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[Lazarus] 9:16 am: Welcome to P&PG Chat.
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[->Lazarus] 9:50 am: So there's Zeenix and Gabel, where's the other three?
[Lazarus->] 9:50 am: star, Throol, and monster87
[Lazarus->] 9:51 am: The last two always arrive on the lateish side
[->Lazarus] 9:52 am: Ah, didn't know Star was in it.
[->Lazarus] 9:52 am: And I know of/have seen Gabel, but don't remember talking extensively.
[->Lazarus] 9:53 am: Know Gabel is the Captain, what's Star?
[Lazarus->] 9:53 am: pilot
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[->Lazarus] 9:54 am: Fitting considering he's a Star Junky.
[Lazarus] 9:54 am: I created room "Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!"
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[Lazarus->] 9:54 am: yes it is
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[Lazarus] 9:55 am: Okay, for anyone that hasn't met him yet, everyone this is Mick, Mick this is everyone
[Lazarus] 9:56 am: Mick will be joining the crew just as soon as we can wrap up the last cliffhanger
[] 9:56 am: Which you seem to be good at, since every session ends in one
[] 9:56 am: welcome Mick
[Lazarus] 9:56 am: It's a nasty job Z, but someone has to do it
[] 9:57 am: Yes welcome Mick
[] 9:57 am: Nasty job
[] 9:57 am: we all love you very much
[] 9:57 am: You love it ya evil genius.
[] 9:58 am: now if only our mechanic showed up
[Lazarus] 9:58 am: Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 16 GM: Lazarus, Players: Gabel, Zeenix, starjunky, Throol, and new playerTheMagicalMick, with great expectations that monster87 will also arrive soon.
[Lazarus] 9:58 am: Okay, here's the deal....
[Throol->Lazarus] 9:58 am: Nikki is also here, just having trouble getting in the room
[Lazarus] 9:58 am: In your last session star met an old war buddy who said he had some cargo to transport from Three Hills to Whitefall
[Lazarus->Throol] 9:59 am: ok, I know she's been having computer problems
[Lazarus] 9:59 am: The cargo ws listed as drilling equipment and med scanners
[Throol->Lazarus] 9:59 am: She's in the main area now, redwolffclaw, just hasn't been able to switch to this room
[] 9:59 am: (my char's name is Alex 'Ace' Brogan)
[Lazarus] 10:00 am: However, on arrival, you discovered that the cargo was actually military grade asault rifles and ammunition
[Lazarus->Throol] 10:00 am: I'll invite her
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[redwolffclaw] 10:00 am: Thanks.
[Lazarus] 10:01 am: you are welcome
[Throol] 10:01 am: Ah sorry, didn't know an invite was needed, been a while since I joined
[Lazarus] 10:01 am: Hello everyon, redwolffclaw is planning on joining the crew also, but she had a computer problem and will be observing this week
[] 10:01 am: Oh so redwolf is your buddy throol?
[] 10:01 am: welcome Red
[Throol] 10:01 am: Yep, for years
[Lazarus] 10:02 am: Shouldn't need an invite, but the forum can be wierd sometimes
[Lazarus] 10:02 am: On learning you had been tricked into smuggling, the crew, less the doctor, took advantage of an invite to meet The Boss
[] 10:03 am: Greetings
[Lazarus] 10:03 am: After an impassioned speech about the excesses of the Alliance
[Lazarus] 10:04 am: and how it was time to throw off the shackles of oppression forced upon the Rim seven years ago, The Boss was about to enter the barn being used as a makeshift meeting hall
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: Stepping from behind a stack of hale bales, Alex blinks for a moment as he tries to place a name to the face he sees
[Throol] 10:06 am: Ian, who is still standing after 'Hell yeah'ing the revolt, continues to cheer.
[Lazarus] 10:06 am: The Boss turns out to be a woman in her late 40s who might be attractive if she didn't seem so deadly serious and looking as if she carried the weight of the 'Verse on her shoulders
[Lazarus] 10:06 am: Alex snaps his fingers as he remembers...
[Lazarus] 10:07 am: The “Boss” turns out to be none other than Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Taylor-Leigh. She was once Alex’s brigade commander and is a firebrand for the Independent cause.
[Lazarus] 10:07 am: The Boss takes up where the announcer left off into a tirade against the Alliance
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: "Yes friends, the time is here. What we've waited for."
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: "We have been laying the ground work since the surrender."
[Lazarus] 10:09 am: "Now that the Alliance is at it's weakest, it is time to strike. ARE YOU WITH ME!!!"
[Lazarus] 10:09 am: The crowd thunders in agreement
[Lazarus] 10:09 am: "I must take some time to thank some patriots that made tonight possible...."
[Lazarus] 10:10 am: "To the Captain and Crew od the Fire Angel."
[Lazarus] 10:10 am: "We now have the last shipment we needed to stoke the fires of freedom!"
[Lazarus] 10:11 am: everyone can roll Int (not alert) + Perception John may use his Intution
[Throol] 10:11 am: Ian looks around excitedly, but with growing caution, looking for an opportunity to ask questions
[] 10:11 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[] 10:11 am:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d8 (4) = 9

[Throol] 10:11 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6)
[Throol] 10:11 am:

-> 1d6 (3)

[Throol] 10:11 am: woops
[Throol] 10:11 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Throol] 10:11 am:

-> 2d6 (4,1 = 5)

[] 10:11 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[] 10:11 am:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d6 (5) = 11

