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[Lazarus] 9:47 am: Welcome to P&PG Chat.
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[->Lazarus] 9:53 am: Hey laz you get my last email ?
[Lazarus] 9:54 am: I created room "Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different"
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[] 9:54 am: Good, not a fan of religious debates.. let alone online.
[Lazarus->] 9:54 am: yes they are there, but they weren't when I first checked that account so I have not read them yet
[] 9:54 am: There was a religious debate and i was not informed ?
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[Lazarus] 9:56 am: hello everyone
[Lazarus->] 9:57 am: reading now
[Lazarus] 9:57 am: Anyone have some unfinished stuff to discuss?
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[] 9:57 am: Already taking it up with you now before we start the game so im good.
[Lazarus] 9:59 am: ok
[Throol] 9:59 am: I'm going to try to keep going, see how it goes
[Lazarus] 10:00 am: That's awesome Jon
[Lazarus->] 10:01 am: one thing, you don't buy complications, those are gifts from me
[Lazarus->] 10:01 am: you want to buy good name you can
[Throol] 10:01 am: Sorry for the waffling, I just have a hard time when the world gets really dark
[->Lazarus] 10:01 am: Ahh well then forget about Credo
[] 10:02 am: You need to remember that it might get dark again Throol
[] 10:02 am: Cant stop that from happening in the game if your really ready to come back you need to come to terms that the game has both good and bad.
[Lazarus] 10:02 am: I understand, but the 'Verse is a dark place. especially in the era this campaign is set
[Lazarus] 10:03 am: you have the blowback from the miranda broadcast causing all sorts of upheaval
[] 10:03 am: I'm suprised Zeenix hasn't been here for awhile.
[Lazarus] 10:03 am: The first few adventures were to get you all used to the ssytem and build some XP
[Lazarus] 10:04 am: now your actions to this point are elements of the larger elements of the rebellion
[Lazarus] 10:04 am: If I am remembering right, he might be late. If I am not remembering right, it is unusual for him to be late
[Lazarus] 10:04 am: same for star
[->Lazarus] 10:05 am: Well then i want to get Allure and Good Name
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: I sent out the reminder
[->Lazarus] 10:05 am: 20 points
[Throol] 10:05 am: Back in a bit, have to take the dog out
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: l
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: kk
[Lazarus->] 10:05 am: ok
[->Lazarus] 10:06 am: And pick up a D2 in performance
[->Lazarus] 10:06 am: Been practicing on my guitar on my offtime
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:08 am: Hey there. Can i get an invite in?
[Lazarus->] 10:08 am: ok
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:08 am: ok
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[redwolffclaw] 10:08 am: Hi guys.
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: hey red
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[->Lazarus] 10:08 am: Well then thats sorted
[redwolffclaw] 10:09 am: What did I miss last time? Did we all become reaver lunch?
[] 10:09 am: Top of the evening to ya
[] 10:09 am: You did
[] 10:09 am: I threw you out as bait
[] 10:09 am: No, not everyone.. just you. Gabel decided to use you as a way to give us enough time to book it.
[redwolffclaw] 10:09 am: Darn. You just did it so you can keep my cool sword
[] 10:09 am: Yeah obviously we had to pilfer your body first
[] 10:10 am: See imagine if the captain was like that laz.
[] 10:10 am: a Right mean bugger.
[] 10:10 am: That's just a given.
[Lazarus] 10:10 am: Actually, you wake up in a makeshift infrimary red, you feel a bit tired, but other than that, you feel fine
[] 10:11 am: Damnit
[] 10:11 am: Stop spoiling our fun :p
[] 10:11 am: Hell, that's feeling better than I would expect from anyone left alone unconscious with Zeenix.
[] 10:11 am: Lol
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[starjunky] 10:13 am: (sry I'm late
[redwolffclaw] 10:13 am: Well i would make sure they didnt take my sword anyway.....;)
[Lazarus] 10:13 am: no worries star
[redwolffclaw] 10:14 am: So am I like the only chick playing this game?
[Lazarus] 10:14 am: Well if she was left unconscious with Zeenix...maybe, but with Zack, she's fine
[Throol] 10:14 am: back. Based on what Gabel said, maybe I'd better stay in spectator mode until I'm sure this is gonna work
[Lazarus] 10:14 am: Boomer is a girl
[redwolffclaw] 10:14 am: Ah
[] 10:15 am: How reliable sounding.
[] 10:16 am: Well Throol im sure there will be more reavers down the road im just saying you should be prepared for the bad as well as the good thats all m8
[Lazarus] 10:17 am: pretty much. The 'Verse is in upheaval, along the trip to Beaumonde, you hear of sporatic fighting in the Georgia system
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: monster87 has entered at 10:17 am+
[monster87] 10:17 am: hi
[Lazarus] 10:18 am: the Alliance navy, already stretched thin because of what happened in the Burnham Quadrant was caught off guard
[Lazarus] 10:18 am: hey Rein
[Lazarus] 10:19 am: Several planets in the Georgia system have declared independence and the Alliance seems to be stuck in reaction mode
[Lazarus] 10:20 am: in short the 'Verse is going to hell in a handbasket
[redwolffclaw] 10:21 am: wonderful
[Lazarus] 10:21 am: "Aside from that Mrs Lincoln, what did you think of the play?"
[redwolffclaw] 10:22 am: lol
[Lazarus] 10:23 am: You are however nearing Beaumonde in the Kaladasa system
[redwolffclaw] 10:23 am: So am I able to get up and walk around? I wanna get a feel for my surroundings
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: you were a bit sluggish the first day
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: but the trip was 12 days
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: you are fine
[->Lazarus] 10:24 am: Btw as for Laura was that part okay ?
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: Boomer will be glad to do some find tuning on the hard burn has been hard on the ship
[monster87] 10:25 am: (working hard as usual xD)
[] 10:25 am: John's Been practicing on his Guitar the entire trip.
[Lazarus] 10:25 am: the 12 days of hard burn has been hard
[Lazarus->] 10:25 am: I'd have to read it again
[starjunky] 10:26 am: Alex attempts to help Boomer without slowing her down
[->Lazarus] 10:26 am: Kk non important for this session anyway
[redwolffclaw] 10:26 am: (I do some katas and get to know everyone to pass the time)
[redwolffclaw] 10:26 am: (Anything I should know about anyone?)
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: Fortunately, thanks to Killian paying a bonus for the trip, you will be making some 800 credits for the trip
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: There are five people in the crew
[Lazarus] 10:28 am: captain, first officer, doctor, pilot, and mechanic
[monster87->Lazarus] 10:28 am: who was giving me hand-to-hand training?
[->Lazarus] 10:28 am: Oh, don't forget once we're in range, I wanted to Streetwise it up to find some work for the ship to help pay for me.
[starjunky] 10:28 am: (by the way, we've Chinook winds in my area, may lose power/Internet at any time
[redwolffclaw] 10:28 am: (I am trying to get everyone's character names down. So far I got boomer, alex and john
[Lazarus] 10:28 am: there are four male passengers
[Lazarus] 10:28 am: ok star
[Lazarus] 10:28 am: hang in there, we had them last night
[Lazarus->] 10:29 am: right
[Lazarus->monster87] 10:29 am: the woman, I'm not sure if anyone has spoken to her yet
[Throol] 10:29 am: you had the four male passengers last night? O_o
[monster87->Lazarus] 10:29 am: (a pc?)
[monster87->Lazarus] 10:30 am: not the one doing katana?
[] 10:30 am: A little stringy, but not all bad.
[starjunky] 10:30 am: ( lol
[Lazarus] 10:30 am: zack and ian are the crew
[] 10:31 am: (Although you technically sent ian off last session)
[Lazarus] 10:31 am: the passengers are Harvey Killian. Ray Jones. Deng Shihao, and Silas Greely
[Lazarus] 10:31 am: (Yeah, I did as I thought he was done)
[Lazarus->monster87] 10:31 am: yeah, that's her, she's the only other woman on the ship
[Throol] 10:32 am: (its ok, I'll spectate this time, can always bring in another, I love making toons)
[Lazarus->monster87] 10:32 am: she was hit my reaver darts
[Throol] 10:32 am: (Ian realistically WOULD be joining the resistance)
[monster87] 10:32 am: If I see the woman doing katana I walk over to her
[Throol] 10:32 am: (plus that cleanly takes care of that imbalance issue)
[Lazarus->] 10:33 am: you can roll int+streetwise, but your allure and stuff won't help you make a cold call deal via a wave
[->Lazarus] 10:33 am: Yea
[redwolffclaw] 10:33 am: (I never really learned what everyone looked like, or is that not really an important thing)
[] 10:33 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d10)
[] 10:33 am:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d10 (6) = 7

