Gaining a Knighthood and determining the specific order


If a PC receives three Renown points in one adventure (With one point for Patriotic Service and one point for Military or Heroism), then that PC is eligible for knighthood. PCs must roll their Social Level modified by the number of Renown points over three on a D6 to confirm the knighting. (The GM can omit this roll in cases of unquestionable acts or duties such as personally saving a member of the Royal family).

All PCs initial knight is at the lowest level for the order appropriate to where they were knighted. However, for each +1 PC made confirmation roll by, bumps the rank by one. PCs with SL6 the initial knighting is automatic with each subsequent knighting failing only on a roll of six. Example: PC is on Mars and gains four Renown points and is SL4 with a die roll of two equals a +3 difference. Thus PC is knighted as a Companion in the Order of the Indian Empire. The three ranks of the Imperial Order of the Crown Colonies being ranked below the Order of the Indian Empire.