RACE:                                                    Federation

STARSHIP CLASS:                             Saber Light Class Cruiser

Construction Data:

        Model Number-                            I                              

        Date Entering Service-                3/05                        

        Number Constructed-                  354                         

Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-                92           

        Damage Chart-                              C                            


                Length-                  173m                      

                Width-                                   175m                      

                Height-                   44m                        

                Weight-                 227,000mt                              


                Cargo units-                          20SCU                   

                Cargo Capacity-   1000                       

                Landing Capability-             No          

Equipment Data:

        Control Computer Type-             M-8B AICS         

        Long-range Sensors:  15 Light Years             


                standard 6 person-               2             

                emergency 22 person-         1             

                cargo, large                           1             

Other Data:

        Crew/Passengers/Evac-              40/15/200                              

        Shuttlecraft-                                  4    

        Bay Size-                                        12                           

Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-     172 

        Movement Point Ratio-               6/1                          

        Warp Engine Type-                    

                Number-                 1                             

                Power Units Available-       152         

                Stress Charts-                       D/E                        

                Maximum Safe Cruising-   Warp 6

                Emergency Speed-               Warp 9.7 (12 hours)

        Impulse Engine Type-

                Power Units Available-       20 

                 Speed                                    .75c/.92c 

Weapons and Firing Data:

        Beam Weapon Type-               FH-10

                Number-                                 4 in 2 banks of 2

                Firing Arcs-                           2f/p, 2f/s

                Firing Chart-                          W

                Maximum Power-                  7

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                                    (1-10)

                        +2                                    (11-17)

                        +1                                    (18-20)


Missile Weapon Type-             FP-5          

                Number-                 2                             

                Firing Arcs-                           1f, 1a                      

                Firing Chart-                          R            

                Power to Arm-                      1             

                Damage-                                16                           

Shield Data:

        Deflector Shield Type-               

                Shield Point Ratio-               1/8          

                Maximum Shield Power-      36

Structural Integrity Field

                 SIF Point Ratio-                   1/2

 Maximum Strength              30


Another product of the Perimeter Defense Directive, the Saber-class Light Cruiser is only slightly larger than the Defiant-class Heavy Escort, and in fact owes much of its design (including its internal warp nacelle design) to the Defiant Development Project. Since it lacks the traditional pylon configuration, its Engineering hull is smaller than on most ships of its type, and the ship has a smaller target profile. (on the other hand, a warp core breach will cause more damage to the ship than normal because of this arrangement; increase damage from a warp core breach by 20%.) It's size and correspondingly light armament also makes it quick and easy to produce.

Most Saber-class ships are assigned to hostile frontier patrol, combat support, and escort duties. Some ASDB officers have suggested that with the addition of ablative armor, heavier armament (including pulse phaser cannons) and stronger shields (plus correspondingly more powerful warp engines for the necessary power), the Saber-class could become a powerful frontline fighting vessel. Starfleet Command is currently considering their proposal.