Net Tripping


Hey buddy can you spare a cargo?

For whatever reasons, the PCs find themselves on Athens short on cash with an eye toward possibly obtaining a Salvage Permit. Once docked, the crew begins looking to try to find a job for the increasing cash strapped ship. One PC with good computer and burglary skills tries to assist in getting the ship a bit more operating capital.


Trust me, I’m a Professional

Once the other members of the crew are occupied, the burglar sneaks of the ship. On reaching a public terminal, they have to make a Hard Communications Systems roll to find anything worth taking on this still recovering world. On a success, they discover a small branch office of United Reclamation with a payments vault. A failure locks this public terminal and does send a signal to the local police, but the overwhelmed authorities will take hours to investigate such a trivial matter and the burglar has more than enough time to escape. In order to reuse the system, they will have to make a Formidable Hacking roll to discover the same clue above.

In order to cover their tracks, the burglar will have to sneak back on the ship and has to make a Hard Stealth roll to avoid detection. If caught, an Easy Influence roll will spin a believable enough cover story. The burglar will wait until 0200 to depart the ship again. A Hard Technical Security Systems roll will by-pass the ship’s security system. Reaching the United Reclamation office is simple and will not require any rolls. It requires a Formidable Hacking roll to by-pass the security. It requires a Hard Open Locks roll to actually get into the office. Much as the company’s business is trash, this office looks like it wants to be the poster child for a new ad campaign. All sorts of spare parts, half repaired pieces of electronic equipment, and other more unrecognizable bits of junk overflow every flat surface except for small cleared areas that mark the worker’s desk space. If the PC fails an Average Agility roll, some of the junk topples over making a fearsome racket, but despite the heart-stopping fear of discover from the noise, nothing occurs. Once at a terminal, only a Heroic Hacking roll will safely enter the computer system. A success unlocks the floor safe and reveals an old strongbox. It only takes an Average Open Locks roll to pick the simple mechanical lock. However, either lifting out the strongbox, or lifting the small coin purse off the stack of credit notes trips a simple device that someone of a high-tech background like the PC wouldn’t even suspect. An antique mechanical mouse trap with wire leads snaps shut completing a circuit and sounds a piercing alarm. Before the burglar can move, heavy portcullis-like grates slam own over the doors and windows sealing the office. An Easy Intelligence roll will think of how to jury-rig signal booster. A Hard Communications Systems roll will enable the PC to send a burst transmission to the ship, but burns out the micro-transmitter.

Each PC on the ship has to make an Average Perception roll to hear the short squawk from on the ship. Checking the Cortex will find a partial text only wave “Help! I’ve been pinched! United Reclama-“All it takes is a simple query to the Cortex to highlight the directions to the powerful company’s nearest office and the nearest police station. A second query and a Hard Technical Engineering will discover the arrest of a female suspected of breaking and entering.

The PCs have three choices at this point: 1 Bolt without admitting even knowing the burglar, 2 Try and post bail, 3 Rescue the PC on their own. If the burglar is a Cortex Specter no one will be able to connect the burglar to them. Even if the burglar is a known member of a ship’s crew, there is nothing that the other PCs can be charged with. It is a freebie escape, but not exactly what PCs are supposed to be made of. Posting bail can be risky in that it links the burglar to the ship and that could bring some unwanted notoriety. If the PCs do it any way, they find she has been bound by law, but under a made up name if the prisoner is a Cortex Specter. Bail has been set at a staggering €2500! United Reclamation all but owns Athens and makes an example of any criminal to deter others from getting similar ideas. The bail is more than the group has combined. The only option left is to free PC on their own, but without harming any of the Athens police or they will trouble they may not be able to deal with.


Looks like its time to go

A Hard Streetwise roll will know the standard operating procedure for a Rimward police department and devise a reasonable escape plan, which will require the following:


Team One consists of one PC arriving at jail dressed in high style fashion demanding to speak to police chief over “being accosted by ruffians” This will require an Average Artistry to make a passable high style fashion outfit, an Average Covert to make a decent disguise, and finally a Hard Performance to cause a believable distraction without actually getting arrested.


Team Two will need two people, the large mule, and an Easy Artistry to fake a simple laundry staff costume. An Average Covert will successfully bluff into the jail. Once inside, one PC will putter around making enough noise to sound like the normal staff, while the second PC sneaks off to rescue burglar. Due to the late hour and lack of real threat, all that is needed is the tube of Scrapper’s Gel and an Average Stealth roll. After burglar is out of the cell, as the second PC returns to the laundry room, they will access the fire alarm and have to make a Hard Hacking roll to shut off the alarm on the ceiling access hatch. Laundry staff departs loading clothes on large mule. If cops search laundry carts, they will only find clothes.


Team Three will have two people with the hover car and the hover mule. As the Team One member storms out of the station, one PC will race past and spray the building with gunfire. Driving and firing will require both a Hard Piloting and Guns rolls to maintain control and most importantly, not hit anything on the deserted street. The diversion member will flee in terror and as the locals attempt to deal with this unprecedented event, the PC with the hover mule will drop onto the police station roof with a Hard Piloting roll, pick up burglar, and escape with a second Hard Piloting roll.


Everyone escapes back to ship, lifting as quickly as not acting suspicions possibly allows. The downside is the escape was without a cargo. Captain is beyond livid, but when they find out why burglar tried what they did, the captain calms down. The burglar is probably on probation at this point and will really have to work to get back on the captain’s good side again. The loss of a chance at a cargo is also a further complication for the already depleted funds of the PCs and should be the next hook for the next adventure.