Name: Willis Thorton AGL D6, STR D6, VIT D6, ALE D6, INT D12, WIL D6 INIT D6+D6 Life 12

Assets: Mechanical Empathy - minor, Religiosity - minor Complications: Credo - Major

Skills: Animal Handling D2, Athletics D6, Covert D4, Discipline D2, Guns D4, Influence D6, Knowledge D2, Medical Expertise D6, Mechanical Engineering D6 - Mechanical Repairs D10, Perception D6, Pilot D2 Planetary Vehicles D2, Survival D4, Technical Engineering D6 - Create/Alter Technical Devices D10, Unarmed Combat D4

Equipment: Multi-band, Gun Cleaning Kit, Ballistic Mesh, Vacuum Suit, Patch Tape, Pistol, 100 rounds, Micro-transmitter, First Aid Kit, Cutting Torch, Scrapware, Scrapper's Gel, basic Tool Kit, Mechanic's Toolkit, 10 credits Clothing, 51 credits, 65.75p, Double Cabin w/Pilot

Background: A quiet unassuming man, Willis Thorton is as devout a Buddhist as can exist out on the Rim. It troubles him to have to go about armed, but with times being as tough as they are, he has had to adapt the non-violent nature of his religion to be able to protect himself from others that do not have a problem with preying on them as can not protect their own. He never goes in search of trouble and will try to talk his way out of a fight if at all possible. He will not attack an unarmed man nor allow an unarmed man to be attacked. He prays until his knees are raw in penance if he ever has to stoop to violence and strike someone or has to draw his weapon. He brings the same focus to equipment in his care and is an outstanding mechanic He chose to buy into the 'Ghost largely to see if the rest of the 'Verse is as troubled as his home world.

XP: 7