[] 10:12 am: (Should you roll for boomer?)
[Lazarus] 10:12 am: don't bother she would fail
[] 10:12 am: k
[] 10:13 am: Tried contacting rein on skype but no response yet.
[] 10:13 am: (Is she online gabe?)
[Lazarus] 10:13 am: Ian is captivated by Tayor-Leigh and her message, basking in having a part in what is to transpire
[Lazarus->] 10:14 am: You noticethat despite her obvious true desire to end the Alliance’s hold on the Rim, there is an almost imperceptible undercurrent to her pitch, there is a glint of extremism in her brilliantly delivered recruiting drive.
[Lazarus->] 10:15 am: You noticethat despite her obvious true desire to end the Alliance’s hold on the Rim, there is an almost imperceptible undercurrent to her pitch, there is a glint of extremism in her brilliantly delivered recruiting drive.
[->Lazarus] 10:15 am: Shes been driven off the bend ?
[] 10:16 am: whispers, " I know her from way back, she seems a bit crazed or something now"
[Lazarus] 10:16 am: The crowd applaudes politely at the crew for being members of "The Cause."
[Lazarus->] 10:16 am: not that far
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[] 10:16 am: Yes!
[monster87] 10:16 am: hi
[] 10:16 am: hi
[] 10:16 am: *sits silently non to impressed by fancy speeches*
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[Lazarus->] 10:16 am: You do realizethat supporting Taylor-Leigh would just be changing one tyranny for a new one
[Lazarus] 10:17 am: hey rein, the gang's all here
[->Lazarus] 10:17 am: Thats mostly John's view on both the alliance and independants in general
[] 10:17 am: Mick is the new guy
[->Lazarus] 10:17 am: Better an evil you know then an evil you dont.
[Lazarus] 10:17 am: gist is, you just found out the Boss of the rebel movement is Alex's old brigade commaner Jessica Taylor-Leigh
[] 10:17 am: (Hey there.)
[monster87] 10:18 am: (Hi ick)
[monster87] 10:18 am: (Mick lol)
[Lazarus] 10:18 am: She just said that now was the time for rebellion and thanks to you guys for making that possible
[Lazarus->] 10:18 am: perhaps
[redwolffclaw] 10:19 am: (Lazarus I am going to send you my background. I will finish the character sheet asap.)
[Lazarus] 10:19 am: (kk)
[Lazarus] 10:19 am: Turning back to the crowd, Taylor-Leigh continues...
[Lazarus] 10:20 am: Resources we've been amassing for years are starting to move and here, the Georgia system will be the start of our freedom
[Lazarus] 10:20 am: "It is a proud day to be a Browncoat..."
[Lazarus] 10:21 am: "However, after the lassons learned in the last war, we are not the Browncoats that were out manuevered by sheer numbers."
[Lazarus] 10:21 am: "We are New Browncoats, NEO-BROWNCOATS shall be the name we carry after tonight."
[Lazarus] 10:22 am: "Thank you all and good luck to all of you. With God in whatever form you call him, we shall win forth to final victory!"
[Lazarus] 10:23 am: The is thunderous applause that simply will not end
[Lazarus] 10:23 am: Taylor-Leigh basks in the adoration for several minutes
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: And finally, the crowd begins to rise and babble in excitement
[monster87] 10:24 am: * pokes the captain * "She's pretty good, ain't she cap'n?"
[] 10:24 am: You want my honest opinion or my other honest opinion booms.
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: There is clearly excitement in the air and even the skeptical members of the crew can feel the draw.
[] 10:24 am: *gets up*
[Throol] 10:25 am: Ian looks around, wanting to find out the details of the plans
[Lazarus] 10:25 am: Ian can hear several snatches of conversation all around the room
[] 10:25 am: "something about her has changed, it ain't right!"
[Lazarus] 10:26 am: finding someone to talk to is as easy as talking tothem
[] 10:26 am: Alex you me outside now.
[->Lazarus] 10:26 am: I was waiting for you to slip in a "CAAAAAN YOUUUU DIG ITTTTT!?" Lol
[] 10:26 am: *starts walking outside for a more quiet place to talk*
[Lazarus->] 10:26 am: maybe next time
[monster87] 10:26 am: * follows cap'n *
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: Do you stop at the gun check?
[] 10:27 am: "Aye Boss
[Throol] 10:27 am: Ian looks for someone who seems to know details, not just propaganda
[] 10:27 am: Yeah i do grab my guns and stuff
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: The guy who introduced The Boss is standing in a circle of some serious looking men and women
[monster87] 10:28 am: * I join him, also with getting my stuff back (I dont remember what they kept from me) *
[Lazarus] 10:28 am: Several people do stop and shake everyone in the crew's hands
[monster87] 10:28 am: * at some quiet point * "Your honest opinion of course cap'n
[Lazarus] 10:28 am: offering words of gratitude and such
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:28 am: You wouldn't happen to know how many years had passed since the unification war to the present game do you? I know they mentioned it a few times but I think it was like 5... not 100% on that
[Throol] 10:29 am: Ian heads over to the introduction guy and listens, looking for a good opportunity to join the conversation
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:29 am: it is six months after the movie, so 7 years after the U-war
[] 10:29 am: *once he reaches a quiet location to talk to the crew or at least alex*
[monster87] 10:30 am: (I guess you're talking to Alex and Boomer)
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:30 am: ok. I figured something like that. Was 5 at the start of the series, a year and a half later would make it about seven.
[] 10:30 am: Alex you better start explaining who that woman is her speech seemed a tad bit extreme.
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:30 am: series started 6 years after the war 2517, the series ran for a essentially six months, with the movie about six months after that
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:31 am: you are now 6 months after that so 18 months from the series pilot
[monster87] 10:31 am: (where is zeenix?)
[] 10:31 am: (At the ship
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:31 am: kk. Good to know
[] 10:31 am: "was sr officer, I served with her. She seems more extreme than I remember, can't put my finger on exactly why tho"
[Lazarus] 10:31 am: The announcer is busy fielding questions, so Ian is going to have to jump in if he wants to ask a question
[] 10:31 am: And my honest opinion boomer one war was enough for me i aint fighting another period.
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:31 am: kk
[Lazarus->] 10:32 am: however, going by the organization you see, John may not have a chocie
[] 10:32 am: Well alex we gone and done it now using your contacts we managed to set fire to the gorram Georgia system
[] 10:33 am: "yeah, but with all this frenzy we may not really have a choice?
[monster87] 10:33 am: "Don't blame him cap'n, Alex couldn't know this either"
[Lazarus] 10:33 am: As Alex and John talk, a couple men approach.
[Throol] 10:33 am: "Hey, what's the plan? I want to get those Alliance scum for Miranda, but I'm not so keen on losing like the Browncoats did."
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[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:33 am: If I get you my backstory do I still have to wait till my character sheet is done before you can get me in or can i work on my character while i play?
[Lazarus] 10:33 am: "Is one of you the captain of this shp the Fire Angel?"
[] 10:34 am: Thatl be me whats it to ya
[] 10:34 am: *Turning around*
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[Lazarus] 10:35 am: "Well that's the advantage of us being Neo-Browncoats son, we aren't going to make the same mistakes. Plan is to strike hard and really get the full system behind us. Can't go into too many details yet."
[] 10:35 am: Neo-Browncoats sounds like Fascist lol
[Lazarus] 10:35 am: "Thanks for helping out the Cause. I would like to hire you for a short trip."
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:36 am: you can work on it, but you will need to know stats and skills to know what to roll as things occur
[] 10:36 am: Hire for what exactly
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:36 am: I will hurry.
[monster87] 10:37 am: "More on assisting people killing each other like imbiciles I'd wager"
[Lazarus] 10:37 am: (The neo-browncoat thing was said inside to Ian. I'll have to be careful of being clear of who is speaking as we have two conversations going at once)
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:37 am: kk
[] 10:37 am: (Laz i was saying that in OOC)
[] 10:37 am: (I just forgot the )
[Lazarus] 10:37 am: The men look at Boomer a bit oddly before continuing
[monster87] 10:37 am: (yeah i thought about neo-nazi too :P)
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: has left at 10:38 am+
[monster87] 10:38 am: * Boomer stares back right in the eyes of anyone looking oddly *
[monster87] 10:38 am: * confident next to her captain *
[Lazarus] 10:38 am: "I'm Caleb Parker and this is my brother Zeke Parker, we live on Orzmud and need to get home. We're willing to pay 25 credits for the trip."
[] 10:39 am: and where be home exactly
[Lazarus] 10:39 am: (John knows that Orzmud is another of Athen's moons as is only a two hour trip)
[] 10:39 am: Ah
[] 10:39 am: (Stupid me i was asking them where they live when they told me)
[Throol] 10:39 am: "Wouldn't it be wise to use a different symbol? Alliance is wary of browncoats already, why make it obvious to 'em? Sneaking up on the bastards would be smarter."
[Lazarus] 10:40 am: @ Ian "Clever lad you are...and your name is? I don't believe we've met. I'm Jason Everett."
[] 10:40 am: Well if ya bring yourselves and whatever ya be carrying i wont mind swinging by Orzmud
[Lazarus] 10:41 am: @ John "Thank you very much captain. We're ready to go now. We knew we wouldn't be gone long so we just have what we haveon our backs."
[Throol] 10:41 am: "Ian Gao. Never a browncoat, but the Alliance needs to be taught a lesson. Remember Miranda."
[Throol] 10:42 am: "I'm on the Fire Angel."
[] 10:42 am: Right as rain then we will leave soon as the crews ready
[Lazarus] 10:43 am: @ Ian "Damn well said son. 'Remember Miranda' I'm going to have to mention that one to General Taylor-Leigh."
[] 10:43 am: Boomer think you cant get Ian i think hes still inside.
[Lazarus] 10:43 am: Outside the barn, everyone but Ian has gathered around the captain and the Parker brothers
[->Lazarus] 10:43 am: Oh... yeah, now that you mentioned Miranda. This takes place after the movie?
[monster87] 10:43 am: sure boss, can I take Alex with me?
[Lazarus->] 10:44 am: yes, six months
[Lazarus->] 10:44 am: great upheaval in the Alliance
[monster87] 10:44 am: He is my date after all * winks *
[->Lazarus] 10:44 am: Ah, alright.
[Lazarus->] 10:44 am: resignations, hearings, firings
[] 10:44 am: Alex can rev up the shuttle we got work to do now.
[Lazarus->] 10:44 am: Fleet is all out of sorts after the loss of so manyh ships
[] 10:44 am: "Heh, that I am, Booms"
[Lazarus->] 10:44 am: protests all over the place
[monster87] 10:44 am: * pouts * "Roger." * goes back inside, again dropping her gun off and hiding her nades *
[] 10:45 am: "Roger Cap'n
[Lazarus] 10:45 am: Ian sees Boomer approaching
[monster87] 10:45 am: * swiftly moves through the croud *
[] 10:46 am: *Shifts his eyes through the crowd thats gathered around outside*
[Lazarus->] 10:46 am: You are on Orzmud and doing your womanizing, con, card, pick pocket spiel, as usual
[Throol] 10:46 am: (parker bros - playing board games outside?)
[monster87] 10:46 am: "Ian, cap'n requests your presense outside. We're leaving"
[Lazarus] 10:47 am: The crowd is still extremely energized, several of them shake the crew's hand or slap them on the back with hearty "Thanks"
[Throol] 10:47 am: "Ah, here's my friend Boomer, also of the Fire Angel. Leaving? But this has only just started! We gotta learn more!"
[->Lazarus] 10:47 am: Of course, it doesn't upset me all that much. Lol
[monster87] 10:47 am: "Sorry Ian, I'm just the messenger. Let's go"
[Lazarus] 10:48 am: "Boomer? Intersting name, you look to young to be EOD mei mei"
[monster87] 10:48 am: (EOD?)
[Lazarus->monster87] 10:48 am: explosive ordnance disposal
[Lazarus] 10:48 am: explosive ordnance disposal
[monster87] 10:49 am: * looks a bit oddly * "And who are you?"
[Lazarus->] 10:49 am: however, going by your staring cash, remaining, it dodn't go well
[Throol] 10:49 am: "I need more than that Boomer. This is important."
[monster87] 10:49 am: "You sure you want to cross the cap'n on this, make him come in here hisself?"
[Lazarus] 10:49 am: "Jason Everett. General Tayor-Leigh's aide."
[Throol] 10:50 am: "I ain't crossin' nobody. The captain knows this is important to me, has been since I started in this biz."
[monster87] 10:50 am: "Right. You must be one of the fella's organising this war. Well we're leaving. We want nothing to do with being the death of many innocent people"
[Lazarus] 10:51 am: several of the people growl at boomer's comment
[Throol] 10:51 am: "Huh? Innocent people? What you talkin' about?"
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:51 am: we are still starting at greenhorn right?
[->Lazarus] 10:51 am: Or it went really well.
[Lazarus] 10:51 am: "Gorram coward!"
[monster87] 10:51 am: "Wars always get innocent people killed, don't you see?"
[->Lazarus] 10:51 am: And I spent many nights with many women, eating fine foods, and buying myself nice new clothing. Lol
[Throol] 10:52 am: "So do Reavers!"
[->Lazarus] 10:52 am: My gambling is only an addiction in order to fuel that lifestyle, not to actually make money. Lol
[Lazarus] 10:52 am: Everett smiles, but the smile doesn't reach his eyes. “Remember friends that it was Brogan and his friends that helped to make this part of the Rebellion possible. Be kind to his reasons for choosing to leave and let him and his friends depart in peace.”
[Lazarus] 10:52 am: "I suggest you go Mister Gao and take this...Boomer of yours with you."
[monster87] 10:53 am: "Yes let's go Ian" * marches out *
[Lazarus] 10:53 am: Everett calls out as you go
[Lazarus] 10:53 am: “You may know us, but do not forget we know you as well, it would stand you in good stead to keep mum about what you know and all will be well. Speak too freely and you will see the limits of our kindness.”
[Throol] 10:53 am: Ian looks disgruntled and angry. "()^&)Y*(." "How can I get back in contact with you?" @Everett
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:53 am: yes
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:54 am: 42 points for stats, 62 for skills
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:54 am: at least one asset and one complication
[Throol] 10:54 am: "I still wanna be part of this." @Everett
[] 10:54 am: *Standing outside looking at his multiband wondering whats taking so long*
[monster87] 10:54 am: * comes outside, back to the cap'n * "Gorram people, they looked ready to jump me for tellin them they are wrong in going to war." * wipes some sweat off her eyebrows *
[Lazarus] 10:54 am: "Well, you may need to make a choice son. You seem like someone the Cause needs." Everett replies
[] 10:55 am: *Captains eyes widen at boomer comment*
[monster87] 10:55 am: "Everyone in that barn is crazy"
[monster87] 10:55 am: "Including ian"
[monster87] 10:55 am: "But I think he'll come soon"
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:55 am: you can get fancy with traits, if they do not balance, you can gain or lose stats
[Throol] 10:56 am: "I don't wanna just ditch my crew, but can't ditch this cause either. How do I reach you?"
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:56 am: if you have more complications than assets, yu gain stats, you lose them if it is the other way
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:56 am: major traits equal 4 points and monor equal 2
[monster87] 10:56 am: "I'm going to my date cap'n, if you don't mind" * goes to the shuttle without waiting for answer *
[] 10:58 am: *Follows boomer with his eyes until she reaches the shuttle and turns his attention back to the barn*
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:58 am: cool. have used the cortex system before. I ran a supernatural game and played Demon Hunters.
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:58 am: I am wondering if I can have Traumatic flashes. I looked back at your emails and it says you disallow them but I have a really good reason.
[] 10:58 am: Gorram it whats taking that boy so long we got customers waiting *starts walking towards the barn*
[Lazarus] 10:58 am: Everett pauses as he measures Ian. "I hear Regina is nice this time of year."
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:59 am: ok, let's hear it
[monster87] 10:59 am: * goes inside * "Hi Alex" * Alex can tell something is a bit off with Boomer *
[monster87] 10:59 am: * sits down in the shuttle *
[Throol] 10:59 am: "Gotcha. And.. how would I contact the people I intend to reach?"
[Lazarus->] 10:59 am: This is the RP thing I told you they like to do. I'm trying to get them moving
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:59 am: You know in the series when Zoe says reavers will rape you to death, tear off your skin and wear it... and you are lucky if it is done in that order? She wasnt lucky. Got her face half skinned.
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:00 am: Surviver of a reaver attack on the prison transport she was on.
[] 11:00 am: "you ok, Boomer? Those folks rattle ya a might?
[->Lazarus] 11:00 am: Not a problem, gives Wolff enough time to try to crank out her character sheet. Hah
[monster87] 11:00 am: * blinks away a tear * "No.. I'm fine"
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:01 am: I really do hate to stifle someone's creativity, but Reavers don't leave functional survivors. You can say parents got taken, but you being a reaver survivor, I'm going to have to say no.
[Throol] 11:01 am: "Don't wanna attract the 'wrong' sort of attention you see. Phrases, symbols, can work wonders with that..." winks.
[Lazarus] 11:02 am: Everett adds "Ask for Grand Ma's finest in any saloon. You better git son, looks like your crew is leaving without you."
[Lazarus->] 11:02 am: true
[monster87] 11:02 am: "Those gorram idiots are so intent on killin' they dun hear nothin' else
[monster87] 11:03 am: (boomer falls back into a rough chinese dialect when saying this)
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:03 am: I do have a reason she survived. She was a prisoner and reavers got on board. She was in the middle of being skinned when some big damn hero came along and killed the one skinning her and cut her loose. He then got snuck up on and ripped apart giving her time to get into a vent with a gun one of the other guards dropped. She stayed in that vent for a week before salvagers came along. Does that sound feasable?
[Throol] 11:03 am: "Much abliged." He heads out.
[Throol] 11:03 am: (err obliged)
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:05 am: honestly, anyone that survived something like that would be as bad off as the guy in "Bushwhacked" you PC wouldn't be functional.
[Throol] 11:05 am: Ian picks up his many weapons at the check, and heads out, irritated.
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:05 am: ok. will have to come up with something else then.
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:05 am: I am sorry.
[] 11:05 am: There you are ian we got customers waiting to be ferried to Orzmud Alex has fired up the shuttle we just waiting on ya.
[Lazarus] 11:06 am: you all and the parker brothers all load up into the shuttle for the short trip to the ship
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:06 am: I do like the character being really scarred. I am just gonna have to come up with something creative to explain that.
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:06 am: scarred is fine, any U-War vet has a redy made reason to be scarred
[Throol] 11:06 am: "Yeah, yeah. What's with the big rush? History's being made back there, and we're a part of it!"
[Lazarus] 11:07 am: Zack hears the shuttle arrive and dock
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:07 am: she was taken as a pow... could be she was blown up before then or tortured for the few years she was in prison.
[] 11:07 am: "Hello my fellow brown coats
[] 11:07 am: "How was the party
[monster87] 11:08 am: (what was your ingame name again zeenix)
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:08 am: that is an option or she simply got caught inside a vehicle hit by enemy fire, she was badly burned and could even be rescued by friendly troops
[] 11:08 am: *Gives Zack a steele eyed stare before he moves past him*
[] 11:08 am: (Zack)
[] 11:09 am: "Oh come on captain, dont act so cold"
[monster87] 11:09 am: * ignores Zack's comment, putting up her nose *
[] 11:09 am: "arent you going to introduce me to our new friends?"
[Lazarus] 11:09 am: Alex moves to the bridge and fires up the ship's engines
[Throol] 11:09 am: @Zack "I don't know what their problem is."
[] 11:09 am: We got customers i will show them to their quarters
[] 11:09 am: *looks at the parker brothers
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:09 am: I will come up with something :D
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:10 am: kk
[] 11:10 am: I would ask you who these people are, but I'm afraid I know already."
[] 11:10 am: "Whats the matter captain, no browncoat raiding parties we could join?"
[] 11:10 am: They need a lift to Orzmud
[] 11:10 am: (afk for lunch with the wife, about 10 mins...
[] 11:11 am: You better ask Ian about that.
[monster87] 11:11 am: "how about - didn't want to join. You one 'em war-loving mongrels too Zack?"
[monster87] 11:11 am: * clearly angry *
[Lazarus] 11:11 am: The engines spool up and the ship lives smoothly. Alex takes a moment and plots the short course
[] 11:11 am: Calm down boomer your angers bound to get you into trouble one of these days
[] 11:11 am: "Boomer, I was being sarcastic, but dont tell those browncoats over there. They might get offended."
[] 11:12 am: "Oh boy, I cant wait to kick those purple bellies butts." *goes off*
[monster87] 11:12 am: @ cap'n "Hmpf. I dislike swallowing such slime"
[] 11:12 am: Its not our place to judge what they want done but i for sure as hells got other plans then getting in between browncoat and alliance politics
[Lazarus] 11:13 am: "Well we can see your crew is conflicted captain, so we'll make one part easy. Here is the credits we promised." Caleb says as he hands over the money. "We'll just make use of your common room until we get home."
[Throol] 11:13 am: "I don't get you guys. The Alliance ain't right, can't be trusted. Remember Miranda. If the Alliance can make Reavers on accident, what you suppose they're doing on purpose?"
[monster87] 11:13 am: @zack: "You really on our side? You don't want to join this war either?"
[] 11:13 am: "That worked out quite well the first time didnt it captain?"
[] 11:13 am: And you would have the browncoats off fighting alliance while the reavers pick off undefended worlds
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:14 am: I told Mick i wanted my character to be a mix of Alice from resident evil and Mel gibson in man without a face lol
[] 11:14 am: "Trust me Boomer, theres no body here more against joining either side than me. Sometimes telling you're neutral is worse than picking a side though."
[monster87] 11:15 am: @throol: "It's always people that do stupid things. Not any organisation in general. Probably some officer screwed up, but that doesn't mean the universe is ruled by 100% bad people. Look at cap'n. He was alliance too, and he's a very honorable man. Probably most of 'em don't want to do any killin at all. But it's always the bad ones that start wars and the good ones that get killed"
[Throol] 11:15 am: @captain "Nah, Reavers are part of the fight too, not separate. And I'm not for open warfare, that's stupid. Gotta work with our strengths, not theirs." (my character's name is Ian, not throol)
[monster87] 11:15 am: @zack: "that's good to hear. Thanks"
[monster87] 11:16 am: "I'm going to join Alex if you don't mind. You can come if you want Zack"
[] 11:16 am: "Lets hope captain has enough common sense, though with those 2 onboard I'm starting to doubt that."
[Throol] 11:16 am: @Boomer "WAS alliance. Not anymore."
[Lazarus] 11:16 am: The next two hours are exremely heated and a bit uncomfortable for everyone and everyone looks forward to the distraction arriving on Orzmud provides. Zack gives Alex the directions to the town of Opportunity
[] 11:16 am: "Seeing as though nobodys hurt, I'm not in hurry to go anywhere. Sure."
[] 11:17 am: I also wanted to talk to alex but since he is gone i will do it later
[] 11:17 am: (about his squad captain)
[Lazarus] 11:17 am: The town looks to be of less than a thousand people may or may not have much in the way of outbound cargo
[Lazarus] 11:18 am: everyone make alertness + perception rolls
[] 11:18 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[] 11:18 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (2) = 5

