RACE:                                    Federation

STARSHIP CLASS:                             New Orleans Class Frigate

Construction Data:

        Model Number-                            MK IV

        Date Entering Service-                2/9310

        Number Constructed-                  358

Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-                119

        Damage Chart-                              C


                Length-                 361 m

                Width-                  259 m

                Height-                   83 m

                Weight-                                 1,650,000 mt


                Cargo units-                          65 SCU

                Cargo Capacity-                   3,250 mt

                Landing Capability-             None

Equipment Data:

        Control Computer Type-          M-8B AIC

        Long-range Sensors-                   15 light-years


                standard 6 person-               4

                emergency 22 person-         4

                cargo, large                           4

Other Data:

        Crew/ Passengers/Evac-           758/110/8.350

        Bay Size/Shuttlecraft-              20/10

Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-   219

        Movement Point Ratio-               8/1

        Warp Engine Type-                     FIWAH

                Number-                                 2

                Power Units Available-       78

                Stress Charts-                       C/E

                Maximum Safe Cruising- Warp 5.0-9.0

                Emergency Speed-               Warp 9.3 (12 hours)

        Impulse Engine Type-                 FIG-1

                Power Units Available-       63

Weapons and Firing Data:

        Beam Weapon Type-               FH-11

                Number-                                 6 in 2 banks of 2, 2 singles

                Firing Arcs-                           2p/f, 2s/f, 1p, 1s

                Firing Chart-                          Y

                Maximum Power-                  10

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                                    ( 1-10)

                        +2                                    (11-17)

                        +1                                    (18-24)

        Missile Weapon Type-               FP-4

                Number-                                 5

                Firing Arcs-                           1f, 1f/p, 1f/s, 1a/p, 1 a/s

                Firing Chart-                          S

                Power to Arm-                      1

                Damage-                                20


Shield Data:

        Deflector Shield Type-                FSS

                Shield Point Ratio-               1/8

                Maximum Shield Power- 53

        Structural Integrity Field

                 SIF Point Ratio-  1/2

 Maximum Strength              39


Designed during a period of tension with the Cardassian Union, the New Orleans-Class frigate is a vessel meant primarily for military uses – capital ship support, caravan escort, and even outright combat. Armed with six phasers and five torpedo launchers (the launchers being mounted in three housings two above the saucer and one below the engineering hull) and equipped with strong shields the New Orleans is a tough, maneuverable combatant which has scored more than its share of kills during the Cardassian and Dominion conflicts.

The New Orleans-class’ design derives in large part from that of the Galaxy-class Explorer. The two share very similar saucers, warp nacelles, and engineering hulls (though engineering is longer on the New Orleans-class, and the connecting interhull section is much shorter and this ship has no saucer separation feature).