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Welcome and well met! To everyone that visits, thank you. Now that my Serenity RPG campaign wrapped after four years, all my efforts revolve around Savage Worlds and my recently launched online Space: 1889 campaign. However, you will find many systems to peruse here as I have been gaming since 1975 and the systems I have tried are legion. Please Enjoy.

Last updated 12 August 2015

What's New?
It has been far too long since I've posted any updates and the fault rests squarely on me. The lure of professional writing got the best of me absorbing all my creativity specifically for the brilliant Day After Ragnarok setting. As I have hopes of one day publishing these offerings, I am holding back from posting them here. However, the publishers of said setting seem to be struggling with financial difficulties and it seems unlikely the 11 short and 2 long adventures written for the setting will ever see light of day professionally. In addition, I am helping a friend launch his own setting that is on track for a release next year, keep your fingers crossed that this new project flies. On the upside, the return to Space: 1889 got me to redirect some of my energy into this wonderful setting and the update for this month is turning the posted log of "Dreams Can Come True" into an adventure using the Savage Worlds mechanics. I hope to have further Space 1889 material as my campaign progresses and inspires me to write.  


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