Snow Job


The PCís ship receives orders to rendezvous with the USS Gettysburg, one of the new Constellation-Class cruisers to pick up a Federation Ambassador who is conduct peace negotiations with the warring non-Federation planet of Helios V. This mission, being so soon after the disastrous the Agamemnon Travis affair, leaves the crew decidedly uneasy. However, this time, the Federation envoy is the highly experienced and near legendary Ambassador Spock. During negotiations carried out via subspace during the Exeterís approach to Helios, a world that is perpetually encircled with a highly refractive ice that makes the use of transporters impossible, the Federation has received permission to send in one shuttle. As the shuttle approaches the snow bound planet, both the Exeter and the shuttle come under attack by pirates that have been making a staggering amount of money on the weapons market.


The attack consists of four Lightning-Class and two Wanderer-Class Blockade Runners with the combat being run as normal. Despite the best efforts of the Exeter, one of the pirates gets in a shot that cripples the shuttle and forces it down in neutral territory. The pilot will have to succeed with a Shuttlecraft Piloting roll to safely crash on a mountain in a blizzard. The hard impact will still require everyone aboard the shuttle to roll against their LUC to avoid 2d10 MAX OP END damage. If the roll fails, the damage increases to 3d10 + 5 on a failed LUC roll.


As they stagger from the wreck, pirates attack on foot to finish them off, but before they can succeed, both sides come under attack by a bunch of Mountain Primates, every bit as scary as a Mugato. There are twice as many pirates as PCs that will get to attack for five rounds before the Mountain Primates attack, with each side facing creatures equal to their numbers. A Small Units Tactics roll will quickly realize that the Primates are too deadly to fight and retreat is the only logical option.


While fleeing, with a successful Starship Sensors roll, the PCs get a reading on the pirate camp near the bottom of the mountain. An Astronautics or an Artic Planetary Survival roll will think of reaching the pirate camp by using plating panels from the crashed shuttle/runabout as sleds to slide down the mountain to avoid the pirates and the "snow monsters." The sled ride will require three rolls of DEX averaged with Artic Planetary Survival or appropriate Sports or Vehicle Operations to avoid shooting of into crevices or otherwise crashing. If any roll fails, the PC can always bail off instead of fall to their deaths with a DEX roll.


On reaching the bottom of the mountain, the PCs will have to fight through a number of pirates equal to the number of PCs at their base in order to steal one of the pirateís shuttles to escape their trap and finally reach the site of the negotiations.