RACE:                                                    Federation

STARSHIP CLASS:                             Steamrunner Class


Construction Data:

        Model Number-                            I

        Date Entering Service-                3/04

        Number Constructed-                  337

        Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-                75

        Damage Chart-                              C


                Length-                 232 m

                Width-                  200 m

                Height-                   42.5 m

                Weight-                                 432,093 mt


                Cargo units-                          55 SCU

                Cargo Capacity-   2750 mt

                Landing Capability-             No

Equipment Data:

        Control Computer Type-          M-8B AICS

        Long-range Sensors-                   15 light-years       


                standard 6 person-               2

                emergency 22 person-         4

                cargo, large                           2

                cargo, small                           2

Other Data:

        Crew-                              124

        Passengers-                                  60

        Shuttlecraft-                                  8

        Bay Size-                                        60

Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-     120

        Movement Point Ratio-               6/1

        Warp Engine Type-                     FVWH-1

                Number-                                 2

                Power Units Available-       54

                Stress Charts-                       E/F

                Maximum Safe Cruising- Warp 6

                Emergency Speed-               Warp 9.5

        Impulse Engine Type-                 FIB-2A

                Power Units Available-       12

        Weapons and Firing Data:

        Beam Weapon Type-               FH-13

                Number-                                 1

                Firing Arcs-                           1 f

                Firing Chart-                          Z

                Maximum Power-                  12

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                                    (1-10)

                        +2                                    (11-17)

                        +1                                    (18-30)



Beam Weapon Type-               FH-10

                Number-                                 7

                Firing Arcs-                           1f, 1f/p, 1f/s, 1p, 1s, 1a/p, 1a/s

                Firing Chart-                          W

                Maximum Power-                  7

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                                    (1-10)

                        +2                                    (11-17)

                        +1                                    (18-20)

        Missile Weapon Type-               FP-5

                Number-                                 3

                Firing Arcs-                           1f, 1a/p, 1a/s

                Firing Chart-                          R

                Power to Arm-                      1

                Damage-                                16

Shield Data:

        Deflector Shield Type-                FSO

                Shield Point Ratio-               1/6

                Maximum Shield Power- 48

Structural Integrity Field

                 SIF Point Ratio-                   1/2

 Maximum Strength              25


As the second of the Perimeter Defense Directive ships, the Steamrunner-class Heavy Frigate drew on the design elements of its bigger cousin, the Akira-class Heavy Cruiser. Like that ship, the Steamrunner uses an aft rollbar-like structure, though in this case its pod holds the ship’s deflector rather than its warp drive system. Like the Defiant- and Saber-classes, the Steamrunner pulls its warp nacelles in, reducing their vulnerability by dispensing with the standard nacelle-pylon configuration.

The Steamrunner-class was designed with a relatively specific set of mission profiles in mind. These include threat response, covert operations, and combat support. To help fulfill the latter role, the Steamrunner, like the Akira, has a large through-saucer shuttlebay used to carry up to 30 Starfleet attack fighters and the other small vessels into battle. Fighters leave through the two large shuttle doors on the forward side of the saucer, then circle back to the aft side to land when they’re ready to return home. In between the two bays is a large repair and maintenance bay.

With its size, powerful engines, and offensive strength, the Steamrunner has proven itself a capable and durable combatant. Ships of this class played a major role in many battles during the Dominion War.