[->Lazarus] 10:33 am: Oh wow, weak. Hah
[monster87] 10:34 am: (@redwolfclaw) we can do introductions as we meet you. Can I find you doing katana somewhere in these 12 days?
[Lazarus] 10:34 am: oh I forgot, the last passenger is James Take. stike Silas
[] 10:34 am: How can you forget me?
[] 10:34 am: Heh
[] 10:34 am: During the trip you can most likely hear a tune or two comming from the captains room
[redwolffclaw] 10:35 am: (Yes, I would be doing some katas at some point)
[Lazarus] 10:35 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 10:35 am:

-> 1d6 (2)

[Lazarus->] 10:35 am: you make a few calls and make initial contact with a go between. named Marko Platz
[monster87] 10:36 am: well I walk in on that, quietly observing you. If you look back you see a small asian woman in smeared baggy clothes. You've seen her around the ship a few times, usually busy with machinery. On supper you've heard her talk, mostly smiling and bringing humor and joy to the table. She's cooked a few of the meals, all to great success. She now looks at you with eyes shining.
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:36 am: roll alertness+perception
[] 10:37 am: Btw a discription of John.
[monster87] 10:37 am: (I forget to mention she's pretty young, just 20 or so)
[] 10:37 am: You see a man of average height and above average muscular mass wearing a slouched wide brimmed cowboy hat and a pair of dusty ol sunglasses that are sitting on top of said hat. The man has blue eyes and medium shoulder length brown hair with white trims here and there he has a scar on his right cheek followed by a short rough boxed beard done in a Vandyke fashion which also has some white showing.
[] 10:37 am: The man has roguish charm to him but a stern look on his face like he can peer right through your soul if he had to. The man is wearing a large grey duster coat over his white cotton shirt and black vest a rather ordinary looking belt buckle keeps his black pants from falling down to his rather nice looking polished black boots. A keen eye can see on his right hip is a holster for a rather large pistol sitting snugly under his duster.
[] 10:39 am: This is roughly what he looks like http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/31/10597-jimraynor_badass_large.jpg
[] 10:39 am: There now you have a Discription and put a face to his name.
[Lazarus->] 10:39 am: I must remind you as you made the roll last session. that Marko Platz fellow you crossed lives on Beaumonde
[->Lazarus] 10:40 am: I know i also spent 3 plot points to cover our arrival
[starjunky] 10:40 am: ( the pilot Alex 'Ace' is tall, thin and lanky. Reeks of tobacco. Not a big talker
[redwolffclaw] 10:41 am: Jo is a muscular woman with short brown hair and brown eyes. Her left side is covered in burn scars. She looks to be in her late 20s. She wears combat gear and has two pistols and two large knives in sheiths on her side next to a long katana sheith.
[Lazarus] 10:41 am: I know boomer works with jo during the flight. Does anyone else have anything important they want to do before arrival?
[Lazarus->] 10:41 am: ok
[redwolffclaw] 10:42 am: You can see she uses both hands equally in combat.
[] 10:42 am: Well, short of what I told you, I will just generally socialize with the other passengers. Making friends/contacts and the like.
[->Lazarus] 10:42 am: But that was all in private chat last time im guessing that dont get saved with chatlog
[monster87] 10:42 am: "Hi there, didn't know you were into the martial arts"
[->Lazarus] 10:42 am: Or better yet you said 3 plot points should cover it so thats what i did :)
[redwolffclaw] 10:43 am: If I see boomer watching me I formerly introduce myself. "Hello," Reaches her hand out "Name's Jo."
[] 10:43 am: John is also a handsome man by default he has a roguish charm about him. (There now im done)
[] 10:43 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d2)
[] 10:43 am:

-> 1d10 (9)+ 1d2 (2) = 11

[] 10:43 am: That me playing the guitar btw Laz.
[Lazarus->] 10:43 am: actually open PM windows DO get saved
[] 10:43 am: Okay, get ready for this wall. Lol
[Lazarus->] 10:43 am: I've had to edit some our conversations out of the logs I've posted to spare feelings
[] 10:43 am: Standing at 6'1, and a lean 160lbs, James is by no means a physically imposing individual. He is, however, a very well dressed and cleanly one. His typical outfit consists of leather boots which are the only piece of his outfit to actually show any quantity of dirt on them, tailored black pants that are held up by a pair of suspenders that fit over a white dress shirt and under a pinstriped vest. His facial hair is neatly trimmed into a mustache and a patch underneath his lip. Brown cheek bone
[] 10:44 am: length hair is swept back and held there by a dark cowboy hat which shadows a pair of alert and strikingly blue eyes that might remind one of a clear blue sky, making them hard to forget. His skin is slightly tanned like any who was born and spends most of their time on rim planets rather than space stations. Around his waist, hung at a slight cocked angle is a brown leather pistol belt studded with rounds being held in small loops as well as holsters for two well maintained and shined
[] 10:44 am: revolvers which sit in there casually, belying their true deadliness. A small, almost perpetual smirk dances across his face, occasionally increasing to show a flash of straight white teeth. His facial features in general are certainly pleasing to look at, but it's not entirely physical that explains his attraction, but the way he carries himself with a swagger in his step that just overflows with confidence.
[redwolffclaw] 10:44 am: "Yes, i have had some fair schooling in it."
[] 10:44 am: (Couldn't find a photo that represented his looks, but have one that fits his clothing style. http://www-movieline-com.vimg.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/bunraku_7.jpg-thumb-630x418-39292.jpg )
[Lazarus] 10:44 am: Well, you've certainly mastered Twinkle twinkle little star
[monster87] 10:46 am: "Wow, I've always found it amazing. People who can do that, I mean."
[monster87] 10:47 am: "Can you teach me some? But I'd like to start without any weapons.. I don't really like those. But to simply defend myself unarmed is a skill I think I might need more and more often."
[->Lazarus] 10:47 am: Ah well then it should be there somewhere
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:47 am: Hello
[redwolffclaw] 10:47 am: "In a way it is like memorizing a dance. You just put more power behind the movements ;)
[Lazarus->] 10:47 am: I remember the plot points
[Lazarus->] 10:49 am: hang on....I just double checked...you contact is on Athens, you are flying to Beaumonde
[monster87] 10:49 am: "Sounds fun"
[Lazarus->] 10:49 am: so you have those three plot points back, which will be converted to 3 XP
[->Lazarus] 10:49 am: Okay that just sets back everything including my exp and all that
[redwolffclaw] 10:49 am: (I start by teaching her blocks)
[Lazarus] 10:50 am: ok, anyone else up to anything during the flight?
[] 10:50 am: Im going to check on our new members
[] 10:50 am: Just making friends/contacts with the other passengers.
[] 10:51 am: Just for introductions sake and maybe learn something about them using coversation.
[Lazarus->] 10:51 am: not really. you spent 20 on assets and 2 on performance you in fact had 25 XP and you spend 22 of them
[redwolffclaw] 10:51 am: I will go out of my way to tell James thank you for saving me
[Lazarus] 10:51 am: you have 12 days to more than make acquaintance
[->Lazarus] 10:52 am: I know but knowing your total changes how you think about spending them in the end
[monster87] 10:52 am: (me and Jo spent multiple days on learning Boomer self-defence skills and Jo discovers Boomer is a very quick learner and devout student)
[->Lazarus] 10:52 am: I might not have gotten performance and instead saved for another d8 or d10
[->Lazarus] 10:52 am: But nm i saved it i got 3 exp now.
[Lazarus->] 10:53 am: ok
[Lazarus] 10:53 am: ok, you arive over beaumonde and see that the system patrol is heavier than you have ever seen
[] 10:53 am: Im going to talk to boomer about you know what laz
[] 10:53 am: Er can i get boomer to do something first ?
[] 10:53 am: Before our 12 days is up
[Lazarus->] 10:53 am: you know what?
[Lazarus] 10:54 am: ok
[->Lazarus] 10:54 am: I was thinking of getting boomer to maybe cover our tracks somehow
[->Lazarus] 10:54 am: If thats at all possibl
[->Lazarus] 10:54 am: What do i know ?
[Lazarus->] 10:55 am: hmmm, remote hack will be very difficult
[->Lazarus] 10:55 am: Is it easier closer we get ?
[Lazarus->] 10:55 am: she can try, but odds are not good
[] 10:56 am: Im gonna gather the crew together and remind them about Marko Platz.
[->Lazarus] 10:56 am: Apparently Gabel knows about the same contact?
[Lazarus->] 10:57 am: ship's ID is built into the core of the nav system, it's part of the ship's core systems like a VIN number
[->Lazarus] 10:57 am: So we would need another ships VIN number to at all be able to fake it
[Lazarus->] 10:57 am: it can be monkeyed with, but if it fails, it disables the ships nav system
[Lazarus->] 10:57 am: yes he does
[Lazarus->] 10:58 am: I rolled to see if that's who you found
[Lazarus] 10:58 am: ok
[Lazarus] 10:58 am: passengers at this pow wow?
[] 10:59 am: Only our Employer as id rather be straight up with him
[monster87] 10:59 am: Just for the people interested I wrote a small bio with a pic here (http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/serenity-out-of-the-ashes/characters/boomer)
[monster87] 10:59 am: god I hate this chat
[] 10:59 am: dont use
[] 10:59 am: (
[] 10:59 am: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/serenity-out-of-the-ashes/characters/boomer
[monster87] 11:00 am: thanks
[monster87] 11:00 am: (on the obisidian portal page are some of the first sessions.. unfortunately I never continued writing summaries
[Lazarus] 11:01 am: I don't get it, that is the same link, why wouldn't boomer's work?
[] 11:02 am: Because of the ()
[monster87] 11:02 am: yeah the last ) to be exact
[Lazarus] 11:02 am: ah so ka
[monster87] 11:02 am: (I'm going to eat with my girlfriend - be back soon)
[Lazarus] 11:02 am: carry on. I'll just go stand in the idiot's corner
[Lazarus] 11:02 am: kk
[starjunky] 11:03 am: ( semi-afk, wifey demanding I help her look for lost keys...
[] 11:04 am: steers the chat back to gaming.
[] 11:05 am: For the sake of the game i agree maybe we should just move along.
[Lazarus] 11:05 am: ok, are the passengers at the conversation about Platz?
[] 11:06 am: Only our Employer
[] 11:06 am: Mr Hannigan
[] 11:06 am: Or whatever his name is
[] 11:06 am: Im also going to see how he reacts ect
[Lazarus] 11:07 am: Killian
[] 11:07 am: Killian yeah
[Lazarus] 11:08 am: Ok, speak your piece
[] 11:08 am: Okay
[] 11:10 am: So as you all know we will be arriving in Beaumonde in a few days the place were it all began as id like to call it however as to our actions on Beaumonde we pissed off a rather haughty gentleman of the name Marko Platz refusing a job to steal from harmless farmers we fought back against his brutal actions and took off from the planet before he could persue us.
[] 11:12 am: However on our return there i am sure this gentleman will be looking for us one way or the other so i was wonderin Killian if ya had a safe port of harbor we could dock and lay low as we discuss business.
[Lazarus] 11:13 am: "I know this Platz fellow and he's a blight on humanity. If you've angered him, that doesn't cause me to think less of you. I'd think less of you if you had worked for him."
[] 11:14 am: Well i figured you should know either way as we are going to be discussing business once be arrive at Beaumonde
[->Lazarus] 11:14 am: I suddenly feel like less of a good person. Haha
[] 11:14 am: And i would not want anything like the likes of Marko Platz getting in the way of it.
[Lazarus] 11:15 am: "I guess with the 'Verse is spinning out of control saying I like to think I am an honest businessman probably sounds like a line, but I am and while I know people do things illegal or cut corners. I don't, so I don't know how to get you past Platz."
[Lazarus->] 11:16 am: had to happen at least once
[->Lazarus] 11:16 am: Wait... wait... moment's passed.
[Lazarus->] 11:16 am: kinda figured it would
[] 11:17 am: Well then we will just have to try our luck and be extra careful once we land.
[Lazarus] 11:17 am: you can roll int+knowledge
[] 11:17 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8)
[] 11:17 am:

