Log #4


20 March 2518

The Lattimer’s Ghost touched down on Athens. Originally the ship was bound for Verbena, but after several disappointing waves were received from their contact Patrick Hong and several other possible employers made it clear the traveling to Verbena would be a waste of time. Deciding that the Rim might be more likely to give them a fair shake, Chan Juan told Marsh to head for the nearest planet on the Rim. That happened to be Athens and the headquarters of United Reclamation. Not ready to accept that salvage was the only choice, Chan nonetheless was prepared to go through the steps to gain a salver’s license if a cargo didn’t present itself.

On making orbit, Li Ming let the crew know she had found a “hot table” and was going to go unwind.  She boarded her shuttle and made her way to Athens on her own.  The Lattimer’s Ghost touched down in part of the space port only partially restored from the planetary bombardment suffered during the war. 

Chan, Cindy and William were off ship just as soon as the cargo ramp opened to see if there was any work to be found.  The long push from Persephone out to Athens had taken its toll on the Ghost, so both Marsh and Thorton immediately began some overdue maintenance.  Xavier kept to her quarters telling everyone she had a painting she was trying to finish.  In actuality, as soon as she was certain everyone was busy she sneaked off the ship to tap into a public terminal.  She quickly located the nearest United Reclamation office and, by luck, discovered it was an assayer’s office.  That meant there would be cash on hand.  Returning to the ship she successfully reboarded and returned to painting (results 9)

Waiting until 0200 hours, Xavier bypassed the security protocol and sneaked off the ship.  She reached the United Reclamation office and easily entered the building undetected.  Accessing a terminal Xavier was able to unlock a floor safe undetected. Inside she found a strong box and easily picked its simple lock.  The strong box held both credit notes and a coin purse.  However, as she lifted the coin purse, there was a loud snap and then a piercing shriek.  As Xavier stood to flee, heavy grates slid down over every door and window in the office trapping her with no escape.  Thinking frantically she quickly modified her micro-transmitter to send a burst transmission to the ship. 

Marsh, Schultz, and Thorton heard a brief squawk and on checking the cortex found a text only partial message wave “Help! I’ve been pinched! United Reclama”.  Thorton made a deeper inquiry and discovered an unknown female had been arrested for breaking and entering.  When Chan finally stopped cursing, she collected her thoughts and asked if anyone had any ideas.  Both Lemont and Schultz had a fair idea of the SOP of a Rimward Police Department and quickly devised a breakout plan.  Separating into three teams, the crew headed for their staging points after an hour of prep time. 

Lemont entered first dressed in high fashion and making a fuss about being accosted by ruffians. (rolled 15 on artistry when making outfit gain +1 step for performance) playing his role to the hilt, the local police didn’t pay the slightest attention when the cleaning staff arrived (Thorton rolled 12 on artistry while making costume gain +1 step for covert).  Cindy was certain to make enough noise that when Thorton sneaked away unnoticed.  Reaching the cell holding Xavier quickly, he used Scrapper’s Gel to open the door.  However, there was a second woman in the cell and she wanted to go too.  Thorton responded that it was the nature of the Yin and Yang that required balance, and by the time he finished speaking the woman was too confused to know if she was better staying in the cell or being associated with this strange man. and ultimately decided that would probably be best to stay put. 

Xavier accessed the security system and shut down the alarms leading to the roof.  She went out via a fire escape as Thorton rejoined Cindy.  By this time Lemont had played his part and, still fuming, made a melodramatic exit.  Chan and Thorton also departed, but far more discretely. 

On seeing Lamont, Chan Juan gunned the hovercraft and raced past the jail spraying the building with gunfire from her pistol.  The shots came closer to target than intended, forcing Lemont to dodge wildly, taking a very slight graze despite his efforts. Lemont fled madly down the street, but never breaking character.  As the police dove for cover and screamed for help.  Marsh used the hover mule to drop onto the station’s roof, pick up Xavier, and then disappear unnoticed.  Making their way back to the ship separately, the teams all successfully eluded pursuit. 

Once on the ship, Chan ordered an immediate lift.  As the ship broke atmo, she quietly asked Xavier why she shouldn’t space her right now.  Xavier surprised Chan by saying she should.  This calmed Chan down enough to ask why.  Xavier burst into tears explaining she was trying to help by getting some cash for the ship.  Again surprised, Chan said that Xavier was confined to quarters and would have to earn a place on the crew again as for now, she was just a passenger.  Marsh asked what the destination was going to be and Chan told him Whitefall, the fourth moon of Athens.  One of their contacts said there was a job and it had their name on it.  Marsh sent Li Ming a wave to have her meet the ship on Whitefall.