Puffin Class Attack Fighter

Construction Data:
Model Numbers- MK I

Ship Class- Shuttle

Size 2
  Date Entering Service- 2/2806
    Number Constructed 2500
Hull Data:
     Superstructure Points- 1
     Damage Chart- F
         Length- 12 meters
         Width- 5 meters
         Height- 3 meters
         Weight- 250 tonnes
         Landing Capability- Yes

Equipment Data:
     Control Computer Type- MM-1
     Transporters- None

Other Data:
     Crew- 2
Engines and Power Data:
     Total Power Units Available- 8
     Movement Point Ratio- 1/6
     Impulse Engine Type- FMI-1
         Number- 1
         Power Units Available- 8
         Stress Charts- AA/AA
         Maximum Safe Cruising Speed- .90c
         Emergency Speed- .99c
Weapons and Firing Data:
     Beam Weapon Type- FMH-1
         Number- 2 in one bank
         Firing Arcs- 2f
         Firing Chart- F
         Maximum Power- 2
     Missile Weapon Type- FMP-1
         Number- 1
         Firing Arcs- F
         Firing Chart- D
         Power To Arm- 1
         Damage- 3

Number carried 2

Shields Data:
     Deflector Shield Type- FSM-1
         Shield Point Ratio- 1/3
         Maximum Shield Power- 3

Defense Factor- 53.93
Weapon Damage Factor

Special rules: Fighters may make any number of facing changes per hex without damage. Fighters only have two shield arcs: Forward covering shields one, two and three, and Aft covering shields four, five, and six. Fighters use the following damage chart. Because of their extreme maneuverability, unless a firing unit has a Sensor Lock-on, fighters are 2 to hit. Even with a Sensor Lock-on, fighters are 1.     


Damage Chart F:

Die Roll Shield 1/2/3 Shield 4/5/6
1 Shield Generator Shield Generator
2 Beam Weapon Impulse Engine

3 Missile Weapon Impulse Engine

4 Superstructure (1/2) Superstructure (1/2)

5 Superstructure (1/2) Superstructure (1/2)

6 Superstructure (1/2) Superstructure (1/2)

7 Superstructure (1/2) Superstructure (1/2)

8 Superstructure (1/2) Superstructure (1/2)

9 Superstructure Superstructure

10 Sensors Engineering