-> 1d8 (3)

[] 11:17 am: Monkey.
[Lazarus] 11:17 am: starts rolling some dice: (d12+d4)
[Lazarus] 11:17 am:

-> 1d12 (7)+ 1d4 (4) = 11

[Lazarus] 11:18 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 11:18 am:

-> 1d6 (1)

[Lazarus] 11:18 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d4)
[Lazarus] 11:18 am:

-> 1d10 (7)+ 1d4 (3) = 10

[Lazarus] 11:19 am: red and mick can roll
[->Lazarus] 11:19 am: I think my next step needs to be get some knowledge i did go to a prestigious school even if i did roll into the military soon after.
[] 11:19 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8)
[] 11:19 am:

-> 1d8 (7)

[Lazarus] 11:19 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 11:19 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (2) = 5

[monster87] 11:20 am: back
[] 11:20 am: Wb
[Lazarus] 11:20 am: After a bit of pondering, Boomer mentions that if you used a cry baby you could probably distract the system patrol
[Lazarus] 11:21 am: You could land in the boonies somewhere
[] 11:21 am: (Is Red alive?)
[Lazarus->] 11:21 am: roll int+perception
[Lazarus] 11:21 am: (not sure)
[->Lazarus] 11:21 am: Not intuition ?
[] 11:21 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[] 11:21 am:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (3) = 10

[monster87] 11:22 am: "With help of our cry baby we could probably distract the system patrol"
[Lazarus->] 11:22 am: Since mick told me he told you that he talked to you about marko, the wave he sent has alerted marko you are nearby
[->Lazarus] 11:23 am: Yeah he kinda did that before i got a chance at explaining our situation heh to late now
[Lazarus->] 11:23 am: If you slip the patrol that is one thing, but even if you land in the stix, he will be looking for you
[Lazarus->] 11:23 am: at least going by his demeanor, he will probably be wanting to talk to you
[->Lazarus] 11:24 am: But even if we land in the stirx
[->Lazarus] 11:24 am: Stix*
[->Lazarus] 11:24 am: We have no ground transport
[->Lazarus] 11:24 am: Unless we use a shuttle but then its the same thing.
[->Lazarus] 11:25 am: Also has ID like the ship right ?
[redwolffclaw] 11:25 am: i am here
[redwolffclaw] 11:25 am: no one has said anything to me so i have been watching
[Lazarus->] 11:25 am: they would have to
[->Lazarus] 11:26 am: So in the end theres not really a way out of it
[->Lazarus] 11:26 am: I think we should just land and stick together if possible.
[Lazarus->] 11:26 am: just like lifeboats today are tagged with their parent ship's id
[Lazarus->] 11:26 am: ok
[] 11:26 am: Little deviant
[] 11:26 am: Creeping like a true creeper.
[] 11:27 am: (PM me, Red.)
[] 11:27 am: (Got something in game to chat about.)
[] 11:27 am: Were landing.
[Lazarus] 11:27 am: ok
[Lazarus] 11:28 am: As you approach, the ship is hailed by the system patrol
[] 11:28 am: *Answers coms*
[Lazarus] 11:28 am: A very aggressive system patrol, stronger than you remember the last time you were here
[Lazarus] 11:29 am: "Freighter Fire Angel. Heave to and prepare to be boarded."
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: has left at 11:29 am+
[] 11:29 am: Kay so we heave to and prepare to be boarded.
[Lazarus] 11:31 am: The small ASREV docks while another stands by in overwatch
[Lazarus] 11:31 am: Three men in non-alliance uniforms board
[Lazarus] 11:31 am: They are Beaumonde port authority
[monster87] 11:32 am: where's the crew?
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: "I need to see your ship's papers and manifest."
[] 11:32 am: Im standing ready to hand over ships papers and whatnot
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: Up to you as to where you are
[monster87] 11:32 am: well naturally I'm where the action is
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: Throol has left at 11:32 am+
[Lazarus] 11:33 am: "No cargo, bound from the Georgia system?"
[] 11:33 am: Cargo's in our fine passengers we brought along for the ride barely survived a gorram reaver attack no time to be hauling cargo.
[Lazarus] 11:34 am: "Okay, just want you to understand we are not allowing any of that Neo-Browncoat gos se to get started here. If we search your ship, are we going to find ship mounted weapons?"
[->Lazarus] 11:35 am: Okay now i figured their going to search everywhere
[Lazarus->] 11:36 am: could be
[monster87] 11:36 am: * looks at the captain *
[Lazarus->] 11:36 am: depends on your answer
[] 11:36 am: Discharged Gremlin empty in the hold used to defend ourselves from reaver attack barely escaped alive Mr.Killian here can confirm.
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: Throol has entered at 11:37 am+
[Lazarus] 11:37 am: THe man looks at you hard and nods.
[Lazarus] 11:37 am: "Good that you were honest."
[Lazarus] 11:38 am: "Okay. I know of Mr Killian by reputation and his reputation is enoug to vouch for you."
[] 11:38 am: You mention these Neo Browncoats has something happened im not aware of ?
[monster87] 11:39 am: "Did they do more stupid?"
[->Lazarus] 11:39 am: Im just using conversation to get information
[Lazarus] 11:39 am: "One thing you need to know is that firearms are not allowed on Beaumonde anymore. Nothing secured on your ship will be seized, but if you are caught offship, the weapons will be and you'll find yourself bound by law. Dong ma?"
[] 11:39 am: Agreed as i said its in the hold for a reason.
[Lazarus] 11:40 am: "I'm going to assume the Cortex on this ship is functioning and that you know what is going on in the Georgia system?"
[->Lazarus] 11:40 am: Bah, shitty planet.
[] 11:40 am: I have heard whispers but i dont know the fine truth of it.
[Lazarus->] 11:40 am: there IS a war on you know
[] 11:40 am: As i said we barely escaped with our lives its been a rough couple of days.
[->Lazarus] 11:41 am: Lol, yeah.
[Lazarus] 11:43 am: "Not sure if anyone knows, but there has been open fighting through out the georgia system as well as 'inceased pirate activity' at least that's what the jing chang mei yong de (consistently useless) Alliance patol states here in the Kaladasa system"
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: Xhaosdaemon has left at 11:43 am+
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: ak47 has left at 11:43 am+
[] 11:43 am: We lost a good man to pirate attacks *sighs*
[] 11:44 am: Gorram verse is getting crazier by the minute.
[Lazarus] 11:44 am: "Just make sure your crew understand. Don't start no fei wu, won't be no wei wu captain."
[redwolffclaw] 11:45 am: (does this mean we cannot bring any personal firearms either?)
[] 11:45 am: (Doesn't look like it.)
[Lazarus] 11:45 am: (That would be the implication)
[] 11:45 am: I will tell them.
[Lazarus] 11:45 am: "NO firearms." He repeats as he signals to the other two and heads for the airlock.
[] 11:45 am: Make sure their all informed before we dock.
[redwolffclaw] 11:45 am: (Ain't said nothing about knives...or swords...)
[Lazarus] 11:46 am: The quickly depart and detatch
[Lazarus] 11:46 am: all the while ALex can hear the relentless ping of a fire control radar tracking them
[] 11:46 am: I adress the crew and the passengers of the new rules
[] 11:46 am: Before we land
[Lazarus] 11:47 am: You land and see Beaumonde seems even busier than usual. You end up in a dock on the other rim of the port
[->Lazarus] 11:47 am: I will leave my weapons in my cabin inside my little hidey hole
[Lazarus] 11:47 am: one that looks pretty beat down once you get a look at it
[->Lazarus] 11:47 am: Only thing on me now is my combat knife
[->Lazarus] 11:47 am: And the other gear i usually carry
[Lazarus->] 11:48 am: ok
[->Lazarus] 11:49 am: But im not taking any chances so i put my ballistic mesh on just incase.
[monster87] 11:49 am: "Wew a planet again. I love to set my feet on the ground for a change"
[->Lazarus] 11:49 am: Marko platz wont be following the rules for sure.
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:49 am: the ship is due it's monthy maintenance costs. which is 133 credits unless you roll well on your int+mech repair
[monster87] 11:49 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d12)
[monster87] 11:49 am:

