Name: Cindy Schultz AGL D8, STR D6, VIT D8, ALE D8, INT D10, WIL D10, INIT D8+D8, Life 20

Assets: Steady Calm - minor, Tough as Nails - minor Complications: Leaky Brainpan - minor, Superstitious - minor, Ugly as Sin - minor

Skills: Animal Handling D4, Athletics D6, Covert D6, Guns D6 - Rifles D8, SMG D8, Influence D6 - Streetwise D8, Knowledge D4, Medical Expertise D6 - Surgery D10, Mechanical Engineering D2, Perception D6, Pilot D2 Planetary Vehicles D2, Survival D4, Technical Engineering D2, Unarmed Combat D6 - Karate D8

Equipment: Multi-band, Gun Cleaning Kit, Ballistic Mesh with Plate Vest, Vacuum Suit, Patch Tape, Brass Knuckles, Pistol, Rifle, Submachine-gun, 500 rpg for each weapon, 5 Fragmentation Grenades, Professional Data Library, Micro-transmitter, First Aid Kit, Rim Doctor's Bag, Standard Medical Supplies, Emergency Medical Supplies, 10 immunization Packets, MedComp, 10 credits Clothing, 179.8 credits, Single Cabin.

Background: Despite her experience and outward appearance of control, Cindy Schulz is a case of Post Traumatic Syndrome waiting for a chance to activate. She volunteered as a medic when the war broke out and bears the internal and external scars to prove the nature of the horrors she witnessed. Unable to pass the psyche exam of any Medical Academy worth the name, she has built on her wartime experience and training with a prodigious self-taught vengeance. Her military training has made her nearly as adept at inflicting wounds as she is in healing them. A deep seating longing to be on the move again led her to Captain Wu and to buy into the crew of the Lattimer's Ghost.

XP: 2