After all the fighting and fear, this adventure is a simple love story. It is a story in which the humans must help the young, love sick, Jen-Ahn-Ag in winning the hand of his sweetheart… even though doing so means crossing a dangerous Davao merchant. You see Jen is a simple man from a common stock, a man from a long line of hard working shipyard laborers. The girl to whom he’s lost his heart Am-Dal-Au is far and away from ‘simple stock’. But as fate would have it, Am has also fallen in love with Jen—which is something that is not even remotely near the word “okay” to Am’s father (Har) or brother (Kie). So enters Jen’s clansmen.


Smitten is set in between the aristocrats, the common folk and, of course, between the criminal element. The adventure starts with our heroes needing parts for the Macao Clipper and while trying to barter for them, coming in between Jen and Am’s brother, Kie, and his friend, Yin-Fel-Li. With the humans having already dealt with Jen and the fact that he knows how to fabricate what they need, he proposes a trade. They help him win the love of his life and he’ll make them the parts they need.


To pull this off they’ll need to infiltrate a high society shindig and get close enough to Am to let her know who they are and then sneak her out, without her father and brother catching on. As it turns out, she’s the guest of honor because her father and brother publicly engage her to the son of another merchant at the party, allying the two families through blood.



Martin, Appleton, and Bergholz are looking at getting the parts needed for the Macao Clipper. They will be meeting Jen and Kie, getting embroiled into Jen’s plot, which is pretty much our whole adventure. Jayne, Wash and Inara are getting medical supplies when Jayne spots someone he’s likely to shoot.


Jen’s Smithy

Our scenario starts in Jen’s shop. After describing the part the plane needs, Martin and Bergholz are trying to figure out some sort of an arrangement with the proprietor, a fella named Jen.


Jen is in a sour mood. And why not, he’s being kept away from his true love, Am-Dal-Au. Play this scene with the humans having only a little success in getting this guy to budge. He’s short of temper and obviously depressed and slightly distressed.


The players get a clue as to the problem with an AVERAGE Alertness + Perception to notice a sketch of a beautiful girl. Now that they understand why he’s being so difficult and have a means to get somewhere.


Jen-Ahn-Ag: Agi d8, Str d8, Vit d10, Ale d8, Int d8, Wil d6; Life Pts 18; Initiative d8+d8.

Traits: Loyalty-Loves Amanda (Minor Complication), Social Caste-Commoner (Minor Complication), Tough as Nails (Minor Asset)

Skills: Athletics d6, Artistry d6 / Sketching d8, Covert d6, Craft d6 / Metalwork d12 + d4, Influence d6 / Barter d8, Knowledge d4, Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Club d8, Perception d6, Unarmed Combat d6


As the humans barter and bargain a couple of fancy Lemurians, two wealthy merchants and three House Guards by the look of them, enter the establishment. One guard remains at the door. Inside, Martin and Appleton can tell that Jen is obviously surprised and a tad scared when he sees Kie-Dal-Au and Yin-Fel-Li enter with three other Lemurians. Kie excuses himself to Martin and Appleton, asking them if he can steal Jen for just a moment. (Not that he’s going to do anything different.) He goes behind the counter and punches Jen—hard—in the stomach. He grabs him by the hair, putting a finger in his face and tells him to stay well away from his sister. Jen’s answer of, “But we love each other” is answered by another punch.  



GM NOTE: The important thing to remember here is to let the action come, but keep the violence toned down. It should be a BRAWL, NOT a BLOODBATH.  

Let Jen get manhandled a bit, he’s tough. When Martin steps in, Kie has Yin and three club totting house guards to back him up, there is another outside, don’t forget. Appleton and Berholz will help out Martin and Jen. As for the Lemurians, they won’t push it too much either. The important thing here is to let the humans stand up to the two lords and their goons, and discovering that Jen has a serious problem.



Abilities: Agi d8, Str d8, Vit d6, Ale d8, Int d6, Wil d10; Life Pts 16; Initiative d8+d8.

Traits: Friends In High Places (Minor Asset), Moneyed Individual (Major Asset), Overconfident (Minor Complication).

Skills: Animal Handling d6, Athletics d2, Influence d6 / Negotiation d10, Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Scota d12, Perception d4, Unarmed Combat d6 / Brawling d8



Abilities: Agi d10, Str d8, Vit d8, Ale d8, Int d8, Wil d8; Life Pts 16; Initiative d10+d8.

Traits: Friends in Low Places (Minor Asset), Moneyed Individual (Major Asset), Amorous (Minor Complication), Chip on Shoulder (Minor Complication).  

Skills: Animal Handling d6, Athletics d6 / Dodge d10, Influence d6 / Seduction d8, Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Scota d12, Perception d4, Unarmed Combat d6


Au House Guards (4))

Abilities: Agi d6, Str d8, Vit d8, Ale d6, Int d6, Wil d8; Life Points 16; Initiative d6 + d6.

Traits: Loyal (Minor Complication).

Skills: Athletics d6, Discipline d6, Perception d6, Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Club D10, Unarmed Combat D6



After Kie and Yin and their goons head off, the humans still have to get the parts and helping Jen with his problem seems the best way to do it. If Martin doesn’t bring it ou, Jen will strike up the deal with Martin. After all, he just saw them fight Kie.


Jen offers to make them the parts, and says that he and his brother will even help with some of the repairs, so long as Marin and the others help him win his girl..



If they agree to his deal, Jen tells the humans that the only way to rescue Am is at the high society ball that the Au’s are having that very night. In the meantime Jen will make the parts to get the Macao Clipper into working order as part of his end of the bargain. Otherwise it could take weeks to find another opportunity to rescue her. The reasons are:


First, Am is currently not allowed to leave the estate because of them trying to run off before. So they can’t nab her while she’s in town or something.