-> 2d12 (4,11 = 15)

[Lazarus->] 11:49 am: wise calls both
[monster87->Lazarus] 11:49 am: 15 well enough?
[] 11:50 am: Alex i want you to stay with the ship like we discussed if you need anything on planet we take turns in going offworld.
[] 11:50 am: And if you need cigs have boomer pick em up for you
[monster87] 11:50 am: * pouts * why can't alex come?
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:51 am: sorry. I told you the wrong thing. it's ship's vitality d6 + repairs, target is 11
[monster87] 11:51 am: "Well nevermind, I'll just go together with Jo then. You comin' Jo?"
[] 11:51 am: What im not fine company enough *chuckles*
[monster87] 11:51 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d12)
[monster87] 11:51 am:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d12 (7) = 13

[monster87->Lazarus] 11:51 am: 13 then
[redwolffclaw] 11:51 am: Yep. Definately. Been a while since I have been at a larger port
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:51 am: I'll let you keep the better roll, so that is a success, but it doesn't lower the cost
[] 11:51 am: I will also adress the crew and tell them to take any protective gear with them no weapons but armor and such as i know Marko Platz would never follow rules.
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:52 am: you would have needed a 18
[redwolffclaw] 11:52 am: We can take knives right?
[] 11:52 am: I got a combat knife with me so yes
[Lazarus] 11:52 am: He repeated, no firearms
[] 11:52 am: Firearms go boom
[] 11:52 am: Feeling mighty naked without his gunbelt on, James tests out his land legs as he saunters over towards the captain of the ship. "Excuse me John, or rather, Captain. Do you have any idea of the next destination yet?" It'd help in getting an idea of work.
[Lazarus] 11:52 am: a katana might be stretching things though
[monster87->Lazarus] 11:52 am: 18 on d6+d12.. you realize that's almost impossible right?
[redwolffclaw] 11:52 am: He didnt say anything about a katana
[starjunky] 11:53 am: "yeah, sticking near the Boat this time. Seems everytime I deboard sumthin' goes South
[monster87] 11:53 am: didn't say antyhing about my flashbang and smoker either
[redwolffclaw] 11:53 am: Besides, my tench hides the back mount for my katana
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:53 am: Those are the rules.
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:53 am: you need +7 to get an extraordinary success
[] 11:53 am: Never had a plan never will James i plan to talk with Killian about getting us fitted as a medical vessel if you have plans you will have some time to go about your business if you intend on staying onboard the ship.
[monster87->Lazarus] 11:53 am: ok
[monster87] 11:53 am: "BTW captain, I need some money to buy parts for monthly repairs"
[Lazarus] 11:54 am: and there is something called the spirit of the law
[Lazarus] 11:54 am: you can take anything with you you like
[Lazarus] 11:54 am: but do not be surprised if there are repercussions
[redwolffclaw] 11:54 am: gah....
[] 11:54 am: Im not responsible for what the passengers do i mention the new laws to the crew and also tell the passengers and order the crew not to take anything bigger then a knife.
[redwolffclaw] 11:55 am: Ok... i will only take my knives.
[->Lazarus] 11:55 am: Knew I shoulda gotten one of those sneaky holders for my derringer. Lol...
[redwolffclaw] 11:55 am: ...grenades are not bigger than knives.
[redwolffclaw] 11:55 am: (Kidding)
[Lazarus->] 11:55 am: maybe you can buy one
[] 11:55 am: I also tell the crew that we better be sticking together while on planet no wondering off alone
[redwolffclaw] 11:56 am: (Well if I am sticking with Jo I guess I will be sticking with the crew).
[redwolffclaw] 11:56 am: er gah. boomer
[Lazarus->] 11:56 am: ship needs 133 credits for monthly maintenance, your out of food and you are at 2/3rds fuel
[] 11:56 am: And any of the passengers wanting a ride once we leave planet better follow the rules to.
[redwolffclaw] 11:56 am: If i am sticking with boomer.... dang I am too tired.
[->Lazarus] 11:56 am: Gotta make some money first.
[monster87] 11:56 am: * coming up to the captain * "You got some money on you capn?"
[->Lazarus] 11:56 am: Take care of it with Killians payment
[->Lazarus] 11:56 am: All of it
[monster87] 11:56 am: "need to buy some stuff to keep her running"
[->Lazarus] 11:56 am: get another months supply of food
[->Lazarus] 11:56 am: And 1 week of fresh
[->Lazarus] 11:56 am: Like per usual
[Lazarus->] 11:57 am: canned or protein for the rest?
[Lazarus->] 11:57 am: true
[->Lazarus] 11:57 am: Canned for the monthly food
[Lazarus->] 11:57 am: kk
[Lazarus->] 11:57 am: for how many?
[->Lazarus] 11:57 am: Im sure we still got enough spices
[Lazarus->] 11:58 am: yes on the spices
[->Lazarus] 11:58 am: Well i dont know how many yet because we still talking about business with killian he might want more crew onboard
[Lazarus->] 11:58 am: food is 23 credits for a month, per person
[->Lazarus] 11:59 am: okay
[->Lazarus] 11:59 am: Anyway, just sorta waiting on your lead. Not sure how you normally do port landings.
[->Lazarus] 11:59 am: But get the repairs and fuel done first
[->Lazarus] 11:59 am: And get enough food for the crew
[->Lazarus] 11:59 am: And 2 passengers
[Lazarus->] 11:59 am: fuel is 85+133 total is 218 from 800
[Lazarus->] 11:59 am: ok
[->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: If we need more food i will have to sort it out later.
[Lazarus->] 12:00 pm: less another 161
[->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: Once we discussed it with killian
[Lazarus->] 12:00 pm: you net 421 credits after all that
[->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: Im also going to do it this way from now on that we take care of the ship and the crews needs with the payment
[->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: Then we pay the crew whats left from the payment
[->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: As it makes more sense
[->Lazarus] 12:01 pm: Instead of me taking a double cut this way when and if we do get paid the ship comes first befor the crews needs.
[Lazarus->] 12:01 pm: you have 421 credits to pay crew however you like
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:01 pm: I am sorry. I didnt knotice people trying to talk to me. The scroll button is mixed up and didnt see anythign flashing.
[Lazarus->] 12:01 pm: kk
[->Lazarus] 12:01 pm: Then i split that between the *crew* not the passengers
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 12:01 pm: is it too late to roll....
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 12:01 pm: that's ok, stuff happens
[monster87] 12:02 pm: capn?
[] 12:02 pm: Sorry was in Pm with laz
[] 12:02 pm: Sorting out the payment
[] 12:02 pm: Yeah sure booms we need more foodstuffs as well we better get to it.
[Lazarus->] 12:02 pm: wait I still counted Ian, crew is 4 so you get back 23 credits
[->Lazarus] 12:02 pm: okay
[monster87] 12:02 pm: Ok I'll buy them too with Jo
[redwolffclaw] 12:03 pm: (Question: is 100 credits a lot of money?)
[Lazarus->] 12:03 pm: so you have 444 split four ways is 111
[monster87] 12:03 pm: we'll be back somewhere
[->Lazarus] 12:03 pm: So 444
[->Lazarus] 12:03 pm: Alrighty
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: yes
[] 12:03 pm: Alrighty crew gets a cut of 111 Credits each
[] 12:03 pm: Thats spending money you do as you see fit with
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: a credit is equal to $25 US dollars today
[] 12:03 pm: ( I think 1 credit is like $25.)
[redwolffclaw] 12:04 pm: (nice. I had a fair amount left over from character creation :D
[Lazarus] 12:04 pm: okay, who is going ashore?
[->Lazarus] 12:04 pm: Btw the 800 was that including what the passengers payed ?
[monster87] 12:04 pm: how much credits do I get from the captain?
[monster87] 12:04 pm: (me and Jo)
[Lazarus] 12:04 pm: and what are you doing once you get there?
[] 12:04 pm: I am to
[Lazarus->] 12:04 pm: yes
[->Lazarus] 12:04 pm: Alrighty
[->Lazarus] 12:04 pm: :)
[->Lazarus] 12:04 pm: Thanks.
[Lazarus->] 12:05 pm: killian paid double for the hard burn
[starjunky] 12:05 pm: "shiney! now my initial ship ops loan is down to only 42 crds