[monster87] 11:18 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d4)
[monster87] 11:18 am:

-> 1d4 (3)

[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:18 am: I haven't seen either of those movies.
[] 11:18 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[] 11:18 am:

-> 1d6 (2)+ 1d6 (5) = 7

[Throol] 11:19 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Throol] 11:19 am:

-> 2d6 (2,6 = 8)

[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:19 am: Aw. Nm then. lol
[Lazarus->] 11:19 am: you notice a foul smell, really foul, like that of an open sewer tainting the atmo feed
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:19 am: you notice a foul smell, really foul, like that of an open sewer tainting the atmo feed
[] 11:20 am: Ugh. Did captain remember to tell the guests where the toilet is?
[] 11:20 am: It stinks foul in here
[Lazarus] 11:21 am: as soon as Zack mentions it, everyone can smell what he's talking about
[] 11:21 am: Gorram it whats going on
[monster87->Lazarus] 11:22 am: do I recognize the smell. I've smelled a lot on physics after all
[] 11:22 am: You better get on looking for the cause, not gonna attract many passengers this way.
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:22 am: I have any idea what that could be?
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:22 am: waste extraction system seems to have a problem would be your first guess
[] 11:23 am: *Picks up one of his gass masks before investigating the source of the stench*
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:23 am: waste extraction system
[] 11:23 am: "On second thought, that might not be such a bad idea."
[] 11:23 am: Here put em on i got one for everybody dont know what this is aint takin any chances
[->Lazarus] 11:24 am: Oh man, I am in the smelly town? Lol
[Lazarus] 11:24 am: While the smell is bad, it doesn't seem toxic
[] 11:24 am: (Since I have the Nose for trouble thing could i use it now?)
[Lazarus->] 11:24 am: this is happening on the ship
[] 11:24 am: :)
[->Lazarus] 11:24 am: Ohhh, alright.
[] 11:24 am: Im going to investigate what it is
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:24 am: I go hunt down the more mechanical folks
[] 11:24 am: ( bk, do I need to roll alert + percep?
[] 11:25 am: *Walks to the direction of the smell*
[] 11:25 am: (Laz?)
[Lazarus] 11:25 am: you can find a section of the ship whre it is worst and checking in engineering, you can see that there is something wrong with the e extraction system
[Lazarus] 11:25 am: everyone can smell it clearly
[] 11:25 am: (nevermind then)
[Lazarus] 11:26 am: Alex makes a less than fancy landing as he just wants to get the ship down so you can open the hatches and start using outside air
[Lazarus] 11:27 am: Boomer finds a serous pump blockage
[] 11:27 am: lights a cig to mask disgusting odor
[Lazarus] 11:28 am: she's lucky she purchased some parts on Thee Hills, so there won't be any costs for the repair, but it will take some time, probably in a space suit, to get the ship habitable again
[monster87] 11:28 am: (sorry I was distracted for a moment)
[monster87] 11:29 am: "Okay I'll go get my space suit then"
[Lazarus] 11:29 am: Caleb and Zack are kind not to mention the break down as they bid their good byes
[] 11:29 am: Bids Caleb and Zack farewell
[Lazarus] 11:29 am: "Thank you for safe, if colorful rip captain. Looks like the 'Verse isn't the only place that is going to be in search of peace."
[Throol] 11:30 am: Can Ian stay on board?
[monster87] 11:30 am: (scrap that, if we're on the planet it's no use getting suited up)
[Lazarus] 11:30 am: Ok, with the opbious exception of Boomer staying to repair the ship, what is everyone else doing?
[Lazarus] 11:30 am: The smell is intense enought o at least require a mask
[] 11:30 am: I'm assiting Boomer, still trying to learn more about mechanic stuff
[] 11:30 am: We got 6 on the ship
[] 11:31 am: Enough for the crew
[Throol] 11:31 am: (Ian's suspicious of this, always on the alert, could be the passengers sabotaged it to steal the ship)
[] 11:32 am: "What are you going to do captain?"
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: The passengers never left the common room
[Throol] 11:32 am: Ian stays on board, mask on
[] 11:32 am: "I'm asking incase you need an extra hand?"
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: given the close quarters of the work, Alex would only be in the way
[] 11:32 am: Well you want to walk around town for a while Zack get away from the stench ?
[] 11:33 am: "Yeah, sounds sensible."
[monster87] 11:33 am: "Sweet of you Alex, but I'll manage. You go buy your smokes"
[] 11:33 am: "I'm sorry for you guys, hope those gasmasks work well."
[] 11:33 am: Alrighty then (I bring a few plat for a couple of drinks if we find a place to drink in this place)
[] 11:33 am: "alright, call me on comms if I can help ya later Boomer
[] 11:34 am: I hang with Cap'n
[] 11:34 am: Alex you comming ?
[] 11:34 am: Alrighty What bout you ian staying on the ship or tagging along ?
[Lazarus] 11:34 am: Exiting the ship, ALex, John, and Zack find a pleasant looking litle town, but somehow dreary at the same time
[Throol] 11:34 am: "I'll stay aboard. Something stinks about this whole deal."
[Lazarus] 11:34 am: In otherwords, a typical Rim settlement
[] 11:35 am: So about this woman you knew you think she looks like she has the backing of the people but you think they really gonna start attacking the alliance ?
[] 11:35 am: (Oh lord terrible pun.)
[] 11:35 am: Sheldon cooper presents Fun with Puns
[Lazarus] 11:36 am: There are several small businesses like general store, feed store, barbershir, and of course a couple of saloons
[Throol] 11:36 am: (heh)
[Lazarus->] 11:37 am: form what you know about The Boss, if she says she's going to do something, she's going to do it
[] 11:37 am: "So captain, we're gonna hit a saloon? Find some browncoat buddies? Talk a little about the good times before the alliance?"
[] 11:38 am: I hope your not going to say that once we get to drinking Zack cause your gonna find trouble real fast *chuckles*
[] 11:38 am: At least if ya be usin that sarcasm of yours
[] 11:38 am: "I dont know captain, I'm just very passionate guy."
[] 11:38 am: But yeah why dont we go find a saloon i could use a cold one right about now.
[Lazarus->] 11:38 am: ok, you are about to make your entrance
[] 11:38 am: "one thing about about The Boss, if she says she's going
to do something, she's going to do it
[Lazarus] 11:39 am: You enter the saloon through the swinging doors drawing some atention, but now much
[->Lazarus] 11:39 am: I feel like "Can't Turn You Loose" needs to start playing.
[->Lazarus] 11:39 am: Lol
[] 11:39 am: Well Alex out of my own honor to you if you want to talk to her somehow to sort something out between ya two if you got unfinished business or anything just tell and ill have you turn the ship around
[->Lazarus] 11:39 am: You have anything particular planned for me?
[Lazarus] 11:39 am: Placeis fairly large probably eight large tables, one is occupied with several people playing cards
[] 11:40 am: But im tellin ya now the wars over on my part i wont have any part of it.
[Lazarus->] 11:40 am: nothing over the top unless you do it
[Lazarus->] 11:40 am: Again, if this war kicks off like it seems it will, John may not have a choice
[] 11:40 am: *Moves over to the bartender to get some drinks*
[Lazarus] 11:41 am: the poker game consists of four men and a woman, three of the men and the woman are obviously locals, but one guy stands out
[Lazarus] 11:42 am: Clearly not from here, wearing fine closes and a cockiness about him
[] 11:42 am: "Captain are you gonna pay for me, I think it would be appropriate."
[] 11:42 am: Sure why not i usually buy the rounds anyway
[Lazarus->] 11:42 am: I'd say it is time for you to make a gambling roll
[] 11:42 am: To new aquaintances and all that
[] 11:42 am: "I understand Cap'n, but if this war goes full throttle like it seems its gonna, we prolly can't sit on the fence
[] 11:43 am: "Good, its kind of my initiation after all."
[->Lazarus] 11:43 am: Tell me when you want me to start.
[Lazarus] 11:43 am: bartender pours you your drinks. "Obviously came in on that ship. So is it true?" He asks the last part in a stage whisper
[] 11:43 am: "laughs and lights a cig
[] 11:43 am: Whats true
[Lazarus->] 11:43 am: rollit
[->Lazarus] 11:43 am: ?
[Lazarus] 11:44 am: "Word is It's started."
[Lazarus->] 11:44 am: roll it
[->Lazarus] 11:44 am: Roll what? Gambling? Lol
[Lazarus->] 11:44 am: yes, alertness + gambling
[->Lazarus] 11:44 am: What's the dice command for this chat, again? It's been awhile.
[] 11:44 am: Spit it out man dont talk in riddles
[Lazarus->] 11:44 am: it is /roll
[] 11:44 am: "What has started? Id like to know aswell."
[] 11:45 am: In his hand was two platinum pieces, the only visable money he had out, slowly rubbing them together as if that'd make them mate and create more, he stared across the table at the other men. "Well now, hopefully this is my lucky day." He smiled, showing straight white teeth that generally had no business on a small rim world town.
[Lazarus] 11:45 am: "The Boss is going to stick it to the Purplebellies."
[] 11:45 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d12)
[] 11:45 am:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d12 (9) = 14