Second, the party will mean that there’ll be a lot of people at the estate with which the group to hide among.

Third, as partygoers the humans should be able to approach Am without causing any alarms.


As the humans just had a face-to-face meeting with Am’s brother, it’s safe to assume that they will need to have more of a background role at the party, which means that others will have to get all dressed up and be partygoers. Spengler, Nagal, and Bergholz could take up support roles to the others.


The trick here is to have the heroes attend the party, if only peripherally. Let the players have fun coming up with ways to work it out, but keep the ball moving.



Feel free to have the Act start in the middle of the party, ask each player where their character is after an hour or so at the party. Once in place, each of the humans must endure a small encounter. The encounters should be fun and social, but also could have an element of danger.


Once each of the cast has someone or something happen, the steward of the shindig announces the Am-Dal-Au. Now the heroes have to get as close as they can to her, to let her know who they are, who they are working for and the plan to rescue her. Depending upon whom they are with and how they set themselves up, this could be pretty easy or pretty challenging.  


The Am is very pleased at this turn of events. In fact she lets out a a little squeal of joy and sunshiney-happiness, calling a bit of attention to them all. (Am is sweet and all, but she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. If the humans don’t speak to her plainly, she’s just not going to “get it”.) She loves Jen, and she’ll gladly go along with the group, as she loves her Jen-Boy dearly. However, before they can get out of the place…




The humans have joined the party, they have navigated the social minefield, and have finally contacted Am, who wants to come away with them. All is well, which means it is time to drop hurdle. Just as the heroes are about to get out of the ballroom with the Lady… The hall goes dark and a light shines down on Am’s father, who calls for the attention of the hall. He also calls for his daughter and a light shines down on Am. Am, being a good little socialite and a bit of a daddy’s girl, leaves the characters hanging and goes to her father. The humans could try and grab her, but they’d be taking a mighty big risk to be sure.


It’s at this point that Lord Au speaks of his children and the love he has for his daughter. He then announces that he is happy to announce the engagement of Am and Yin! Ama is obviously somewhat shocked about all of this, but for all of her sweetness and charm she’s a social barracuda and takes it in stride. Likely someone will see her shock and dislike of Yin, if they can roll an AVERAGE Alertness + Perception.



Announcement made, it’ll be impossible for the humans to get Am out of that room, much less out of the house. Even if they could sneak her out, Am won’t go. She simply cannot and will not abandon her father at the party.


So she tells the humans to come back later, around 4am, the party should be over and the house starting to settle by that point. She hands them a key and tells them of a gate at the rear of the estate. She tells which window and balcony of the house is to her room. She promises to meet them at that time and place, ready to go with them.



The first thing the humans have to deal with is getting onto the property. Am gave them an in at the back fence of the estate. Then they have to get across the grounds patrolled by guards. If they don’t mention the guards, Jen will. Dealing with the guards has to be quiet; else they’ll have additional guards on them before they can get to Am.


The point of this is to make the players feel challenged, but honestly, you want and need them to get to the window and Am. So while it should be interesting and cool, let things happen so long as the humans have half a brain cell invested in their planning.



Once past the fence and guards, the humans reach the balcony, some two stories above them. Am appears and tells them she is already. She warns them, in whispers that she’s going to drop down her bags. It is at this time she starts to drop not one, but a dozen, not small, bags. And she fully expects the humans to carry them all for her. This should be a scene played out for fun. Play up the moment, as it is very defining for Am. Also, just imagine the player’s faces as you describe Am pick up and dropping these bags down to the characters, each time having Am ‘whisper-shout’ the group, “Just a few more.”


Just as Am finishes up the baggage drop, she starts to climb down to the group. This is the perfect time to have Yin come into her room for a little engagement hanky-panky. He sees no sign of Am, and then hears something out the window. As he gets on the balcony he grabs her arm, she slips and falls, and now hangs above the humans while Yin calls out for the guard.


The gig is up. The guard is called. Am hangs from the third story balcony above the group with her unwanted and pretty mean spirited fiancé holding onto her. However regardless of other outcome, someone needs to help catch Am when she falls. No doubt Am will need to be carried off. Not because she hurt herself in the fall, but because she won’t want to leave her baggage behind unless the humans carry her away from it. She should be crying, arms reaching futilely for the baggage as someone drags her away, “No, my hair-care products!”



Abilities: Agi d8, Str d4, Vit d4, Ale d8, Int d4, Wil d8; Life Pts 12; Initiative d8+d8.

Traits: Allure (Major Asset), Friends in High Places (Minor Asset), Moneyed Individual (Major Asset), Overconfident (Minor Complication).

Skills: Athletics d2, Influence d6 (Conversation d10), Melee Weapon Combat d2, Perception d6 (Empathy d8),



While they’ve been chased all the way back to Jen’s home, the humans and Am should get there relatively unharmed. When the heroes arrive, Am rushes into the arms of Jen, telling him he’s so heroic for saving her, despite the fact he had nothing to do with anything even remotely dangerous. This also allows for our villains to catch up and fight it out with our heroes.



Have Am see Mary Reid and have her ask Mary to marry them right away. It will be fun for the wedding to occur, while at the same time the others are trying to hold off Kie and his guards. As the crew fights off the guards, give the cast a good old, action packed fight scene. Make sure everyone has a chance to shine.



Martin should deal with Yin. Have him come at Martin, doing a little villainous monologue before the fight starts. Additionally, he’ll talk about how he can’t wait to top “that fat old bastard’s whiney tart of a daughter.”



Once Lord Har-Dal-Au learns of Am’s marriage, he slumps in defeat. Per Lemurian custom, once any ceremony is complete, the daughter is part of her husband’s clan. Har will call off his son and men, departing in a huff.