[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: ok, jo, boomer, and john
[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: alex staying with boat
[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: the passengers all split
[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: killian hangs back
[] 12:05 pm: *chuckles* And here i am feeding you and giving ya a place to sleep.
[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: what does james do?
[] 12:06 pm: I also tell Alex to keep the ship in lockdown while we are gone.
[] 12:06 pm: And to use my finely crafted metal lockbars to stop any unwanted intruders.
[Lazarus] 12:06 pm: yeah finely
[] 12:07 pm: HEY
[] 12:07 pm: My last roll was over 10
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: what Hotfoot?
[] 12:07 pm: They are somewhat decent :p
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: or was that smashed foot?
[Lazarus->] 12:07 pm: You going ashore?
[] 12:07 pm: That was the first roll i had a couple days to ... perfect my craft
[] 12:08 pm: *cough*
[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: yes a bit
[->Lazarus] 12:08 pm: Yeah, gotta find some kind of money.
[] 12:08 pm: Blue pinkytoe
[] 12:08 pm: I think its called
[] 12:08 pm: Anyway i will follow Killian to do business
[redwolffclaw] 12:08 pm: (I turn towards the capitain) I was wonderng if you were looking for more help on your crew.
[->Lazarus] 12:08 pm: And since I wasn't in on the meeting, it's not like James knows Platz is out to get John.
[] 12:08 pm: (Im going to go by the fact Ian is not here atm now)
[] 12:09 pm: *Turns towards Jo*
[] 12:09 pm: Matter of fact we could use a lovely lady like you you know how to handle a gun by chance ? *looking at the woman questioningly*
[redwolffclaw] 12:09 pm: I have worked on ships before. How I have been making my living for a while. Don't really have any family to speak of so nothing is really keeping me in one place.
[redwolffclaw] 12:10 pm: I am pretty good with guns. Better with knives and swords.
[Lazarus->] 12:10 pm: no he doesn't or way
[Lazarus->] 12:10 pm: why
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: As the ramp lowers. you see one BAD ASS limo waiting at the bottom of the ramp. "Captain. If you would go with me. We have business to discuss." Killian says
[->Lazarus] 12:11 pm: Exactly, so I guess finding work, then drinking and gambling and womanizing. All the things required to be done at port. Hah
[redwolffclaw] 12:11 pm: Can also judo kick your ass from here to persephonie ;)
[Lazarus->] 12:11 pm: so off solo?
[redwolffclaw] 12:12 pm: (Jo stops short) Nice ride.
[] 12:12 pm: Jo how about we take this up when i get back from my dealins with mr killian im looking for another crew member as we lost a few and if your interested theres free food your own quarters and fair share on any money that comes our way.
[->Lazarus] 12:12 pm: I suppose, I tried to get Jo to come along, but she apparently also has a picky sense of who she works for.
[Lazarus] 12:12 pm: "One of the perks of a life well lived young lady."
[->Lazarus] 12:13 pm: I didn't expect the entire ship to be so righetous. Lol
[] 12:13 pm: *Looking at the limo* Reminds me to much of a life id rather forget... *sighs*
[Lazarus->] 12:13 pm: I did tell you they were goody two shoes
[Lazarus->] 12:13 pm: but I don't really know red yet
[redwolffclaw] 12:13 pm: That is a mite better than I have gotten in the past. I will talk to you later about it. (Turns toward Boomer) Shall we get some grub?
[->Lazarus] 12:13 pm: You told me the captain was, I didn't expect everyone to be.
[Lazarus->] 12:13 pm: I didn't know red would be either
[->Lazarus] 12:14 pm: Fair enough.
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: "Ah yes, the 'curse of the Iskellian name."
[redwolffclaw] 12:14 pm: (Looks from killian to the capitain) Reminds me of a life I CANT forget heh.
[] 12:15 pm: You know of my heritage then mr Killian *Opening the limo door for him*
[monster87] 12:15 pm: (sorry sec phone)
[] 12:15 pm: (Hold up, 7% AND you have to share a bunk?)
[] 12:15 pm: Actualy none of the crew have to share a bunk theres enough room in crew quarters for single rooms
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: ok, at this point I am tracking that boomer and jo are off to find parts and food. James is off and about alone. And John is going with Killian
[] 12:16 pm: Yup
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: ALex and I will say Zack are on the ship
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: ok, I'll have to do this one at a time. I will start with John
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: The limo takes you quickly to a highrise business building with the name KIllian Enterprises emblazoned on the building.
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: The doorman escorts you into the building and Killian is met by a half dozen assistants all clamoring for his attention
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: he answers their questions in rapid fire before reaching the elevator
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: john and killian ride up to the penthouse
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: He shows you in an offers you a drink
[] 12:19 pm: I accept
[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: He personally pours whatever it is you want and he pours himself three fingers of vodka
[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: Okay John, he is the straight story...
[Lazarus] 12:20 pm: As you can tell, I am a man of means
[] 12:20 pm: *Takes a sip before listening to Killians story*
[Lazarus] 12:20 pm: There was a wealthy mean on Earth-That-Was named Andrew Carnegie that said 'It is a sin for a man to die wealthy.'
[Lazarus] 12:21 pm: I am in good health according to my doctors, so I've got some money to spend
[Lazarus] 12:21 pm: I was out visiting Athens and her moons to see for myself the conditions out there
[Lazarus] 12:21 pm: And I am appalled
[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: So much of what the Alliance was supposed to stand for has proven to be a lie
[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: I am by no means an Independent or support this new war
[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: but I do feel that since I have the means to help, I have to
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: What I propose is to outfit your ship as a traveling medical facility
[] 12:23 pm: You seem like an upright gentleman mr Killian wish there were more people like you in the verse.
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: bring PROPER medical care to those that need it most
[] 12:23 pm: I assume you will be bringing doctors along for the ride i am guessing we will be providing transport as well as security.
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: We you are kind John. But you ae right, I wish more of my peers knew of Carnegie
[Lazarus] 12:24 pm: exactly so
[redwolffclaw] 12:24 pm: (i like this guy)
[] 12:24 pm: (Killian ?)
[redwolffclaw] 12:24 pm: (Yeah, reminds me of my character's father)
[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: I have three medics, two nurses, and a doctor lined up to to accompany you on what I call the ôRed Cross Express"
[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: This will be a six month contract
[monster87] 12:25 pm: (sorry for that phonecall red, wanted to RP our shopping and stuff :P)
[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: however, I planned this before the outbreak of the war
[redwolffclaw] 12:26 pm: (he hasn't gotten to us yet. No worries)
[Lazarus] 12:26 pm: You mentioned your ship had something called a Gremlin? What is this device?
[] 12:26 pm: Its a turret mounted weapon used on ships
[] 12:26 pm: We used it during our escape from where we rescued yo.
[] 12:26 pm: you*
[Lazarus] 12:27 pm: Right, just so. Seems like a useful device as I am cetain the ôRed Cross Express" will require an armed vessel
[starjunky] 12:28 pm: (yikes, wind gusting over 40 mph, just heard a branch hit side of house, afk to check it...