[Lazarus] 11:46 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d6;2d6;2d8)
[Lazarus] 11:46 am:

-> 2d6 (1,4 = 5)

-> 2d6 (6,5 = 11)

-> 2d8 (8,4 = 12)

[] 11:46 am: "Captain, this sounds interesting, do tell."
[Lazarus] 11:47 am: The dandy takes the pot and a couple of the men at the table begin to look angry
[] 11:47 am: So she would like to think i guess
[Lazarus] 11:47 am: "You're cheating!"
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[] 11:47 am: *Turns his head towards the commotion*
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: has left at 11:47 am+
[Lazarus] 11:48 am: "Damned slicker. Knew y'all was toruble minute I laid eyes on ya."
[] 11:48 am: James laughed boisterously. "Looks like lady luck just prefers me today gentlemen. Perhaps it's just not your day." The kindness in his words were betrayed by his cocky tone.
[] 11:48 am: "Captain I dont understand..." "Hmm...?"
[Lazarus] 11:48 am: "Ya'll want to keep them pretty boy looks licker, ya'll gonna walk away right now."
[] 11:49 am: *turns back to the bartender* "I guess even gambling is safer in the core worlds."
[Lazarus] 11:50 am: "Okay now Zeb, leave him be. Y'all never could play cards worth a tinker's damn. Just cause y'all lost don't mean the new guy is a cheat."
[] 11:50 am: As he spoke, only one of his hands remained on top of the table. The other had slid down in the conversation to his chair. "Now now, Jethro, or whatever your name might be. A sore loser is one thing, but calling a man a cheater? Now that's just ungentlemanly..." His words had quieted down a little, speaking with more purpose. His eyes, a beautiful sky blue that couldn't help but be memorable to all who looked at them, gazed at the man under the brim of his cowboy style hat.
[] 11:50 am: *Turns to Zack* Oh you a gambling man then
[Lazarus] 11:51 am: "I say he is a cheat." The taller man says
[Lazarus->] 11:51 am: neither of these guys look like they will be wininng any science fairs any time soon
[] 11:51 am: "I've tried, with what I get not much to spend. Though at the core, you need big money to even get in."
[] 11:52 am: "No shoot outs there I can assure you though.
[Lazarus] 11:52 am: "Well, that's enough for me" the other man at the table says backing away. "Let's go Janey."
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:53 am: ok. I got all my skills and attributes done.
[] 11:53 am: James slowly stood up to his full 6'1" height, but he was a very thin, handsome man. It was now visable that his left hand rested against his stomach, next to one of his two perfectly maintained revolvers. "And I say you're a podunk hick... what do you have to say about that, Friend?"
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:53 am: Just need to spend money
[Lazarus] 11:53 am: The man and the woman move away from the confrontation and hea for the door.
[Lazarus] 11:53 am: roll alertnes+perception mick
[] 11:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[] 11:54 am:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d6 (6) = 12

[Lazarus] 11:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 11:54 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (1) = 4

[Lazarus] 11:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 11:54 am:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d6 (2) = 10

[Lazarus] 11:55 am: The two men begin to surge toward the dandy, but before anyone can react, there is a piercing shreak from out side.
[Lazarus] 11:56 am: Then you all hear the rumbleof ships flying over head, clearly more than one
[] 11:56 am: What in the nine blazes is that
[Lazarus] 11:56 am: Janey runs back into the bar with a look of sheer terror on her face
[Lazarus] 11:56 am: REAVERS!!!!!
[] 11:56 am: "I dont know much about shoot outs but this is not how they usually go down."
[] 11:57 am: "WHAT?"
[] 11:57 am: *Spits out his drink as he runs out of the saloon motioning Zack and Alex to follow*
[Lazarus] 11:57 am: Meanwhile on the ship...
[Lazarus] 11:57 am: Ian can roll alertness + perception
[] 11:57 am: stamps out his cig and warns Boomer over comms
[] 11:57 am: *Runs to gabel*
[Lazarus] 11:57 am: boomer can go ahead and fail
[monster87] 11:58 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d4)
[monster87] 11:58 am:

-> 1d4 (3)

[monster87] 11:58 am: fail at what :P?
[Lazarus] 11:58 am: perception
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:58 am: one of half of normal greenhorn
[Throol] 11:58 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Throol] 11:58 am:

-> 2d6 (4,4 = 8)

[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:59 am: 375 credits
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:59 am: You hear several ships flyng low pass overhead
[] 12:00 pm: (Btw we are already running to the ship just at the mention of reavers)
[Lazarus] 12:00 pm: we'll see there hoss
[Throol->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: (oh if it's hearing, I have a penalty)
[Throol->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: Dull Sense - Hearing
[Lazarus->Throol] 12:00 pm: it was more of a rumble
[Throol->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: minor flaw
[Lazarus->Throol] 12:00 pm: they flew over very low
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[Throol->Lazarus] 12:01 pm: ok
[] 12:01 pm: "Looks like you two get a pass this time." James said, hand still hovering near his left revolver as he quickly stuffed his winnings in his pocket and slung a small canvas and leather rucksack over his right shoulder, backing quickly out of the saloon. He looked over to the two men who one of which was called Captain. A captain meant a ship, and he had quite enough of this rock even before Reavers showed up. Once he backed up to the door, he'd turn and run, following the two men.
[Lazarus->monster87] 12:01 pm: you are about 3/4th through the repair
[Throol] 12:01 pm: Ian gets on the comm. "You hear those ships overhead?"
[Lazarus->monster87] 12:01 pm: not complicating, just disgusting work even in the mask
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: Zeenix has entered at 12:02 pm+
[Zeenix] 12:02 pm: Something went wrong
[Zeenix] 12:02 pm: continue
[Lazarus] 12:02 pm: those inside the saloon are still there for now, as we shift to the ship for a bit
[monster87->Lazarus] 12:03 pm: ok
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: Boomer sits up from her work on hearing the intercome and replies "What ships"
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: jb105 has left at 12:03 pm+
[Lazarus->Throol] 12:03 pm: where is Ian at the moment
[monster87] 12:03 pm: "What ships?"
[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: Where is Ian and what do both Ian and Boomer do?
[Throol] 12:06 pm: Ian's probably watching over the main bridge.
[Throol] 12:06 pm: He'll check sensors, etc. to find out more about the ships
[monster87] 12:06 pm: (still waiting for answer.. not sure what I heard on teh comm)
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:07 pm: Aw, that is dead broke ;)
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:07 pm: Lol mick told me already. Just joshing ya
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: from the bridge, Ian can see out
[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: and those inside the saloon rush outside...
[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: you all see three ships, or at least three nightmares of ships
[] 12:09 pm: *On coms* Start her up start her up we need to get out of here NOW!
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: one larger one and two smaller including one that might have started life as a Pride class like the fire angel at one point
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: dozen of figures are rappelling down ropes
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: figures Alex and John all too well
[Throol] 12:10 pm: (reavers?)
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:10 pm: no problem
[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: Yes
[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: a LOT of Reavers
[Throol] 12:10 pm: Ian starts up the ship, and gets on the comm "Gorram it, REAVERS!!!"
[Throol] 12:10 pm: Pilot roll?
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: and the two smaller ships are about 150 yards away BETWEEN the saloon and the direction of the ship
[monster87] 12:11 pm: * I'm starting the ship *
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: yes, starting the ship is an int+piloting roll
[Throol] 12:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d4)
[Throol] 12:12 pm:

-> 1d6 (4)+ 1d4 (1) = 5

[monster87] 12:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d6)
[monster87] 12:12 pm:

-> 1d12 (4)+ 1d6 (5) = 9

[Throol] 12:12 pm: (I thought Boomer was cleaning the pooper)
[Lazarus] 12:12 pm: Ian rushing through the start up sequence, overlooks something and the ship does not respond
[monster87] 12:12 pm: I was, until we heard about the reavers
[Lazarus] 12:13 pm: Boomer can roll next round as she is moving from engineering to the bridge
[Lazarus] 12:13 pm: OUTSIDE...
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:13 pm: do we have someone in the group who is good at melee?
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: Alex, Zack, John, and the Dandy can hear screams and random shots erupting through the small town
[] 12:14 pm: (lol at "the Dandy")
[Lazarus] 12:15 pm: They can see at least a couple ozen Reavers hit the ground in front of them in the distance and begin to fan out
[Lazarus] 12:15 pm: (He hasn't be formally introduced yet. :-)
[] 12:15 pm: (There's worse and less accurate things to be called, I will take it. Lol)
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:15 pm: not at all
[] 12:15 pm: "asks bartender - you got any automatic weapons handy? We're gonna need em
[Zeenix] 12:15 pm: "Quick thinking would be useful now."
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:16 pm: :D
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:16 pm: some good shooters, but no one good at hand to hand
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:16 pm: awesome.
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: The bartender stands open mouthed. "W-w-waht? Feller this ain't no gorram armory. Sweet merciful jesus, I gotta get home. my FAMILY!"
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:17 pm: i am totally going dual swords.
[->Lazarus] 12:17 pm: 150 yards, huh?
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:18 pm: not exactly within the genre. only time I've seen a sword was the perative. you want one okay, but it is out of place and very memorable which isn't a good thing
[] 12:18 pm: *On coms* Ian get your butt out here and give us covering fire were gonna need it !
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:18 pm: *Sigh* Yeah. Mr. Universe did say it was weird.
[->Lazarus] 12:18 pm: Too far for my pistols.
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: the Reavers race forward and bray out some god awful scream yelping that is bone chilling
[Throol] 12:18 pm: (has Boomer arrived?)
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:18 pm: Already memorable cuz of my face.
[Lazarus->] 12:18 pm: yes,
[Lazarus->] 12:19 pm: even an expert is hard pressed to hit at even 50 yards
[->Lazarus] 12:19 pm: Well, 150ft is my gun's range. Lol
[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: everyone outside has to roll willpower+ discipline
[->Lazarus] 12:19 pm: Which I suppose is 50 yards more or less.
[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: Meanwhile on the ship...
[] 12:19 pm: "Here's a thought." James reached to his left revolver and drew it, deft hands holding it steady as he followed the 'Captain', seeing as how he had the only ship that he knew about in the immediate aread. "We kill them, run, and get ourselves off this rock." Seamlessly, he inserted himself into the group of them, figuring if he got them thinking in those terms, getting on the ship would be no problem.
[] 12:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10)
[] 12:20 pm:

-> 1d10 (1)

[Lazarus] 12:20 pm: Boomer arrives out of breath and both she and Ian can roll int+pilot
[] 12:20 pm: (Pshhh, epic fail.)
[Zeenix] 12:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Zeenix] 12:20 pm:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d6 (1) = 9

[] 12:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d2+1d12)
[] 12:20 pm:

-> 1d12 (6)+ 1d2 (1)+ 1d12 (2) = 9

[monster87] 12:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d6)
[monster87] 12:20 pm:

-> 1d12 (4)+ 1d6 (4) = 8

[Lazarus] 12:20 pm: Alex?
[] 12:21 pm: ( I have steady calm minor, so +2 step tp will to avoid shaken/startled, right?
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:21 pm: So what would be a non memorable melee weapon. She grew up on a core planet so she would have formal training
[Lazarus] 12:21 pm: yes
[Zeenix] 12:21 pm: so do I
[Throol] 12:21 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d4)
[Throol] 12:21 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d4 (3) = 9

[] 12:21 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10)
[] 12:21 pm:

-> 1d10 (8)

[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:21 pm: fencing, Kendo, would be most likely
[] 12:22 pm: ( no disciipline tho...)
[->Lazarus] 12:22 pm: Considering my guy can't help but gamble, lie, spend money, and pick up women... I didn't think Discipline was the most suitable skill for him to have ANY ranks in. Hah... guess that mighta backfired a little bit.
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:22 pm: :P fencing too girlie.
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:22 pm: lol
[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: Ian takes a deep breath and this time the ship starts up properly
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: The question is what do they do next?
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: Outside...
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: ok, Alex, John and Zack all shiver for a moment, but steel themselves for battle
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: the dandy...
[monster87] 12:23 pm: we make ready for lift off
[Throol] 12:23 pm: "Gorram it..." Ian grabs his guns and runs to the nearest exit
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: ok Mick roll willpower again
[Zeenix] 12:23 pm: "I-I I'm ok... Tell us what to do captain."
[] 12:23 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10)
[] 12:23 pm:

-> 1d10 (7)

[Lazarus] 12:24 pm: At least you didn't fumble again or you would have lost control of your baddle, talk about an interesting first impression for the others
[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: You do however, stand ther blinking in shock, unable to wrap your mind about what you are seeing
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:25 pm: Kendo would fit in very nicely
[] 12:25 pm: Shoot any gorram ugly that comes between us and our gorram ship and shake that fellah whos following us he might be useful.
[] 12:25 pm: ( baddle is a Dandy bladder I assume?
[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: er bladder
[Lazarus] 12:26 pm: The reavers continue to race forward,but are stil out of pistol range
[Lazarus] 12:26 pm: (I will be kind and say everyone fromt he ship has their pistols, just no armor)
[] 12:27 pm: Er you know i have armor
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:27 pm: awesome. Would let me use two swords... need a katana and wakizashi!
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:27 pm: or do you just want me to have a katana
[->Lazarus] 12:27 pm: So what IS the penalty for going past 150ft?
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:28 pm: those weapons were not used at the same time, but you would have to specialize in each as their use is different
[Lazarus] 12:28 pm: 100% of the time?
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:28 pm: ok just katana
[] 12:28 pm: My duster ...
[] 12:28 pm: Maybe not my ballistic mesh but my dusters armored
[Lazarus->] 12:29 pm: step penalties past the base range. The book says a pistol should be 100 feet, which as you know is crazy talk
[Throol] 12:29 pm: I do have my armor on 100% of the time I'm conscious and not showering
[Lazarus->] 12:30 pm: base range for a pistol is 30, -1 one step per range band after that
[Lazarus->] 12:30 pm: your pistold have base range of 45
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: I'm ok with duster
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: you are also on the ship throol
[] 12:31 pm: (just pistol and plainclotes for me I guess then
[Throol] 12:31 pm: Yep, on my way out
[Zeenix] 12:31 pm: same here
[Lazarus] 12:31 pm: what do the people outsie do? There are clearly several dozen reavers approaching
[->Lazarus] 12:31 pm: Oh... harsh.
[->Lazarus] 12:31 pm: But they're FUTURE pistols! Hah
[redwolffclaw] 12:31 pm: (I have a question, Would anyone her object to me having a sword.)
[Lazarus->] 12:31 pm: I know you know the ranges are wrong. A shot gun is only 10 bloody feet
[] 12:31 pm: Well are there any ground transports ?
[] 12:32 pm: (why would we ?)
[->Lazarus] 12:32 pm: So 90 would be -d2.. and then 135 would be -d4?
[] 12:32 pm: (Swords are part of the game as well)
[redwolffclaw] 12:32 pm: (because it would give us unwanted attention)
[Throol] 12:32 pm: (would kinda stand out, not exactly common fare like pistols and knives)
[Lazarus] 12:32 pm: This is a little podunk western town, no vehicles in sight
[Zeenix] 12:32 pm: "Is it viable to rush in head on? Is there a backdoor, bartender?"
[Lazarus->] 12:32 pm: yes
[] 12:32 pm: (Give me a heads up when I can do something.)
[] 12:32 pm: (Play your character how you want to sword or not :D)
[Lazarus->] 12:33 pm: so you's in effect lose your talented bonus at 135 feet
[->Lazarus] 12:33 pm: Suppose that's a pretty respectable tradeoff.
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: Ashene has left at 12:33 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:33 pm: You can see as in a typical little town, alleys between buildings, but there is only one real street
[Lazarus->] 12:34 pm: for shooting at 45 yards you bet
[] 12:34 pm: Is there any way we can jump into a building without being seen ?
[] 12:34 pm: Well if we get into a building at least we can funnel them
[Lazarus] 12:34 pm: You can always try
[->Lazarus] 12:34 pm: 45 yards with still a d10+d12... so when do I get unstunned?
[] 12:35 pm: Alright lets get into a building into cover and bunker up *On coms* theres to many of em we cant make it to the ship try and get the ship closer if you can somehow*
[Lazarus] 12:35 pm: ok on the ship, Ian is leaving?
[Lazarus->] 12:35 pm: roll willpower and try not to roll a 1 this time :-)
[] 12:35 pm: "Aye Cap'n *draws pistol*
[] 12:35 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10)
[] 12:35 pm:

-> 1d10 (6)

[->Lazarus] 12:36 pm: Victory!
[Lazarus] 12:36 pm: who is doing what on the ship?
[] 12:37 pm: Ians not leaving the ship i told him to give us covering fire thats not the same as leaving is it ?
[Throol] 12:38 pm: Yeah Ian's running to an exit
[Lazarus] 12:38 pm: no it is not leaving the ship
[Throol] 12:38 pm: Can't exactly shoot out unless at an exit
[Lazarus] 12:38 pm: So boomer starts to pilot the ship?
[monster87] 12:38 pm: yeah
[] 12:38 pm: (Depending on the ship or a shuttle whats easier to pilot ?)
[] 12:39 pm: (Either way she has no time really to be booting up a shuttle and all that)
[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: As the Fire Angel starts to lift, the large ship moves to intercept! In addition, the Reaverized Pride class begins to launch shuttles!
[Lazarus] 12:40 pm: Boomer is going to have to do some fancy flyin, just to break contact as she can see the Grappler on the large ship begin to deploy
[->Lazarus] 12:41 pm: What's the DC to shoot one at 60 yards?
[] 12:41 pm: (Im just thinking maybe Boomer can land pilot the ship and just boost her way through the town somehow and reach our bunkered position ?)
[Lazarus] 12:41 pm: boomer, ship's agility d4+ piloting
[] 12:41 pm: im guessing the towns just made up of wood anyway
[monster87] 12:42 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d4+1d6)
[monster87] 12:42 pm:

-> 1d4 (2)+ 1d6 (6) = 8

[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: she can try, but there are three armed ships and a half a dozen probably armed shuttles between her and you
[] 12:42 pm: (and i dont think destruction of property is all that high up there when its under reaver assault)
[Lazarus->] 12:43 pm: for you, you'd roll 2d10, but it is a resisted roll, they can dodge
[Lazarus] 12:43 pm: I repeat ARMED ships
[] 12:44 pm: Having finally regained his composure more or less, James walks over to a window with just one of his two revolvers drawn. Getting in a firing stance, he holds the revolver with both hands. He begins to aim up his shot, waiting until they come within 60 yards. His sky blue eyes staring intently, he speaks to anyone who is listening. "When I fire my eight shots, I need someone to reload while I shoot my other. Bullets are in my bag."
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: Do you chose to run into the saloon or another building?
[] 12:44 pm: well we have a gremlin missile launcher on the ship
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: It's not mounted
[] 12:44 pm: (Missles are always good.)
[] 12:44 pm: Problem is the missile launcher aint mounted nor is it in any location to grab it quickly
[] 12:45 pm: are there any places we notice with people already inside
[] 12:45 pm: The barkeep left right ?
[Lazarus] 12:46 pm: As far as you know the barkeep left
[] 12:47 pm: What about them two playing cards ?
[Lazarus] 12:47 pm: You notice a few brave souls with weapons trying to put together a defense, but having fought reavers yourself, you doubt they will hold, not enough people are visible to hold make the number of reavers you see
[Lazarus] 12:47 pm: You look around those two seem to have vanished
[] 12:47 pm: In general i just want to get the idea if people are running in a spesific direction to a shelter maybe
[Lazarus] 12:47 pm: no set shelter
[] 12:48 pm: Is there an alliance bank here ? ^^
[Lazarus] 12:48 pm: you see some people, mainly individuals, trying to protect homes
[Lazarus] 12:48 pm: not even close
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:48 pm: you about ready?
[Lazarus] 12:49 pm: range 75 yards
[] 12:49 pm: Okay i see two choices really try and gather the people by shouting and directing people to a location so we can mount a defence or sneak away somewhere inside a house and try get around the reavers
[Zeenix] 12:49 pm: I nominate sneaking
[Lazarus] 12:49 pm: On the ship, Boomer gets the ship moving, one the large ship and two of the shuttles turn to intercept
[] 12:50 pm: (Is sneaking any good when our ride off is being attacked?)
[] 12:50 pm: *On coms* Boomer plant the ship smack dabble into the crowd of reavers we gonna make a break for it where you land
[monster87] 12:50 pm: I'm going to do what the captain asks
[monster87] 12:50 pm: guessing that's a pilot action - i'll use some plot points
[Lazarus] 12:51 pm: John roll intuition
[] 12:51 pm: Basically plant the ship on top of the reavers that are running towards us
[] 12:51 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[] 12:51 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (3) = 7

[Zeenix] 12:51 pm: "You are going to SPLATTER the reavers with a space ship?"
[monster87] 12:51 pm: 1d4+1d6+1d6 (3 pp) ok laz?
[Lazarus->] 12:51 pm: You know flying the ship into the middle of three armed ship is suicidal
[Lazarus->] 12:51 pm: as in, TPK suicidal
[] 12:52 pm: ( hehe, nice move Gabel, Reaver roadkill
[Lazarus->] 12:52 pm: alex MIGHT pull of such a move, but boomer with her 2d4 even with all her plot points probably can not
[Lazarus] 12:53 pm: hang on rein
[Lazarus->monster87] 12:53 pm: Did I miss an increase? I have your piloting at d4
[->Lazarus] 12:53 pm: You tell me what options we have then as i dont see getting to the ship possible when you say theres more then 24 reavers blocking our path
[->Lazarus] 12:54 pm: And theres only 1 route to get there far as we know
[->Lazarus] 12:54 pm: We can look for another secret path i guess then
[->Lazarus] 12:54 pm: inside the saloon maybe
[Lazarus->] 12:54 pm: roll int+intiution again
[] 12:54 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[] 12:54 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (5) = 9

[->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: Or we can fight i could use plot points and all of a sudden find some of boomers grenades in my duster that i forgot to take out
[->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: Or something.
[monster87->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: i have d6 on my sheet..
[Lazarus->] 12:55 pm: you can try and rally the defense, you and the ship can run to meet up elsewhere, you can organize a rear guard and lead the others to safety on the ship
[monster87->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: not sure when I did that exactly
[Lazarus->monster87] 12:56 pm: hmm. Ok
[->Lazarus] 12:56 pm: But you said dont move the ship because it would cause TPK
[->Lazarus] 12:56 pm: so meeting up elsewhere would be folly would it not
[->Lazarus] 12:56 pm: I was thinking about rallying the defence
[->Lazarus] 12:56 pm: that was my origional plan as i already mentioned it
[Lazarus->] 12:57 pm: I said don't move the ship into the middle of town where three armed ships can use if for target practice
[Lazarus->] 12:57 pm: if they ship breaks contact, maybe they can mount the gremlin
[->Lazarus] 12:57 pm: Well its hard to get the general notion of where the ships are according to our ship ect
[->Lazarus] 12:57 pm: Okay fine lets do it this way
[->Lazarus] 12:57 pm: I will roleplay it out
[->Lazarus] 12:57 pm: In chat now
[Lazarus] 12:57 pm: On screen, you see a play of emotions on John's face as he makes a critical decision
[Lazarus->monster87] 12:58 pm: how many XP do you show having?
[] 12:58 pm: *On Coms* Boomer get as far away from here as possible we will contact you later get Ian to mount the gremlin we need bigger guns im going to try and see if i cant lead this rabble in a defence stay in contact via coms John out
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:59 pm: Yes
[Lazarus] 12:59 pm: Boomer sheers off just as the big ship fires for the first time
[monster87->Lazarus] 12:59 pm: 6
[Zeenix] 12:59 pm: "WHAT? WE ARE STAYING ON THIS ROCK?"
[Throol] 12:59 pm: Ian heads to the gremlin
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:59 pm: Got everything bought and put on my sheet. Is there anything you can think if that I should not go without?
[Lazarus->monster87] 12:59 pm: ok, we'll go with you having piloting d6 ;-)
[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: It is large, it will take both of you or the external crane to mount Ian
[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: and at least 10 minutes
[Throol] 1:00 pm: Ok guess Ian's heading to the crane
[Lazarus] 1:01 pm: Boomer, piloting +ship's agility +PP if you like
[monster87] 1:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d4+1d6)
[monster87] 1:02 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)+ 1d4 (1)+ 1d6 (2) = 6

[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:02 pm: weapons, armor if you have any, not much else as you can see, you won't be able to carry much with you as you flee the reaver raid
[monster87] 1:02 pm: ill reroll that
[monster87] 1:02 pm: on things go smooth
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm: ok
[monster87] 1:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d4+1d6)
[monster87] 1:02 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d4 (1)+ 1d6 (4) = 11

[] 1:02 pm: Alright you gorram uglies we gonna give you hell you never seen *Shoots into the air* Rally the Defence! *Starts shouting* Rally the defence* Dont hide in your homes now if ya want to live through this!! BUNKER UP IN YOUR HOMES STAY TOGETHER DONT STAY ALONE !
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm: good reroll
[monster87] 1:02 pm: yeah I'm always lucky ;) or at least my char is
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)+ 1d8 (4) = 7

[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:03 pm: I changed my backstory a bit.
[Lazarus] 1:03 pm: The air is riven by an ionic discharge just as Boomer heaves the Fire Angel out of the way
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:03 pm: I figured the reaver thing would not work out.
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:03 pm: since you said i would be crazy
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:04 pm: ok, well if things go bad today, you might just end up with the background you orginally wanted
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:04 pm: we'll have to hope that doesn't happen
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:04 pm: Oh joy.
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: The large ship comes to a stop to let the last of the Reavers rapel
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: but the two shuttles pursue
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:05 pm: If you are ready, I am ready to bring you in
[Lazarus] 1:05 pm: on the ground
[Lazarus] 1:05 pm: John, roll Will+leadership
[] 1:06 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d8)
[] 1:06 pm:

-> 1d10 (5)+ 1d8 (2) = 7

[] 1:06 pm: Can i activate my leadership and use it in the defence of the town ?
[] 1:06 pm: Giving everybody attribute bonuses ?
[Lazarus] 1:06 pm: There is some reaction to the stranger's words, you see several men flip over a wagon and take up firing positions
[Lazarus] 1:06 pm: but you KNOW in your gut, it's not going to hold unless you get more defenders
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: Yes you can Gabel
[] 1:07 pm: Then i do so and continue on down the town to rally the people
[] 1:07 pm: (What's the range now?)
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: two of the shuttles swoop over low
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: and fire
[Lazarus] 1:08 pm: I HIGHLY recommend dodging now
[Lazarus] 1:08 pm: the main mass of reavers is now at 50 yards
[falinxelote] 1:08 pm: I created room "Pirates of the sky"
[Lazarus] 1:08 pm: agility+dodge
[] 1:08 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[] 1:08 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d8 (2) = 3

[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: ak47 has left at 1:08 pm+
[] 1:08 pm: Oh snap
[Lazarus] 1:08 pm: unless you are interested in being harpooned
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:09 pm: ok i will send you my stuff.
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: alex, dandy, and zack
[Zeenix] 1:09 pm: dont have dodge
[] 1:09 pm: I can use pp to negate damage right ?
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: ak47 has left at 1:09 pm+
[] 1:09 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d10)
[] 1:09 pm:

-> 2d10 (5,1 = 6)

[Zeenix] 1:09 pm: so just agility?
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: oh dear, agility+athletics?
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: falinxelote has left at 1:09 pm+
[] 1:09 pm: Btw i tell Zack and the new fellah to take cover and fight back while i try and get more defenders to our cause
[monster87->Lazarus] 1:09 pm: hehe thx
[Zeenix] 1:09 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Zeenix] 1:09 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (2) = 9

[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: Lillith has left at 1:09 pm+
[] 1:09 pm: ( Jesus... dice are hating me as soon as shit actually happens.)
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: ak47 has left at 1:09 pm+
[] 1:10 pm: Mick
[] 1:10 pm: Welcome to my life on these boards
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: Alex?
[] 1:10 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10)
[] 1:10 pm:

-> 1d10 (6)

[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:10 pm: one more question. did the alliance release POWs or did they keep them locked up for a long time
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: ok, alex 1, gabel 2, zack, 3, dandy 4
[] 1:10 pm: (I keep getting 1's 2's '3's no matter what anything important happens i always fail it)
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d4)
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm:

-> 2d4 (3,2 = 5)

[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: gabel and zack,
[] 1:11 pm: I have a feeling im going to be missing my spleen
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: gabel first
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm:

-> 2d8 (2,3 = 5)

[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: could be worse.
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10)
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm:

-> 1d10 (10)

[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: like that
[Zeenix] 1:12 pm: oh god
[] 1:12 pm: Dont worry i have armor obviously going to protect me from that large harpoon
[] 1:12 pm: (So... Captain just died?)
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: ok, John is hit despite his duster. 5 stun and 6 wounds
[] 1:13 pm: Laz
[] 1:13 pm: before you start with your shenanigans cant i use pp ?
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: duster can only convert 4 points to stun
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: ak47 has left at 1:13 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: You may roll pp to reduce damage
[] 1:14 pm: Yeah but i was thinking more in the lines of adding to my dodge roll or changing the situation
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:14 pm: most were released fairly quickly
[] 1:14 pm: Like a man who saves me or something
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: you can add to your dodge, but after the fact, each pp only counts as 1
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: falinxelote has left at 1:14 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: you would need to use 3 to dodge
[] 1:14 pm: then i dodge it
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: kk
[] 1:15 pm: use 3 pp
[] 1:15 pm: (Hey id rather not be impaled thank you very much)
[Lazarus] 1:15 pm: John turns to dodge and trips over his own feet and feels the wind of the lance that would have transfixed him pas over his head
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: "Gorram it, it just doesn't get any closer than that!"
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:16 pm: Ok you got my character
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: at zack
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm:

