Millenium v5M1Robert Froese01
eChoice WrestlingM2?04
Edge of Survival Wrestling FederationC3Jody O'Halloran06
Extreme Warfare CollectionP3Adam Ryland06
Extreme Wrestling Simulator 1.1M1Mike Smeltzer97
Face To The MatM202
Fazel's Wrestling Simulator Toolkits 1+2I6Hussein Fazel00
Fight of the Sumo Hoppers 1.44M1T. Korppi97
Freestyle OnlineO/M1J. Patterson, R. Chartrand03
Head-To-Head DemoM2Michael Scott01
Inside the RingB1akiofi@yahoo.fr00
Intense RivalryM2?01
Invasion: Main Event 1C2DTMickyboy01
KayfabeB1Barry Skelley00
Main Event 1-3 M2Jason, PWSE03
Matchmaker 2001B2Dave Fenew01
MWF 2M1Dean Moore98
MWS 3M1Mark Root99
New Computer Wrestling 5M2Tom Zagorski01
Piledriver 4.9M1?98
Promotion Wars 1.2P3Adam Jennings02
Pro Wrestling Nexus 1.4M3Gary Liebler09
Pro Wrestling OnlineM1?99
Pro Wrestling PromoterP1Arrash00
Pro Wrestling PromoterP1Dennis Drew94
Pro Wrestling Simulator 0.3M3Ricardo Staudt08
Pro Wrestling SuperstarsM2?04
PWSE Sim Author's ToolkitI6Jason J. Patterson00
Rad 1+1.5C2Paul Hempseed02
Ring King's Wrestling SimM1Ring King/JV98
Ring Wars 1M1?98
Rise To Glory 1C1?00
Scorpion's Fed C2Scorpion01
Sim Download Champion EditionX2Gary Liebler04
Simple Wrestling Simulator (Mac)M2Mark Burns01
Socko's WWF Sim 1.01C1Socko99
SuplexB1David Tiemroth97
Superstar FactoryM2Mullesoft02
TJ Basic FedP2TJ02
TNM 6.2 PackM2Oliver Copp03
Total Extreme WarfareP3Adam Ryland05
Total Wrestling Promoter 2.7P1Richard Batt00
Trivia Rumble Liebler11
Ultimate Fighting Simulator M2James Lucas01
Unnamed Wrestling SimB1SuckSoft00
WarB1Paul White, War Software99
WCW Promoter 1.3 P2Richard Batt00
World Internet Wrestling Association?1WIWA98
WOW WWF Triple H Simulator 1C2DTMickeyboy01
Wrestling 2005P2Cixe'05
Wrestling League Simulator 5.3C1James Winquist95
Wrestling Sim Author Toolkit PackT1J. Patterson, Hussein Fazel00
Wrestling Simulator Generator ProgramX2Adam Ryland01
WSWN Wrestling Sim 1.0M2Jared Lynn01
X Sim?3?09
Zeus Pro 4.05M2Brian Brinegar, Geeksoft00

In Progress? ST SP Author/Publisher Year
Omega Labs Wrestling SimulatorP5Omega Labs11

19 Vaporware/Abandoned/Unrealeased
88 Lost To The Ether
01 in Production 66 Available
174 Sims Total (as of Mar. 25, 2012)

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