[] 12:28 pm: That it is but im sure we would need more then that to surivive reaver attacks out in the black
[starjunky] 12:28 pm: ( over 60*
[] 12:28 pm: A shield system would go a long way to our survival out there.
[Lazarus->] 12:29 pm: No shields in firefly, just armor
[] 12:29 pm: Or More armor
[] 12:29 pm: (Say i said more armor)
[] 12:30 pm: Heck our ship could use a bit of a fixing up she an old bird just having her maintained is a dayjob sometimes
[] 12:30 pm: Good thing my mechanic knows what she is doing otherwise she would never have lifted off from the ground when we left Beaumonde
[] 12:31 pm: However all we would need really is some derringers mounted into our bays incase of reaver attacks
[] 12:32 pm: The craft you saw overhead when we were fleeing the town.
[] 12:32 pm: And their exactly the type of craft i know how to pilot.
[Lazarus] 12:33 pm: "That is the problem with an older ship. Armoring the ship sounds like a good idea, but I am concerned on the delay. However..." Killian pauses to do some quick calculations in his head. "A Pride configured like yours has a cargo capacity of 155 tons and you've got 7 passenger cabins due to your infirmary..."
[] 12:34 pm: If you are concerned about Delay Derringers are known to be quick fits and easy to build.
[Lazarus] 12:34 pm: "Ah those remarkable little cobbled together fighters. I can see their utility, but you will need standard shuttles for the work you will be doing and besides, I doubt the Neo-Browcoats will sell us any."
[] 12:34 pm: Well we could arm our shuttles i suppose.
[] 12:34 pm: We have three functioning shuttles
[Lazarus] 12:35 pm: "Based on 155 tons of cargo and 7 cabins that would be 1515 credits per month at standard charter rates."
[Lazarus] 12:36 pm: "However given there is a war in progress...how does 2,300 credits a month for six months sound?"
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: Throol has left at 12:37 pm+
[] 12:37 pm: If you manage to throw in the armoring and set us up with the you got yourself a deal sir.
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: "Hmmm armoring...."
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: hang on, I have to check the rules on how much that costs
[] 12:38 pm: And make sure we get a permit to weaponize our shuttles i will take care of getting them fitted.
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: Throol has entered at 12:40 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:40 pm: okay, here's the deal
[] 12:40 pm: And im sure that wont be to much of a problem as it would mean protecting an investment for you.
[Lazarus] 12:41 pm: Wound armor is only 500 credits per point, but you will lose 10 tons of cargo capacity per point
[Lazarus] 12:41 pm: and you only have 155 tons of capacity
[] 12:41 pm: How much cargo capacity do we need ?
[] 12:42 pm: Im sure Killian has that info
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: Stun armor, which protects from emp and electronic grapplers is 10000 per ton and also costs 10 tons off cargo
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: up to you how much argo you want
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: you can go bug nuts and not be able to carry a damn thing
[] 12:43 pm: Well what about stun armor that makes sense vs reavers
[Lazarus] 12:43 pm: you can theoretically have up to 15 points of armor
[] 12:43 pm: But fuck me at the price.
[] 12:43 pm: (But that's a lot to ask from him.)
[Lazarus] 12:43 pm: These prices are right off of page 113
[] 12:43 pm: Yeah and with the ammount of cash we have gathered we wouldnt be able to afford it
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: hardening electronics is MUCH more expensive than steel plates
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: you have 80 tons of internal cargo
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: and 75 in in the containers
[] 12:45 pm: Well okay mr Killian how about this i throw in a couple of plates of pure steel armoring while you make sure them gorram reavers dont disable our ship with emp.
[] 12:45 pm: That would be 30 tons of less cargo
[] 12:46 pm: Or we just go for steel armoring and get mounted guns to protect ourselves with
[Lazarus] 12:46 pm: "Perhaps you are misunderstanding me John. The ôRed Cross Express" will be fully independent, you go where the need takes you on the Rim. The rather substantial pay is for your services in keeping the medical personal safe."
[Lazarus] 12:47 pm: "Regardless of the current turmoil, your missile system is an illegal modification. I would not normally condone it's use, but we live in troubled times."
[] 12:48 pm: Then can we at least have a couple months advance so we can prepare the ship thats all im asking mr killian its for pay we will be getting anyway how about that.
[Lazarus] 12:48 pm: "The Alliance law on arming ships is very clear. Only defensive weapons are allowed. and that means cannons."
[] 12:48 pm: (We can get cannons ?)
[Lazarus] 12:48 pm: "I believe I have sufficient pull to wrangle permins for point defense guns, but I am not building a Tohoku."
[Lazarus] 12:49 pm: if you note the prices for guns, they are 10,000 for the smallest
[] 12:50 pm: Well theres no way we can afford a point defence gun but legally being able to use them is a start i guess
[] 12:51 pm: Well then mr killian will you front us two months worth of advancement in our pay so we can prepare the ship and get us a permit to be able to use point defence guns should the need arrise i think we have a deal.
[Lazarus] 12:52 pm: Killian's expression hardens. Mister Iskellian. Given the circumstances in the 'Verse today, it would be the height of folly for me to advance you money given the dangers you will face. As it is, I have a fund raiser planned in two days to gather the funds to defray the costs of the medical suppies and personnel."
[->Lazarus] 12:52 pm: You're a mad scientist.
[Lazarus->] 12:53 pm: I am? I've been called a lot of things, but never that
[->Lazarus] 12:53 pm: Well, the GM equivilent.
[->Lazarus] 12:54 pm: You told me shit was going to get Bourne-ish... and now it's gone MASH-ish. I'm amazed to see how it leads into it. Haha
[] 12:54 pm: Well if not two months give us an advancement on our first paycheck so we dont get shot down the first thing that happens otherwise its going to be a rather short trip mr killian you of all people should know that.
[Lazarus] 12:54 pm: "A fund raiser I expect you and your crew to attend. This is going to be a major event and the donors will want to meet the crew of this enterprise."
[] 12:54 pm: (Oh shit, I gotta get my dancin shoes on!)
[] 12:55 pm: Well sir im sure the crew will be thrilled.
[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: "One thing I did learn while on the Rim was the custom of paying half up front, so I am willing to advance you 1150 credits."
[->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: If hes not going to back on the pay i will try to at least get half if not then i will try half
[->Lazarus] 12:56 pm: Well half it is
[Lazarus->] 12:56 pm: There IS a meta-plot
[->Lazarus] 12:56 pm: I should be able to roll something like Negotiation for this
[Lazarus->] 12:56 pm: and you'll just have to stay tuned
[->Lazarus] 12:56 pm: Oh, I am sure there is, I just wanted to comment on it. Lo
[->Lazarus] 12:56 pm: *Lol
[Lazarus->] 12:57 pm: you can try, but it doesn't take a roll to guess Killian is a skilled negotiator too
[->Lazarus] 12:57 pm: True but this is where Good Name and Allure can come into play + my d10 willpower.
[Lazarus->] 12:58 pm: Killian has assets too
[->Lazarus] 12:58 pm: Okay laz so your basically telling me
[->Lazarus] 12:58 pm: John your assets are worthless dont bother
[Lazarus] 12:59 pm: "If I am remembering my ship specs correctly, that should be enough to put a decent amount of armor on your ship
[starjunky] 12:59 pm: *comms* "Alex checking in - and don't forget my smokes, please!"
[Lazarus->] 12:59 pm: Go ahead and roll
[monster87] 1:00 pm: * comms back * "You missin' out Ace? should keep 'em deadlies off you, but you know I'm too sweet for that"
[] 1:00 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d2+1d10)
[] 1:00 pm:

-> 1d12 (3)+ 1d2 (2)+ 1d10 (1) = 6

[Lazarus->] 1:00 pm: however this is a good deal
[->Lazarus] 1:00 pm: Yeah see why i get disheartened
[->Lazarus] 1:00 pm: always the same thing over and over again
[starjunky] 1:01 pm: "rgr Booms. Thanks for the coffin nails"
[Lazarus->] 1:01 pm: I do understand and that is one aspect of the game I can change
[monster87] 1:01 pm: * Boomer's clear laugh sounds over the comms *
[->Lazarus] 1:01 pm: See this is a reason i just follow your plans instead of rolling because i know rolling just bites me
[->Lazarus] 1:01 pm: Always.
[->Lazarus] 1:02 pm: To the point it annoys me sigh
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d10 (3) = 11

[] 1:02 pm: (Ouch, Gabel.)
[] 1:02 pm: (Im at the point where i cba rolling for things anymore and just take what i get)
[Lazarus->] 1:03 pm: dude d12+d2+d10 is as good as the other's specialities
[Lazarus->] 1:03 pm: I don't know why you have such bad luck with the forum roller
[->Lazarus] 1:03 pm: Its not that fuck me i know its good its the stupid ROLL
[->Lazarus] 1:03 pm: im talking about now
[->Lazarus] 1:03 pm: Im getting stonewalled by the random dice roller
[->Lazarus] 1:04 pm: And it always happens lol biting me in the ass.
[->Lazarus] 1:04 pm: If i used 6 plot points
[->Lazarus] 1:04 pm: Would it work ?
[->Lazarus] 1:04 pm: Cause im just tempted
[Lazarus->] 1:04 pm: you'd have had to get an extraordinary success
[Lazarus] 1:05 pm: "Half up front John. Take it or leave it. I think we can do good things, but that is the deal."
[] 1:06 pm: I guess we have a deal then Killian *Shakes his hand*
[] 1:07 pm: I guess i gotta dust off my suit.
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: Killian brightens visibly. "I'm so glad you said yes. Now my office will wave you the details on the party. This is a formal event. You'll have to dress the part. I have a person that can help with that too."
[] 1:07 pm: Well i dont know about my crew but i got a suit stashed away on my ship .... from simpler times.
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: "My car will take you back to your ship"
[] 1:08 pm: Thank you sir.
[Lazarus] 1:08 pm: "No, no no, old suit will not do. MAJOR event. Nothing but the newest will don."
[] 1:09 pm: Its a fine suit sir i assure you my mother had it tailored for me after i joined the military.
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: "My assistant Kelly will wave you where to obtain proper clothing."
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: "Fine for ten years ago. Not fine for now."
[->Lazarus] 1:10 pm: Also, I think in short time, James will end up with more clothing than the rest of the ship combined. Hah
[] 1:10 pm: If it was fine for an Iskellian then it sure as hell will do now i am sure.
[] 1:11 pm: *Looks rather adamant about his finely tailored suit thats hardly ever been used*
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: "Maye I'm not making myself clear. New suits. Now if you excuse me. I am buried in datawork, six assistants and I'm still buried. Please seeyourself out."
[Lazarus->] 1:12 pm: might be
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: ok.....shifting to Jo and Boomer
[] 1:12 pm: Suits a suit Mr Killian. *walks off*
[monster87] 1:13 pm: "So Jo, where would you like to go first? "
[->Lazarus] 1:13 pm: Dont forget I got Rebellious im just playing that out when it comes to the suit.
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: "John, do not press me on this. I said new suits. I am a level headed person, but if you do not have a new suit in two days. the deal will be off."
[Lazarus->] 1:13 pm: ok
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: This part of Beaumonde is heavily industrialized and looks grim and gray
[redwolffclaw] 1:14 pm: "I think we can get the parts first"
[->Lazarus] 1:14 pm: Playing dress up just reminds him to much of a previous life is all.
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: It seems busy, but just looks depressing
[monster87] 1:14 pm: "Sure thing, I know just the place" * searches for a similiar 2nd hand shop as last time *
[Lazarus->] 1:15 pm: what is james going to do first?
[Lazarus] 1:15 pm: James, Jo and Boomer roll alertness+streetwise
[monster87] 1:16 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d4+1d6)
[monster87] 1:16 pm:

-> 1d4 (3)+ 1d6 (4) = 7

[redwolffclaw] 1:16 pm: Is there a base skill for streetwise
[monster87->Lazarus] 1:16 pm: but I vote I'm singlemindely talking laz
[Lazarus->] 1:16 pm: I can see that, but the party is going to take john down a road he may not like
[monster87] 1:16 pm: * Boomer is cheerfully chatting with Jo on the way *
[redwolffclaw] 1:16 pm: (Knowledge right?)
[Lazarus->] 1:16 pm: he's going to have to suck it up
[monster87] 1:16 pm: (yes)
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: covert
[redwolffclaw] 1:16 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[redwolffclaw] 1:16 pm:

-> 2d6 (4,5 = 9)

[monster87] 1:17 pm: ah damn yeah i have d8, let me reroll
[monster87] 1:17 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d4+1d8)
[monster87] 1:17 pm:

-> 1d4 (3)+ 1d8 (7) = 10

[->Lazarus] 1:17 pm: I know but i still have to play it out that i dont like it
[->Lazarus] 1:17 pm: Im just playing out the complication
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: you arrive at the parts place without trouble
[Lazarus->] 1:18 pm: sure
[->Lazarus] 1:19 pm: First he'll go make contact with Platz, since he needs to make money in order to get back on the ship as a passenger to begin with.
[Lazarus] 1:19 pm: Its like any junk yard in the 'verse. Piled high with parts of all types
[monster87] 1:19 pm: ok I lavishly look around taking my time explaining things to Jo and searching just those pieces of Junk that I happen to need
[->Lazarus] 1:19 pm: Resisting the urge to go find some bar for a drink, a woman, and a game of cards... at least immediately.
[Lazarus->] 1:19 pm: roll alert+streetwise
[monster87] 1:20 pm: in the end I put a pile of old things on the desk, looking at the hawker
[redwolffclaw] 1:20 pm: (I try to assist her in finding the parts)
[->Lazarus] 1:20 pm: Alert?
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: As the two women shop...James takes a more deliberate path
[Lazarus->] 1:20 pm: alertness+streetwise
[->Lazarus] 1:20 pm: Oh, nevermind... brain fart.
[] 1:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d10)
[] 1:20 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d10 (5) = 7

[->Lazarus] 1:21 pm: Jesus, my Streetwise rolls are stuck on 7.
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: James walks through the dirty streets and arrives at the nondescript warehouse
[Lazarus] 1:22 pm: "You lost pretty boy?" One of the guards growls
[Lazarus->] 1:23 pm: you are up
[] 1:24 pm: Hey, who was he to argue that he was good looking? "Can't say I am. Lost that is, not arguing the good looking part. I'm here to talk to Platz, the name's Take." A smile was flashed to the guard. Even if he was gunless, he couldn't help how he acted. He carried the guns because of how he acted, not acting how he did because he carried the guns.
[Lazarus] 1:24 pm: You looking for anything in specific boomer or just the regular maintenance parts?
[Lazarus] 1:25 pm: The goon looks you up and down. "Right. wait here."
[monster87] 1:25 pm: I'm always looking for things I can use boost the ship's everything -- or anything else I can build stuff off -- but mostly for the maintenance
[monster87] 1:25 pm: I always come home with more than I wanted from such shops :P
[Lazarus] 1:25 pm: The man knocks on the small side door, a smaller window opens, there is a short excange and after several minutes, the side door opens
[Lazarus] 1:26 pm: "Enjoy your visit"
[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: booner can roll alertness+mech eng to find something out of the ordinary
[Lazarus->monster87] 1:28 pm: ok
[starjunky] 1:28 pm: ( Booner? lool
[] 1:28 pm: "Thanks." James' right hand played with a platinum piece, flipping the coin in succession down his knuckles as he walked. His hands rarely kept idle, it seemed. Either fussing with his pistols, playing with a coin, or a deck of cards. Idle hand were the devil's work afterall. He walked on into the warehouse.
[Lazarus] 1:28 pm: oops
[redwolffclaw] 1:29 pm: (Can I attempt a roll?)
[monster87] 1:29 pm: .. alertness, that's not how I'm searching believe me :P
[monster87->Lazarus] 1:29 pm: lol don't make me search on alertness
[Lazarus] 1:29 pm: James is led to a fairly nice office in a very dingy warehouse. as you enter, you see one fairly well dressed man with two goons flanking him and two goons that flank you.
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm: how are you searching
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm: jo can roll just her alertness
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: "Hello Mr Take. I am Marko Platz. I didn't think you'd actually show, and I certainly didn't think you'd show up alone."
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: Zeenix has entered at 1:31 pm+
[Zeenix] 1:31 pm: (Dont mind me)
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: (Hey Z)
[monster87] 1:31 pm: ok so regular mech eng right? d6
[Zeenix] 1:31 pm: (I'll explain when you're done laz.)
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: right boomer
[monster87] 1:31 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6)
[monster87] 1:31 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)