-> 2d8 (1,3 = 4)

[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:16 pm: I havent been following things much due to working on my character. Will try to wing it till i catch up.
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: WHIFF
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:17 pm: gist is reaver raid, chaos, some guys trying to rally defense
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:17 pm: reaver shuttles roaring over
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: Lillith has left at 1:17 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: the two lances miss, but two more shuttles line up to make their run
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: guys on the ground, roll agility+athletics, dodge if you have it
[Zeenix] 1:18 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Zeenix] 1:18 pm:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d6 (6) = 14

[] 1:19 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d10)
[] 1:19 pm:

-> 2d10 (4,9 = 13)

[] 1:19 pm: i really have that creeping feeling right now
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:19 pm: fun.
[Zeenix] 1:19 pm: (Im a ninja a ninja)
[] 1:19 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[] 1:19 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d8 (4) = 9

[] 1:19 pm: OH yeah im tap dancing through harpoons THAT ALL YOU GOT REAVERS !
[] 1:20 pm: ( 2 plot pts added..)
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: ak47 has left at 1:20 pm+
[] 1:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d6+d4)
[] 1:20 pm:

-> 1d10 (2)+ 1d6 (6)+ 1d4 (4) = 12

[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: Lillith has left at 1:20 pm+
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: falinxelote has left at 1:20 pm+
[] 1:21 pm: Wait
[] 1:21 pm: Shit
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d4)
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm:

-> 2d4 (3,3 = 6)

[] 1:21 pm: Laz
[] 1:21 pm: We are forgetting stuff
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: zack seems to have pissed them off
[] 1:21 pm: My leadership should count for this encounter right ?
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8;2d8)
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm:

-> 2d8 (2,3 = 5)

-> 2d8 (3,1 = 4)

[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: but they miss miserable
[] 1:22 pm: can i reroll my dodge to see if i dont have to use pp ?
[Lazarus] 1:22 pm: not to every possible roll. I'll give you guns and discipline
[] 1:22 pm: okay
[Lazarus] 1:22 pm: Meanwhile on the Fire Angel...
[] 1:22 pm: Fine with me.
[] 1:22 pm: The 'Dandy' just laughs at the absurdity of abnormally large projectiles flying all around. He might not be built for taking a hit, but he sure as hell was built for avoiding them. Besides, would you rather take a hit and be fine, or just not get hit at all? Exactly.
[Lazarus] 1:22 pm: boomer, time to roll piloting again
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:23 pm: next time scene shifts to ground, you can jump in
[Zeenix] 1:23 pm: (im gonna slip out for 5mins for a really quick shower
[->Lazarus] 1:23 pm: Tell me when I finally get to shoot shit. Lol
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:23 pm: do you introduce me or do I just do stuff
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: Ludo the Scoundrel has left at 1:26 pm+
[monster87] 1:26 pm: (is it still a hard roll?)
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:26 pm: figure this is your home, so up to you how you want to help defend it
[Zeenix] 1:27 pm: (3mins i Lied)
[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: it is a resisted roll boomer
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:27 pm: Ok, we play till three right?
[monster87] 1:27 pm: well ill roll with 2 pp then
[monster87] 1:27 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d4+1d6+1d4)
[monster87] 1:27 pm:

-> 1d4 (1)+ 1d6 (3)+ 1d4 (2) = 6

[monster87] 1:27 pm: damn again, reroll
[monster87] 1:27 pm: last one
[monster87] 1:27 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d4+1d6+1d4)
[monster87] 1:27 pm:

-> 1d4 (2)+ 1d6 (4)+ 1d4 (1) = 7

[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:27 pm: another 30 minutes
[monster87] 1:27 pm: ..
[monster87] 1:27 pm: lets hope its enough
[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8;2d8)
[Lazarus] 1:27 pm:

-> 2d8 (1,1 = 2)

-> 2d8 (5,2 = 7)

[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:28 pm: Cuz my husband is starting to pace. I am on his computer till he gets mine fixed. Then i can play till whenever. lol
[Lazarus] 1:28 pm: one shuttle seems to have some sort of malfunction
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:28 pm: we will be wrapping soon
[monster87] 1:28 pm: hehe nice
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:28 pm: Ok so i will start rolling stuff then.
[Lazarus] 1:28 pm: the second one will hit unless you use a plot point
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:29 pm: You can post your entrance to the battlefield, after my next post
[monster87] 1:29 pm: i use my last one
[Lazarus] 1:29 pm: kk
[Lazarus] 1:29 pm: onthe ground...
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm: the shuttle climb and bank away, two turning to come around. the other two flaring to land...
[redwolffclaw] 1:30 pm: (Are the reavers on top of us or a ways away?)
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm: the main body of reavers is now 35 yards away
[] 1:30 pm: (Hah! In range!)
[redwolffclaw] 1:30 pm: I draw my pistol and start firing.
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: the ragged defensive line only consists of about a dozen men and women with pistols and rifles
[redwolffclaw] 1:31 pm: 1d6+1d6
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: but the two shutle landing behind you will leave you out flanked
[redwolffclaw] 1:31 pm: how do you roll dice?
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: the command is /roll red
[redwolffclaw] 1:31 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6)
[redwolffclaw] 1:31 pm:

-> 1d6 (4)+ 1d6 (4) = 8

[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: however,hang on
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: I should have made this clear before now, but here is the deal...
[->Lazarus] 1:32 pm: 35 yards is still the same penalty as 45, right?
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: the range for pistols and shotguns in the book is crazy wrong
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: a pistol is not 100 feet and shot gun is not 10
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: both are 30
[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: that's feet or ten yards
[] 1:33 pm: Even Heavy pistols ?
[redwolffclaw] 1:33 pm: (oh, I wait till they are in range then)
[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: you can fire furhter, but you take a penalty to skill
[] 1:33 pm: So when my Heavy pistol says 120 range what is it exactly ?
[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: heavy pistols are 15 yards or 45
[] 1:33 pm: ok
[->Lazarus] 1:34 pm: The hell is a Heavy Pistol?
[] 1:34 pm: Can i rally more defenders ?
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: each range band after the first is a one step penalty to skill
[] 1:34 pm: (Hold up.. Heavy Pistol?)
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: so at 35 yards, even for a pistol you are normally at a 2 step penalty
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: Gabel's leadership is however negating that
[redwolffclaw] 1:35 pm: (ok so i can fire?)
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: however, for a standard pistol 35 yard is still at -1 skill step
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: red, you can fire, but you would do so at d6=d4
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: d6+d4
[redwolffclaw] 1:35 pm: (that is fine. will need help with calculating damage. Was never good at that.)
[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: ok
[redwolffclaw] 1:36 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d4)
[redwolffclaw] 1:36 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d4 (1) = 6

[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: everyone on the ground with a standard pistol, unknown woman, alex, and zack can fire at -1 step skill
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: john and dandy can fire at normal skill
[Zeenix] 1:37 pm: alright
[] 1:37 pm: (Tell me when you'd like to take my turn, I have a bit of rolling to do.)
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: let alex and zack fire
[] 1:37 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8)
[] 1:37 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)

[Lazarus->] 1:38 pm: it's in spaceships and six shooters
[Zeenix] 1:38 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[Zeenix] 1:38 pm:

-> 1d6 (4)+ 1d6 (2) = 6

[Lazarus] 1:38 pm: star, agility+guns
[Zeenix] 1:38 pm: right? since normally it would be d6+d8
[] 1:38 pm: Im still trying to rally people around and direct traffic (Basically showing people where to focus fire to gather up and take cover ect)
[Lazarus] 1:38 pm: right Z
[->Lazarus] 1:38 pm: Ah, shit I don't have. Lol
[Zeenix] 1:38 pm: oh? so its Agi+Guns+pistol?
[] 1:38 pm: And if i can fire while doing that i will
[Lazarus] 1:38 pm: ok, JOhn you roll will+leadership
[] 1:39 pm: (k reroll, then?
[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: just two dice Z
[->Lazarus] 1:39 pm: Probably couldn't have afforded them anyway. Hah
[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: agility+Pistols if you have that, alex only rolled one die
[] 1:39 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d12)
[] 1:39 pm:

-> 1d10 (2)+ 1d12 (11) = 13

[] 1:39 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d8)
[] 1:39 pm:

-> 1d10 (7)+ 1d8 (7) = 14

[Zeenix] 1:39 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Zeenix] 1:39 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (6) = 7

[] 1:39 pm: (normall d10 in pistols
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d4;d8+d4;d8+d4)
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d4 (1) = 6

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d4 (4) = 10

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d4 (4) = 8

[] 1:40 pm: Rally to me ! My ships got a gremlin ready to punch holes through them reavers we just need to mount it first RALLY UP DO NOT let them flank us !
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: ok, the one zack fired at dodged
[] 1:41 pm: Take cover *Points at locations around the general vicinity where he is leading the troops*
[redwolffclaw] 1:41 pm: (I rally up)
[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: red and alex roll a d6
[redwolffclaw] 1:41 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6)
[redwolffclaw] 1:41 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)

[] 1:41 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[] 1:41 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)

[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: Go ahead and do your thing Mick
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: Both red and alex score decent hits, but the ravening pack of reavers doesn't slow
[] 1:43 pm: James quickly brings up his aim to one of the Reaver's heads, squeezing the trigger, moving over to another head, squeezing the trigger, repeating two more times, all shots expertly aimed at their heads. Him with a pistol looks much like a fish in water. Simply natural.
[] 1:43 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d12)
[] 1:43 pm:

-> 1d10 (10)+ 1d12 (9) = 19

[] 1:43 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d10)
[] 1:43 pm:

-> 1d10 (9)+ 1d10 (9) = 18

[] 1:43 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d8)
[] 1:43 pm:

-> 1d10 (1)+ 1d8 (1) = 2

[] 1:43 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d6)
[] 1:43 pm:

-> 1d10 (10)+ 1d6 (2) = 12

[] 1:44 pm: ( And about that fumble or whatnot.. can I use PP to change it so it's just a miss and not fuck up my gun or something?)
[Lazarus->] 1:45 pm: unfortunately, you didn't cont the two step skill penalty for a shot to the head. AND you can only take three actions in a round
[->Lazarus] 1:45 pm: I did count that.
[Lazarus] 1:45 pm: Only time you can reroll a fumble is with things go smooth major
[->Lazarus] 1:45 pm: 1d10+1d12+1d4....+d4 from Leadership.
[->Lazarus] 1:45 pm: -d4 for range, -d4 for headshot.
[Lazarus->] 1:45 pm: -d4 for range
[->Lazarus] 1:45 pm: Leaves me at 1d10+1d12
[Lazarus->] 1:45 pm: ah ok, sorry
[] 1:46 pm: (Ah, I can't use PP to raise the 1 to a 2? Lol)
[->Lazarus] 1:46 pm: I drew out a chart on paper and everything to make sure, hah.
[Lazarus->] 1:47 pm: however, you still can only make three attacks
[Lazarus->] 1:47 pm: too bad fumble wasn't 4th roll
[->Lazarus] 1:47 pm: Ah... shit, that's right. Limits of my gun.
[->Lazarus] 1:47 pm: Fuck, forgot about that. Lol
[->Lazarus] 1:47 pm: So no, my plot points can't change the 1 into a 2?
[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: the dandy apparently can shoot as two reaver's heads explode, only to be trampled by the rest of the pack
[Lazarus->] 1:48 pm: not without things go smooth
[->Lazarus] 1:48 pm: O
[->Lazarus] 1:48 pm: I can shoot 4 times.
[->Lazarus] 1:48 pm: I have two revolvers.
[->Lazarus] 1:48 pm: 3 shots each.
[->Lazarus] 1:48 pm: Knew there was a reason why I wrote my chart out to 6 shots. Haha
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: however as he squeezes off the 3rd shot, the round proves to be a dud
[Lazarus->] 1:48 pm: and you can still only take three actions in a round
[->Lazarus] 1:49 pm: Oh, GM rule?
[Lazarus->] 1:49 pm: game rule
[Lazarus->] 1:49 pm: Page 150 Multiple actions
[->Lazarus] 1:49 pm: Where? Not disputing, just haven't seen it.
[Lazarus] 1:50 pm: As the first wave of shots from the defenders ring out, the fusilade is almost drowned out by the scream of the two shuttles hovering no more than 25 yards behind you and figures begin to leap to the ground
[->Lazarus] 1:50 pm: That's where I was looking. It doesn't say limit of three.
[Lazarus] 1:50 pm: a couple other reavers stagger as shots from the town folk ring out, but nothing seems to stop them
[Lazarus->] 1:51 pm: ok, sorry, but in BSG they limited it to three. it is not physically possible to take six aimed shots in three seconds, the length of a combat round
[] 1:51 pm: (Btw laz can i shoot this round as well ? )
[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: The ragged defenders ae surrounded!
[->Lazarus] 1:52 pm: I was just making sure I wasn't just super ignorant. I was scouring the book to try to find where it said three, haha.
[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: FADE TO BLACK
[redwolffclaw] 1:52 pm: (I am gonna shoot until they are close enough to pound the crap out of)
[->Lazarus] 1:52 pm: This is my only time playing Cortex, so I don't know about BSG rules to compare them to or anything.
[Zeenix] 1:52 pm: I knew it
[Lazarus->] 1:52 pm: np prob, fair question
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: ZetaKai has left at 1:53 pm+
[Lazarus->] 1:53 pm: they do mention something about GM's call on number of actions. As we are done, I'll look for it once we've wrapped
[Lazarus] 1:53 pm: Yeah, I know Z, I suck
[] 1:53 pm: I can just imagine myself with a cutlass and a navy hat pointing to where the cannons are supposed to be hitting right about now
[->Lazarus] 1:53 pm: Yes, it's in there. That's why I asked if it was a GM Rule.
[] 1:53 pm: Shoot thar yar landlubbers !
[Zeenix] 1:54 pm: Too many reavers
[redwolffclaw] 1:54 pm: Well. It will be fun to die along with you guys next time.
[Lazarus] 1:54 pm: More like Custer at the Little Big Horn Gabel
[Zeenix] 1:54 pm: should have sneaked away
[->Lazarus] 1:54 pm: So then my dual revolvers aren't very useful?
[] 1:54 pm: Hey custer went in to slaughter people im trying to save people
[] 1:54 pm: big difference
[redwolffclaw] 1:54 pm: reavers are people too
[Zeenix] 1:54 pm: people will die
[Lazarus->] 1:54 pm: ok, there were very minor changes between the two editions, clarifying actions in combat was one
[Lazarus->] 1:55 pm: you have longer before you need to reload
[] 1:55 pm: If its trying to eat your face i would call it more of a beast of nature then anything else just less sophisticated then we are
[redwolffclaw] 1:55 pm: well let me rephrase... Reavers WERE people too
[->Lazarus] 1:55 pm: Alright, so then two pistols doesn't equal being able to shoot 6 times then. Lol
[Lazarus] 1:55 pm: Sometimes the good guys lose
[] 1:55 pm: Well i did roll a 13 on my roll to rally more people to the defence
[Lazarus] 1:55 pm: See: Hastings, Battle of
[] 1:56 pm: No such thing as good guys in war anyway
[Lazarus->] 1:56 pm: nice try though
[] 1:56 pm: I spent more time making my character than I spent playing him.
[redwolffclaw] 1:56 pm: It all depends on who the victor is.
[] 1:56 pm: The winner writes the history.
[Lazarus] 1:56 pm: I beg to differ, the Allies were certainly better than the Nazis
[->Lazarus] 1:56 pm: Eh, I just read the book.. it said as long as it doesn't drop below d2, fire away.
[] 1:56 pm: If the nazis had taken over would you be saying that now ?
[Lazarus] 1:56 pm: rare for things to be that clear cut, but that is an example of good guys and bad guys
[redwolffclaw] 1:56 pm: .... did you know what the russians did to the jewish POWs?
[] 1:57 pm: Doubt we would have much knowledge other then the propaganda that was spewed
[redwolffclaw] 1:57 pm: Like I said, history is written by the winners.
[Lazarus] 1:57 pm: If Washington had screwed the pooch, I'd be singing God Save the Queen.
[->Lazarus] 1:57 pm: But alright.
[->Lazarus] 1:57 pm: I'll keep that in mind then.
[Lazarus] 1:57 pm: However, if you look at the ideologies, Nazism is clearly a Bad philosphy
[Zeenix] 1:57 pm: besides how much a normal german soldier on the frontlines cared about what the nazi party thought
[redwolffclaw] 1:58 pm: Yeah.
[Lazarus] 1:58 pm: more than you might think. The HIlter Youth movement started brainwashing early
[] 1:58 pm: So.. only pink, blue, and red live? Lol
[Zeenix] 1:58 pm: Politicians on the german side were mostly rotten, but that doesnt make it a battle of good guys vs. the nad guys
[] 1:59 pm: Goebbels took care of that for sure
[Lazarus] 1:59 pm: and if you look at the two sides allies versus axis, the differences between the two are stark
[redwolffclaw] 1:59 pm: You should read a book called "The Wave"
[Lazarus] 1:59 pm: the allies were no virgins mind you, but they weren't stuffing people inovens either
[] 1:59 pm: biobreak, brb
[] 1:59 pm: Yeah but there was alot of politics involved in ww2 just look at the finnish they had to ally with the germans to stave off the russians
[redwolffclaw] 1:59 pm: nope they were just stuffing people.... :P
[redwolffclaw] 2:00 pm: read some stories by jewish camp survivors... not pretty.
[Zeenix] 2:00 pm: Not every german was involved in the holocaust...
[monster87->Lazarus] 2:00 pm: did we get advancement points yet?
[Lazarus] 2:00 pm: I agree gabel, the russians were as bad or worse than hitler
[redwolffclaw] 2:00 pm: I have to get going guys. Have a good evening! Was nice getting surrounded with you guys.
[Lazarus] 2:00 pm: however, you ae not going to tell me you are going to try and defend Nazism?
[Lazarus->monster87] 2:01 pm: not yet, hang on
[] 2:01 pm: Im not defending anything
[Lazarus] 2:01 pm: In any case, I will reset all plot points to the standard 6
[] 2:01 pm: Nazism was another part of a large aspect of things that happened
[] 2:01 pm: :)
[Lazarus] 2:01 pm: and in the case of ww2, clearly the 'bad' side
[redwolffclaw] 2:01 pm: Guys, I did a holocaust past and present for a college course. It was WAY more complicated than most people think.
[Lazarus] 2:02 pm: the allies, let's say werre the lesser of two evils
[->Lazarus] 2:02 pm: What if I FAN the revolver? Haha
[redwolffclaw] 2:02 pm: Most didnt know, didnt believe, or ignored what happened because it didnt "involve" them.
[Lazarus] 2:02 pm: not to despute, but extermination of people because you don't like them is pretty clear cut wrong regardless of why you hate them
[Lazarus] 2:03 pm: I will also hand out 3 XP for the session
[] 2:03 pm: 3 exp? nice
[Zeenix] 2:03 pm: what do i get with 30 xp
[Lazarus->] 2:03 pm: you'd take a hard penalty and no aimed shots
[Lazarus] 2:03 pm: Egg Roll
[redwolffclaw] 2:03 pm: Kind of like the saying, They came for the jews and I did nothing because I was not a jew. They came for the homosexuals because and i did nothing because I was not gay. They came for the crippled, and I did not say anything because I was not crippled. Then they came for me, and no one was left to speak out for me.
[->Lazarus] 2:04 pm: Ah
[Lazarus] 2:04 pm: Aye red, I've seen that quote before
[Zeenix] 2:04 pm: Not a good deal
[->Lazarus] 2:04 pm: I submit into evidence Exhibit A... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jlRXp4XJas
[->Lazarus] 2:04 pm: At 55 seconds. Haha
[Lazarus] 2:04 pm: All evil needs to triuph is for good people to do nothing
[Throol] 2:04 pm: kk so I'm up to 16 xp
[->Lazarus] 2:04 pm: Yes.. now I am just making up shit.
[redwolffclaw] 2:04 pm: Ok really going now. Bye byes.
[Zeenix] 2:04 pm: bye
[monster87] 2:04 pm: ok I'm going. See ya guys
[] 2:04 pm: Cya next week red
[] 2:04 pm: cya rein
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: redwolffclaw has left at 2:04 pm+
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: monster87 has left at 2:04 pm+
[Lazarus] 2:04 pm: later guys
[] 2:04 pm: anyway laz excellent session as always
[Lazarus] 2:04 pm: woosh
[] 2:05 pm: Thanks alot
[Throol] 2:05 pm: cya
[Zeenix] 2:05 pm: Thanks laz
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: Throol has left at 2:05 pm+
[Lazarus] 2:05 pm: you are welcome, I just hope I can get you out of it
[] 2:05 pm: Be gentle
[] 2:05 pm: lol
[Lazarus] 2:05 pm: Reavers don't do lovin' gentle
[] 2:05 pm: Course they do
[] 2:06 pm: I spray them with powerpuff power all that hate go away !
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: "Rape you to death, eat your flesh, sew skin into their clothes" MAYBE in that order
[Zeenix] 2:06 pm: You know they kill you skin you rape you hopfully in that order yadda yadda yaa
[] 2:06 pm: same bat-time, same bat-channel next week?
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: you bet
[] 2:06 pm: Fine if they are going to do that im going to make sure the only thing left of me is my asschaps
[->Lazarus] 2:06 pm: Exhibit B... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLk1v5bSFPw&feature=related
[Zeenix] 2:06 pm: Everyone show up
[] 2:06 pm: cool, thx for another great game
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: Anyway, Z, with 30 XP, you can buy a lot of things
[->Lazarus] 2:06 pm: Exhibit C.... I'm awesome, so clearly I am like that.
[->Lazarus] 2:06 pm: Haha
[Serenity from the Ashes Session 16: Rebellion!]: has left at 2:06 pm+
[Lazarus] 2:07 pm: you can take an new trait, you can increase a stat, or raise current, or take new skills
[Zeenix] 2:07 pm: I was thinking of upping my Knowledge from d4 to d6
[Lazarus] 2:07 pm: that would cost you 6
[Zeenix] 2:07 pm: how much izzat
[Zeenix] 2:07 pm: that little
[Zeenix] 2:07 pm: huh
[] 2:07 pm: So 3xp?
[] 2:07 pm: 3 exp this session mick
[] 2:08 pm: :)
[Lazarus] 2:08 pm: yes Mick
[Lazarus] 2:08 pm: kinda thin this time
[] 2:08 pm: O
[] 2:08 pm: Save the log