Season One


Episode 1 – Meet the New Guys (initial contact, finding common language, developing trade)


Episode 2 – Heresy (Dealing with a serious misunderstanding)


Episode 3 – Going Hunting (Help hunting party survive dinosaur attack)


Episode 4 – Bad News Comes in Threes (Detect Grik three ship scouting party and fight same)


Episode 5 – To Arms! (Prepare to combat the Grik problem)


Episode 6 – Rite of Passage (Joining one of the People’s clans)


Episode 7 – Greasing the Wheels (Tapping the discovered oil deposit)


Episode 8 – Behind Enemy Lines (Gathering Intelligence)


Episode 9 – Boil, Boil, Boil, and Bubble (Refining the oil into a useful product)


Episode 10 – Quid Pro Quo (Completing a deal beneficial for all)


Episode 11 – We Need Help (Discover depth of the Grik menace and rally the locals)


Episode 12 – Lost and Found (Learn rumors of other Tail-less Ones)


Episode 13 – Stand and Deliver (Defend Davao against major Grik attack)