[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: (KK Z)
[monster87] 1:31 pm: w00t reroll
[monster87] 1:31 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6)
[monster87] 1:31 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)

[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: you didn't roll alertness
[redwolffclaw] 1:32 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[redwolffclaw] 1:32 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)

[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: d4 is better than nothing
[] 1:32 pm: He stopped playing with the coin and reached slowly to take his hat off, his left following right behind to fix his hair after it would no doubt get slightly disheveled with the hat's removal. Afterall, it was a sign of respect in a man's place to not be wearing a hat. This wasn't outside, or in some rim bar afterall. "Mister Platz? James Wyatt Take, I heard you might have some kind of work for a man like me?"
[redwolffclaw] 1:32 pm: do I roll knowledge at all?
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: knowledge is for stuff like history or planetography, you don't have any tech skills so you don't know a catalyzer from a pocketwatch
[redwolffclaw] 1:34 pm: ah ok
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: Platz chuckles. "Oh yes there is a job for a guy like you. Bring me Iskellian in an hour and my guys don't work you over."
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: boomer, roll agility + athletics
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: oh, check fire on that
[monster87] 1:36 pm: (athletics what? running?
[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: Boomer finds the parts that will fix the ship, but nothing of any particular use or interest.
[monster87] 1:36 pm: "This shop isn't nearly as interesting as the last one we visisted back on <planet name we visited>"
[monster87] 1:37 pm: "Well off we go then. At least we've got where we came for
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: you gather up the stuff yo uneed and head out.
[redwolffclaw] 1:37 pm: (ok you are the expert)
[] 1:37 pm: (See this is why being the captain sucks i always get the blame lol)
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: jo and boomer roll alert+streetwise again
[monster87] 1:37 pm: (still probably pretty amazing we found our parts in a junk store, but that seems to be normal for boomer)
[redwolffclaw] 1:37 pm: (What other stores or shops have I seen while walking around here)
[monster87] 1:37 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d4+1d8)
[monster87] 1:37 pm:

-> 1d4 (1)+ 1d8 (8) = 9

[redwolffclaw] 1:37 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[redwolffclaw] 1:37 pm:

-> 2d6 (6,1 = 7)

[Lazarus] 1:38 pm: (Heavy is the head that wears the crown)
[Lazarus] 1:38 pm: THis part of town is pretty much all ship oriented stuff
[] 1:39 pm: (Wont be heavy if i no longer have a head to wear it with rofl)
[monster87] 1:39 pm: (If I see anything from outside that makes me tingle I'll go and buy it ;))
[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: Both Jo and red realize they are being followed
[] 1:39 pm: (Btw am i getting my suit or being driven back to the ship ?)
[->Lazarus] 1:40 pm: sorry, one second
[monster87] 1:40 pm: * tries to not change her demeaner, but whispers in between of conversation the fact that a shadow seems to hover behind them each time *
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: Throol has left at 1:40 pm+
[redwolffclaw] 1:40 pm: (I play it cool and when I turn to talk to Boomer I look out the corner of my eye to see who it is)
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: "So Mr Take...do we have a deal?" Guido and No-Neck haven't worked over a chump in a long time. PLEASE say no."
[redwolffclaw] 1:40 pm: do i roll covert or something?)
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: (John is on his way be to the ship, getting close in fact)
[] 1:41 pm: (awesome)
[->Lazarus] 1:41 pm: phone
[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: (Sure to spot the whoever is following you without letting them know is int+covert)
[monster87] 1:41 pm: I can also try right
[Lazarus->] 1:41 pm: kk
[monster87] 1:41 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d6)
[monster87] 1:41 pm:

-> 1d12 (8)+ 1d6 (2) = 10

[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: yes
[] 1:42 pm: (Im sure perception would work as well laz ? )
[redwolffclaw] 1:42 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[redwolffclaw] 1:42 pm:

-> 2d6 (4,3 = 7)

[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm:

-> 2d8 (1,1 = 2)

[monster87] 1:42 pm: lolz
[] 1:42 pm: FINALLY you get a bad roll
[starjunky] 1:42 pm: ( crud major wife aggro, need to log early folks, cya next week
[] 1:42 pm: That makes me feel all that much better.
[] 1:42 pm: Later SJ
[monster87] 1:42 pm: ok Alex, all the best with that :)
[redwolffclaw] 1:42 pm: (Throol keeps getting kicked due to inactive typing. He has to do some errands and wont be back)
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: starjunky has left at 1:42 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: you both spot the three men when one trips over some broken tie rod and fall flat on his face
[] 1:43 pm: rofl
[Lazarus] 1:43 pm: (ok red, nex time help to set his status for away)
[->Lazarus] 1:43 pm: So clarification...
[Lazarus] 1:43 pm: THe other two men, realize they've been spotted and rush forward
[redwolffclaw] 1:44 pm: (it would look weird if we ignored it)
[->Lazarus] 1:44 pm: Isn't Iskellian a company?
[redwolffclaw] 1:44 pm: (Oooo fun)
[monster87] 1:44 pm: ow yelp
[Lazarus->] 1:44 pm: it is, a major one, John is the blacksheep
[monster87] 1:44 pm: * looks at Jo * "We should run."
[redwolffclaw] 1:44 pm: (Do they look like they are trying to kill us or rob us?)
[->Lazarus] 1:44 pm: So how does one bring him a company?
[->Lazarus] 1:44 pm: Haha
[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: the third begins to lurch to his feet
[->Lazarus] 1:45 pm: Or does he mean bring him a person with the last name?
[Lazarus->] 1:45 pm: he wants you to bring him john
[] 1:45 pm: Three men are following you and their starting pursuit after you kill or rob either way you got two choices fight or run :P
[redwolffclaw] 1:45 pm: (oh also are we alone or is the street crowded?)
[Serenity: From the Ashes: Session 19 - And now for something completely different]: has left at 1:45 pm+
[->Lazarus] 1:45 pm: Oh, right.. yet he doesn't know John's last name.. so I guess I would accept that.
[->Lazarus] 1:45 pm: One second for the post.
[Lazarus] 1:45 pm: (if you had to guess robbery is primary, as you are women, well, other things could happen as well. none of them good)
[monster87] 1:45 pm: * tugging Jo with her * "I don't feel like I've got enough of your training yet!"
[Lazarus->] 1:46 pm: you would have heard it
[redwolffclaw] 1:46 pm: (are there a lot of people around?)
[->Lazarus] 1:46 pm: Oh, would I have?
[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: nice and diserted
[Lazarus->] 1:46 pm: you were on the ship for 12 days
[Lazarus->] 1:46 pm: so yes, you john is john iskellian
[redwolffclaw] 1:47 pm: I run, grabbing out my knives as I go.
[monster87] 1:47 pm: * running too *
[] 1:47 pm: "As much as I hate to let you down, and keep... Guido and No-Neck..." He looked at the men briefly. "..from getting their proper exercise, I accept." The small grin on his face flashed into a full smile with those perfectly straight white teeth.
[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: FADE TO BLACK
[monster87] 1:48 pm: ah damn you
[redwolffclaw] 1:48 pm: (i hate running from a fight)
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: :p
[monster87] 1:48 pm: Boomer only KNOWS running from fights ;)
[Zeenix] 1:48 pm: Expect when she throws flashbangs
[Zeenix] 1:48 pm: *Except?
[monster87] 1:49 pm: :P well yeah that was to try and help you guys xD
[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: a this was more of a transition session, the XP will not be mind blowing
[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: let's go with 3XP for all